Baby Seamless Yoke Cardigan

I am still hooked on the seamless yoke cardigans and I have been knitting a few. This one is for my Italian friend’s baby Giulia who just had her Christening in July.
The colour combinations came out quite well so I am really happy with it. Like before, I bought these nice vintage buttons from Cloth House.
My previous baby yoke cardigans were knitted in 4 ply and had garter stitch edges. This one is knitted with DK (4mm needles) and I decided to use double ribbing edges instead.
Whenever I make new garments I always pattern them so that I can reproduce them later on. So for this cardigan I made a swatch and played around with the stitch numbers around the yoke decrease quite a bit.
Rather than knitting from the top down, I decided to knit from the bottom up. This made the underarm seam completely seamless as I just grafted the rested stitches at the end.
I have been having a lazy week this week. Wesley is still off until next Monday so we are trying to spend as much time as possible together.
There will be more baby cardigans to post sometime soon! Have a great weekend everyone! 😀

Responses to “Baby Seamless Yoke Cardigan”

  1. Fancy Elastic

    kyoko, I love it. I wish I could knit!

  2. Kyoko

    Thank you! 😀 If you can sew such a wonderful bag, knitting should be quite easy for you. People say crochet is easier. But be careful it is very addictive! ;D

  3. oge

    Hi Kyoko
    when I look at all your lovely creations, am tempted to start knitting again.

    ..and your lovely creations are the reason that i am giving you the Brilliant Web Blog Award for content and photos (especially the cat ones. I love em)
    Pop over to my blog and pick it up

  4. Kyoko

    Hi Oge,
    Yes, definitely start knitting because it is really fun! I am just going over to your blog. How exciting!!

  5. mia

    Those mini cardigans are killing me! And the fact they are seamless is killing me even more 🙂 Great job Kyoko – they are fantastic!

  6. Helen

    Really cute cardigan again! I’m a big fan of seamless knits – sewing up is just so tedious!

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