Big Bang – Crafter’s Perspective

I have never been good at physics so I never think much about things like big bang and black holes etc. Since one of the rabbis mentioned during last Saturday’s service about this big bang experiment, it got me interested.

I really wonder what happens after the big bang. How could a big bang be re-enacted in the underground? Could a black hole be made and swallow everything, including all my yarns????
Surely it would now swallow this cutest bunny ball from Maccabag! Great tutorial.

Then I came across this and it made this science really fun! (I’m such a geek!). Seriously, these scientists are no ordinary people. They can sing, dance (?) and do physics!

Anyway, I have finally finished the baby vest! Hurray!I think I will have a nice relaxing weekend (or at least plan to!). Before you go off, enjoy this knitting cartoon video. I love this.

Responses to “Big Bang – Crafter’s Perspective”

  1. sunnie_fairy

    that knitting video is hilarious! o my gosh… still giggling. your baby sweater is cute, too. :]

  2. Robin

    Your baby sweater looks perfect!

  3. Knit and Sew City Girl

    You baby vest looks is SO CUTE!! I love the colour combination.

    BTW, I’m still looking for any discounts to the Knitting and Stitching show. I will have to go during the weekend. Is that ok with you?


  4. Helen

    Love those video clips! Just been making my husband watch the science one (he is a maths geek, so it’s right up his street!).
    The baby vest is gorgeous!

  5. sunnie_fairy

    Hi! I decided I want to start a knitting group blog! Contact me if you’re interested! (please don’t feel obligated or anything) :]

  6. Tracy

    So funny–that knitting video…tee-hee…LOVE your baby vest…so sweet, and like the soft colors. Thanks so much for visiting me :o) We’re just back from holiday, and now getting over the jet lag–LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  7. BadCatDesigns

    I love your cartoon!

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