Addidas Women’s Run 5K

For those who visited Mary’s blog may already know but I did a 5 k run in Hyde Park in September with Mary and Grace. I run for WWF (the panda charity) and I would like to thank for those who sponsored me!

addidas run 2

It was amazing on the day. There were loads of women packed in Hyde Park who ran with us. There were various music bands too. I had never done anything like it before and I had a fabulous time.

addidas run 1

These are the goodies we got for completed the run. Why we got a pot of jelly, I don’t know.

goodie bag

Thank you again for everyone who supported my fun. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Responses to “Addidas Women’s Run 5K”

  1. Pili

    *grabs furry cap*

    Furry Friday!! Furry Friday!! Furry Friday!!

    You go Kyoko!!

    • kyoko

      Hello Pili!
      hehe! Yep, I got mine on now 😀

  2. Tracy

    Look at you–you go girl! ;o) What fun… and that your raise such good money for a great cause… Well done! What a sweet gift from Stephanie. I love her blog. And so glad Furry Friday will be back! Happy weekend, Kyoko! ((HUGS))

    • kyoko

      Hi Tracy!
      Thank you Tracy!
      Yep, FF is now back. Can’t live without them, ;D
      Until now, I have been the most unfit person (just liked to knit). Running actually improved my health alot. I don’t get so much stiff back etc.
      I am now looking into 10k walk and then 10 run in future. Though the only thing is that the weather is getting colder and darker. So I am thinking of an alternative way of excercising.
      Just visited your blog. LOVE the photo of Charlie!
      Have a wonderful weekend 😉

  3. Mary

    Hi Kyoko!

    It was great day wasn’t it. Loved the atmosphere. We must do it again next year.

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