A Week in Cornwall

Back from holiday! Wesley and I went to Cornwall for a week. It was really a last minute plan but now I think that it was definitely worth it. The placed we stayed was pet friendly so we took Kumo and Wata with us. The long drive to (6 hours) and from (9 hours!) was tiring but the boys did really well and Wesley has been absolutely wonderful.

Every day except one, we had the most beautiful sunset from our hotel room window…

We visited St. Michael’s Mount
Minack Theathre… absolutely stunning.
and the beach just below the theatre. There was a wild seal swimming with the people in the sea..
We also visited Lizard Point. The most southern part of England. It was a little spooky though.
On the last day we visited the National Seal Sanctuary.
Oh and we saw this beautiful house so we took a photo. You wouldn’t be able to see a house like that in London!

Now that we are in London, we are totally missing the beautiful view. Lots of crafts bits and pieces waiting for me to finish off. I feel like I am well charged!

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  1. Esther

    I love Cornwall. I’ve been going with my family every year since 1990! We are due to go on 9th August and I can’t wait! Where did you stay? We stay in a village called Porthtowan on the North coast, near St. Agnes. My favourite place has to be St. Ives and we hope to visit Tintagel this year.

  2. Lisa

    Oh wow! I love you pics, the scenery looked amazing. I’m glad you all had a great time. I am so jealous!


  3. Kyoko

    Hello Ether,
    That is really wonderful! We stayed in Polurrian Hotel in Mullion. I have never been to St. Ives but I am sure it will be one of the places to go next time we visit there. I hope you have a great time there in August! 😀

  4. Kyoko

    Hello Lisa,
    Seriously the views were all amazing. It was absolutely fantastic to be able to spend time with the cats in the hotel. We found out later that letting cats stay in the hotel is not as easy as dogs! People often say to have a holiday every 3 months so you should have one soon! 😀

  5. shinobu


  6. Kyoko

    Hi Shinobu,

  7. Knit and Sew City Girl

    Hi Kyoko! I love your photos. Cornwall looks lovely and the beaches look really clean. The house look really cute. Is it a proper house or some kind of museum?

  8. Kyoko

    Hello Mary!
    Although the drive was seriously long, I think you and your family would love visiting there. I think someone is actually living in that house. Isn’t it amazing?

  9. Rima

    Wow, looks like you had a lovely time Kyoko.. I love the pic of your cat in the rear view mirror!
    You say you couldn’t see a house like that in London… well have a look at this. I used to live there, and it’s in London!! 🙂

  10. Helen

    Wow – the scenery looks beautiful – and looks like you got some great weather too! How nice that you took your cats along. I guess they must be good travellers!

  11. Sara

    Oh my goodness! You don’t see houses like that in Orange County! Ha ha ha! SO cute! I love your blog! I just found it 🙂 You make the cutest sweaters. I have a niece and nephew on the way so I am totally attracted to little people clothing right now!


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