BUPA 10k London Run Completed! – The Aftermath

Hello! Hope you all had a great weekend. Monday was a bank holiday in the UK and it was the day for my BUPA 10k run in London. I had an amazing experience!
The night before, I prepared all my gear. The orange tag (above photo) was put on the shoes. It measures the time accurately on the day of the run.
On the day, the tube line that I usually use was closed and a large area of London was also closed off for the event. I was very lucky to have Mary and her family to drive me to Waterloo and I took the tube to Green Park station (photo above).
The starting time was 10 am and I arrived at 9.15am. By then Green Park was packed with runners. I knew there will be a massive queue at the ladies toilet at the venue so I decided to invest my time queuing 15 min at the station loo… I think I made the right choice 😛

At Green Park, there were loads of charities. I kept looking for WWF but because it was already 9.30am, they had already gone to the running route to prepare for cheering the runners. I also saw two smurfs (above)!. The whole event was well organised. For example, there was a runner’s only area to put our valuables while running (photo below).
By then there was an announcement for people to line up to start. So I rushed to the start line…
Strangely, my running number indicates that I am at the very front group with very physically fit-looking people… I thought there was something wrong. I am not that fast…. Also, I was the shortest person there…

While I was running as much as I can, someone cheered me up from behind “Go WWF!”. It was a fellow WWF supporter runner (who obviously over took me straight afterwards) and this completely gave me energy to run more and more.

10km completed!! I looked at the time… 55 min!!? I usually run 10k for about 45 min. What is going on? This is what I discovered later but my iPhone has been measuring the time and the distance short. So basically I was running about 7.5k when my iPhone said 10k!
Anyway, what is important is that I completed the run (with no injuries) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the run, I quickly went to WWF area and said hi to them. Apparently there were 23 people running for them and I was the third to finish (yippe!). They were so grateful for all the supporters and I really am glad that I run for them. I still don’t know who it is that cheered me running while he was also running (well, over taking me), but thank you so much!
Now, the most important thing – the goodie bag (LOL!)! I must say that it was not as good as the one Mary and I got for last year’s Addidas Women’s run.

Buckingham Palace was full of people. After finally reuniting with Mary and her family, we went to China town for our celebration lunch. It was truly lovely.

Most importantly…THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for sponsoring me for this event. I was able to raise just over 350 (on and off lines together) for WWF. Without your support, I would not be able to donate this much money for such great cause (to save wildlife!). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Responses to “BUPA 10k London Run Completed! – The Aftermath”

  1. MJ

    Well done for the run! Am embarassed to say that I was still sound asleep and enoying my chance to not have to get up early that Monday 😉

    • kyoko

      Hi MJ!
      How nice to see you here. Hehe 😀 I would have totally slept in if I weren’t running too. I kind of felt strange waking up so early on the Bank Holiday but at the same time I felt quite satisfied that I did more than I usually do.

    • kyoko

      Hi Sarah!
      Hehe, thanks! It took 2 days to recover as I did not stretch well after the run (too dazed afterwards!).

  2. Tracy

    CONGRATS on a good run and giving so much to save wildlife, Kyoko! You set such a great example to us all on what we can do to help. :o) Looks like it was a great and fun day. Happy Week ((HUGS))

    • kyoko

      Hi Tracy!
      Thank you so much 😀 I am quite relieved that it is now done (this week I was resting and spoiling myself with lots of bread making and knitting). It was a fantastic atmosphere and I am going to do it again. What was so nice was that people from WWF were very supportive and friendly (they even called me on the next day to thank and find out how I was).
      Hope you are well and have a wonderful weekend (it is very sunny in London!).

  3. Pili

    Big congrats on completing the run and doing so well!

  4. Mary

    Well done Kyoko! 55mins is still a great time and you have raised so much money for WWF.

    Good luck with your training for the half marathon, we will pop out to cheer you on.

  5. Sonicka

    Congratulations on your run! I have used Nike+ for years and have a class of middle school students who I train using Nike+ systems for each of them. I think the reason your Nike+ is showing the distance as longer than it should be is because it needs calibrated. The accelerometer inside counts your steps and uses an average stride to figure distance. If you have a shorter stride (which you might if you are shorter than average) the system thinks you are traveling farther with each step than you really are. Hope this information helps you out, and good job on your run!!

  6. Monda

    Well done you! Running is so not my thing. I was doing some virtual running on the Wii this morning and I was dying after just 5 minutes.
    I love your T-shirts too.


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