Casting On for Socks

I have been so inspired by many sock-knitting bloggers since the end of 2008 (my recent witness of sock knitting bloggers are Hetty’s Happy Days and Roobeedoo). I am happy to announce that I have finally casted-on for my first socks for 2009! It’s not finished so I can’t show you the top part (you can see a shadow of dpn on the photo below…)

Needle: 2.75mm dpn (I am using Brittany dpn because they are much shorter than other dpn so really good for knitting socks and glove fingers)
Yarn: Sock yarn from Yarn Yard (I am not sure if you can get the same colorway, but don’t worry they have lots of great colors!!)
Pattern: My own

The pattern is taken from The Harmony Guide knitting stitch book. I have modified it a little to add some eyelets, because I wanted the pattern to look like layers of Ginkgo leaves.

Sort of..?

I love knitting from the toe using short-row technique because it is neat and later I can adjust the length later.

Heel turn..
I have recently decided that I will knit max of two things at a time (usually I have about 4 on-going). So this will be completed hopefully next week rather than next year (even, next decade)…

While I am busy knitting, Kumo is completely in love with Tempur pillow….

Responses to “Casting On for Socks”

  1. Pili

    My mum also loves knitting socks, really thick warm ones, to provide the family in the winters!

  2. Esther

    I love the pattern – so clever, especially for your first pair! it is addictive isn’t it? Don’t forget if you ever want to share the pattern I will be a willing test subject!!

    Esther x

  3. mia

    Oh, socks! I have bought some lovely yarn a couple of years ago with a very great intention to knit a pair or two for myself or at least for my boys… yes, no big or small socks yet 🙂 Gosh, every autumn I start knitting something woolen but honestly, I’m convinced: in order to finish a garment in time for the right season I have to start making it half a year in advance… or a year…
    Back to your socks – looks too complicated for me to even think of trying to knit something similar – so beautiful!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Tracy

    LOVELY, lovely socks, Kyoko! And I’m massively impressed–you’re own sock pattern! That pattern is very pretty…and so in the color way of the yarn. Must confess I’m still a novice sock-knitter. This winter my knitting challenges are to finally grasp sock knitting and do better cables! Will you have this pattern up in your shop to buy? Hope you’re all having a great weekend. And very smart kitty there…Who doesn’t love a Tempur pillow?! ;o) ((HUGS))

  5. AnnieB

    beautiful! I have never knit socks – although feel myself edging closer and closer…

  6. two hippos

    Fab socks, I have never knitted a pair they always look so complicated. You have the most beautiful cat too!

  7. Helen

    The socks are gorgeous – I love the yarn colour, perfect for the ginkgo leaf pattern. Will you be publishing a pattern for these? x

  8. Knit and Sew City Girl

    Wow Kyoko! Your sock is amazing…yep I’m getting very excited about socks….Hee! Hee! I’ve seen a tutorial of how to knit a sock from the toe up in the ‘Let Knit’ free DVD and it looked so complicated.

    By the way, I haven’t been the Wimbledon/Tooting shop yet, so let me know if you are still interested.


  9. Esther

    I just wanted to ask if the stitch pattern you used was easy to translate to knitting in the round. I have the same book and what to experiment but have never converted a pattern like that before, normally I make up my own SIMPLE ones!!

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