Being Motivated

Me? Running? Oh yes it is true. Some of you already know that I am the last person to do any exercise. But things are different now. Thanks to Mary, who totally convinced me to run, I decided to run 5k for a charity.
I will be running for WWF (the panda charity). I want to raise money for those who work so hard to help and save animals and environment. I want to live on a planet which is beautiful and full of biodiversity. So 5km is a start. I will update on the progress in later post.

Photo taken by Mary: Claire and Me. So happy to meet her for the first time!

Last week, Mary and I visited a book launch for Easy Kids Knits by talented Claire Montgomery at Loop London. A really lovely book full of nice patterns. There are lots of patterns for up to 10 year-old which are often difficult to find. I already have an eye for one of the cable jumper for my niece. I got my book signed (yay!). She has a lovely hand-writing 😀

If you are ever in London, Ottolenghi restaurant is a must go place to eat. If I can, I will buy 20 of these tart and eat in one go. I just love this so much.

We then went to Ottolenghi for a “light” (yeah right) meal. The above tart is my favourite (I would say all-time) dessert. It’s a passion fruit merange tart. While we were having the dinner, we got a phone call from Loop saying that both of us won a price!!!!! How lucky are we?
On the way back in the underground we couldn’t stop but smile 😀

I should have taken this shawl the other way round. I designed it so that it looks like rain drops (i.e. line in the middle and rain droplets, then smaller droplets (not knitted yet).

Oh, yes and I have been knitting quite a bit. The above is a shawl which I recently started. Once I block it, you should be able to see the pattern well. Until then it is a little squashed. Long way to go though!

Phew, I am ready for my coffee…
Have a good week and see you on Friday 😀

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