A Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

I try hard not to be addicted to knitting, but it’s difficult to leave my needles and knitting design ideas to one side!

However, I decided that I needed a break and so my current project is an adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt. Only something special can tear me away from my knitting needles and this quilting kit is the perfect project to keep my hands busy with something other than wool!

a very hungry caterpillar quilt

This is my first quilt project and I’m really enjoying tackling another type of creative and practical handcraft! I bought this kit from one of the stands at Knitting & Stitching Show 2 years ago for about Ł30 (I think it was from Cotton Patch). Initially I thought it might be a little expensive but now that I have started, I think it is worth every penny because it’s very satisfying to see the cute Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt picture/design progress and I just can’t wait to see the finished article. I don’t mind getting another kit again.

The only problem is the backing, because I’m not sure what to use for this. Can I use flannel for the backing or should I use a normal cotton fabric?  All advice emails will be read with gratitude!

Anyway, I’ve been looking through some other items on the ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar’ site. The range of fabrics from Eric Carle Museums is amazing – just looking at them gives me new ideas! Here’s a tiny sample to whet your quilting or sewing appetite!

I also found a nice craft idea for making a Very Hungry Caterpillar party invitation cards from Pottery Barn Kids.

caterpillar invitations

And finally here is Eric Carle himself reading the wonderful book!

Responses to “A Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt”

  1. Lindy

    Really interesting blog and great pictures. I’ve often thought of doing a quilt, but thought the kits would be too expensive, so nice to know the price isn’t too bad at all.

    • Kyoko

      Hello Lindy!
      Thank you for the comment 🙂 Me too – I remember this amazing quilt book I bought when I was little in Japan. I was too scared to do it but loved looking at the amazing creation. Now I tried, it really is quite fun 🙂 Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Kyoko,

    I make quite a number of quilts and I always find that the best thing to do is to use the same sort of material for both the front and back of the quilt. This way, when you wash and dry it, the fabrics react in the same way… making the fabric for example wrinkle a similar amount. The same goes for pre washing. If you are a fan of pre washing your fabric, then the best thing to do is to wash all fabrics, for the top and the backing of the quilt and even the batting.

    I however don’t wash the fabrics in advance as I like them to shrink and wrinkle and give that ‘well used’ and comfy look. And as most of my quilts are made from tiny scrap pieces of fabric, it’s too hard to keep track of which one is washed and which isn’t. As for fabric I tend to stick with cottons for the top and backing… light ones that feel soft to the touch. For batting, I go for ultra light ones as we don’t like our quilts to get too thick and warm. Often I will put a light flannel as a batting layer.

    I hope this lenghty comment helps you a bit along the way. It looks like such a cheerful piece of work… I’m sure it will turn out wonderful no matter which choices you make.

    x, himiko

    • Kyoko

      Hello Himiko!

      Thank you very much for the tip!
      Good that I haven’t yet got the backing fabric. I will choose the one that is similar to the rest of the fabric.
      I can’t wait to finish this quilt and give it to my sister.

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