Blankets Bears and Bootees by Debblie Bliss

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blankets bears and bootees by Debbie Bliss

blankets bears and bootees by Debbie Bliss

So, the first book is by talented Debbi Bliss “blankets bears and bootees”. This one is a giveaway so read on…

When it comes to baby knitting patterns, the first designer I think of is Debbie Bliss. My first ever English knitting book was by her. It’s called Farmyard Knits. I think it is out of print but it has so many sweet knitting patterns for babies and children. It’s my all time favourite.

Baby blanket

Baby blanket with a knitted mouse.

This book contains many simple-yet-interesting patterns.

There are many baby bootees patterns in this book

There are many baby bootees patterns in this book

I always find Debbie’s patterns very clever because they are the sort of designs that knitters of all levels can enjoy.

I think this is a super design.

I think this is a super design.

What is so special about this book is that there are many amazing knitted toy patterns for your baby. There are a big bird cushion and a little bird knitted toy patterns (the little bird is on the left in the photo below) which I think are superb.

Love, love, love!

Love, love, love!

I think this book is a hit. Definitely.


Responses to “Blankets Bears and Bootees by Debblie Bliss”

  1. ruth

    What a fabulous book! When I am looking to knit something for a child I always look for simple, so I know I can complete a project. I do love cables and tiny buttons on shoulders, cute detail. I have never tried knitting a teddy though and the chaps above are adorable!

  2. Katie

    I love Debbie Bliss knitting books. I have two adorable grandsons who I love to knit for. I love patterns that are beautiful and well written. I love extra little details like sweaters that button off center. I just love knitting and especially for children.

  3. I look for simplicity as well as cute design. I dun mind details such as colour and buttons so much, as these things I don’t have to follow the pattern exactly.

    Love the book! Thanks for the giveaway!^0^

  4. CraftyCripple

    My friend has this book and it is wonderful. I love Debbie Bliss’s kids patterns. When I am looking for kids patterns I always try to make something that is a little different from things available in the shops. I want it to look unique and appeal to the parents of the child. I also want it to be a little bit quirky and fun because when a child is unhappy or sick and the parent is exhausted, dressing them in something adorable will remind them what it is all for!

    Thanks for the giveaway, it really is very generous.

  5. Tracy

    This sounds like just the books I’ve been looking for. I’ve been on the hunt for a good all-purpose book for baby gift knitting–this D. Bliss books sounds terrific! And what a great giveaway concept Kyoko–you are so generous! :o) And I love book reviews in general. I’d love to join in your giveaway fun though! ;o) For me for baby knitting patterns I look for fine details–just enough not too much. Which goes in hand with simplicity and ease/quickness of the project. A tiny one isn’t going too be too happy in garment with too many fussy details I don’t think. And just some big cute factor always wins me over…LOL! Knitting for children is something I really love to do. Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

  6. I look for simple (so I can actually make it), unique, and unisex is always a plus.

  7. What do I look for? Quick, easy, cuddly, cute, durable and practical.

  8. PaulaK

    This looks like an awesome book with many cute baby items. I prefer to make simple pieces for baby – the fewer seams the better, for baby’s comfort. Quick to make because it will be worn for such a short time. I like to personalize with unique buttons and notions. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Linda C

    Those photos are adorable! They are exactly what I look for in a pattern for baby. I like to make long-lasting knitted items, such as stuffed animals or blankets. Clothes are cute but I look for a quick-knit-er-up since babies usually outgrows things pretty quickly! Ou, I sure do hope I win the giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. gill

    debbie bliss books are usually very good – i’m looking for quick and/or simple patterns with finishing touches that are just a bit different

  11. stephanie

    Hi Kyoko! With being fairly new to knitting I like patterns that are simple, but not boring. Patterns that introduce 1 new technique or have 1 thing that is more complicated about them than a standard beginner pattern. There always seems to be a jump from beginner to intermediate, and I think I would like something that was in-between those two things. (Not sure if that makes sense or not!)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. vickie

    I just enjoy looking at all the knitting and crocheting books. I like simple, easy, illustrated instructions…with lots of photos. This is my form of relaxation just sitting and reading and idea seeking. I may never make the item but I become thoroughly involved in the vision. I like items with lots of colors using buttons, appliques, and embellishments.

  13. sweet! love the booties!!! i look for ease, functionality and usually a more modern style. oh, and booties are also perfect because you don’t have to buy too much yarn!

  14. Lynn

    I look for something colourful and easy to wear. Sometimes I like something quick to knit other times something a bit more complex. My daughter is expecting a baby soon- my first grandchild- what better reason to knit some more!!

  15. April

    I love knitting things for babies and children, because they take so much less time! With that in mind, I look for easier, well-illustrated, accurate patterns for things that are durable, modern, cuddly and practical. I love color, and tend to avoid patterns that call for too many embellishments. I do love Debbie Bliss books, so this is an inspiring giveaway!

  16. himiko

    When it comes to knitting I look for designs that aren’t too fiddly . The pattern should be not too difficult so that I can still get my head around the counts when I’m knitting at night as my brain is starting to shut down.
    When it comes to yarn I look for patterns that are designed for yarn which isn’t too bulky as tiny clothes in heavy yarn restrict mobility for little children too much. However the yarn shouldn’t be too fine either as it can’t take an eternity to finish… babies grow too fast for that. And finally the yarn has to be soft and not overly delicate as it will be exposed to stains and smudges often.
    I like the design to be cute, not overworked but with a classic feel to it so that it’s special but still combinable with many other clothes and so that it won’t be dated too soon. For colors I keep away from pastels.

    If all of this is just right, then you know you’re knitting a children’s favorite and possible heirloom and that’s just so satisfying!

  17. What a great giveaway!

    I am a beginner knitter, so simple patterns are important to me, but I have been doing quite a lot of baby knitting recently and the things that are important are:

    ease of wear: with no fussy bits that annoy kids
    ease of care: washable etc
    longevity: items that will last a bit longer than a couple of months ie. I just did a great vest that should last a bit as it doesn’t have sleaves to grow out of.
    things for boys: the boys always get left out! and equally unisex items, things that can be passed on to brothers and sisters.

    fingers crossed!

  18. Laura

    I’m a big fan of Debbie Bliss’ baby knits. This book looks great – especially the toys! When I look for children’s patterns I usually look for something that a mother isn’t likely to buy themselves – like a vintage-style cape or bonnet. Something special and a bit unusual.

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