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Six Little Wedding Knits

Organising a wedding is fun, but it can also be stressful and costly. When I was planning my own wedding, I was amazed at the high prices shops charge for anything to do with a wedding! So if you, your friends and family can knit, why not add a very individual and personal touch to your special day by knitting some beautiful, little wedding accessories!

In Simply Knitting – Issue 106 you can see my Six Little Wedding Knits, which are:

•    A knitted Birdcage Veil
•    Flower Corsage
•    Vase covers
•    Heart Decoration
•    Ring Cushion
•    Beaded Sachet

This was a fun project as it made me remember my very happy day. I just wish I had thought of making these pretty accessories for my own wedding!

The yarns featured in this project are from Bessie May and all other materials can be found at Spoilt Rotten Beads, such as:

•    Brooch pin [#169470]
•    Silver-plated hair comb 2.5in [#212189]
•    3 x 6mm oyster glass pearl beads [#170837]

I enjoyed knitting with Bessie May yarns, owing to the unique way they spin their yarn, which makes the stitches come out so neatly.  I loved how my little knitted heart turned out in Sorbet [4120] Snikel Extra-fine Merino!

My main aim for these designs was to produce attractive and useful items that are quick and easy to make. I also wanted the accessories to be equally suitable for any special occasion, like a wedding anniversary, a First Communion, an engagement party and of course, they are perfect for a christening party!

You can use different coloured yarns for the Buttonhole Flower Corsages to match any special event theme.  And if you omit the tulle fabric on the Birdcage Veil, it can easily be turned into a knitted corsage or a lovely hair decoration.

In addition, the pretty knitted Vase Covers can be adapted to fit any size of vase, as I’ve made the stitch repeats small, so you can easily adjust the circumference!

How to adjust Vase Cover circumference:

  1. Measure the circumference of your vase (or a jam jar) in cm.
  2. Then subtract 3 cm – to give the cover a negative ease so it will fit tightly.
  3. Using the stitch tension provided in the pattern, calculate how many stitches you need to cast on.
  4. Make sure the number is an even number.

Example for a jar of 22.5 cm circumference:

•    22.5 – 3 = 19.5 cm
•    19.5 x 1.9 = 37 stitches (1.9 is the number of stitches per cm)
•    Because this is an odd number use 36 (or 38 is fine too)

In my next post, I’ll include a video tutorial on how to make the knitted Buttonhole Flower Corsage.

Some Super Gift Ideas for Knitting Friends!

Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate in the UK. But this year is a special one for me because I will be celebrating it for the first time and I’m just so excited about that!

Right now I have lots of new designs on my needles, so I’m not able to show you the pictures just yet. Instead, I’ll show you some of the fabulous Thanksgiving Gifts I have been browsing for my knitting friends. …read more

Teapot Dimensions: Knit for Friends & Family

I want to share with you today a one-page pdf I made recently. In Simply Knitting issue 99, there are 6 small gift knitting patterns for friends and family using Sublime Yarns. This was a fun project and I really enjoyed designing all of them.

Simply Knitting Issue 99 …read more

My New Series in Simply Knitting Magazine

I recently visited a friend’s house which was full of beautiful handmade items. I was so inspired. It made me think more and more that I want to knit for my home.

From this month, I will be doing a 6 small knits series in Simply Knitting. The first one is already out in July issue (issue 95) and my patterns will be out on every other issues. This issue is all about Picnic Knits. They are something that can be used not just for pic nic but also as tablewear.

Mug cosy

Mug Hug. Using Sirdar Country Style 4 Ply, US 3 – 3.25 mm

Coming up with 6 designs requires a good planning. But thanks to a great team from Simply Knitting, it’s a fantastic experience.

apple cosy

Mug Hug. Using Sirdar Country Style 4 Ply, US 3 – 3.25 mm

The objectives of this series is to have small designs (ranging from very small to medium) that are quick, fun to knit and useful.

Knitted candy bowl

Candy Bowl using Sirdar Raffaella DK, US 5 – 3.75 mm

Some of the patterns can be knitted using a pair of straight needles but also with DPNs for circular knitting.

Jug cover

Jug Cover using Sublime Yarns Baby Silk & Bamboo DK, US 6 – 4.0 mm

Also something you can knit and give to your friends and families.

Jam jar Cover

Jam Jar Cover using Sirdar Country Style 4 Ply.

… or entertain your guest at your home with handknitted items. 😀

Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings using Sublime Yarns Baby Silk & Bamboo DK, US 6 – 4.0 mm.

I have so many ideas for the next issue which I am working on at the moment. What is your most cherished handknitted home accessories? Mine is a tea cosy. 🙂

Pretty Knitting Needles

What could I have done with my life if these two sticks weren’t around? Nowadays I tend to use circular needles most of the time, but I should not forget the beauty of straight needles.

While I am still knitting like mad, working on some magazine work and therefore won’t be able to post you the current project images, I thought I will dig around to find pretty knitting needles and share with you. I found many gorgeous looking decorative straight needles and here are some of them.

Laurel Hill knitting needles. They produce innovative and environmentally friendly knitting needles. I love the little "hat-like" ends.

A Very Hungry Catterpillar Knitting Needles

My personal favourite. A Very Hungry Catterpillar knitting needles by DotDotSmile. I am seriously considering of getting those...

Aren't they so unusual and pretty? Chunky knitting needles with thread spools by TheSpinnersEmporium.

Sophisticated reclaimed purple heart wood knitting needles by Wallingandsons. I love the bands of wood pattern on the needles.

Super gorgeous hexagonal knitting needles with brass decorative top by Indian Lake Artisans.

This is my favourite - Owl hexagonal knitting needles.

Didn’t see anything you fancy? Then you can make one! Below is the video for how to make wooden knitting needles and this link is for resin knitting needles.


Happy knitting 😉

Fun Holiday Gift Knitting Patterns

London Bridge, where I live, is known for many cultural things but there are also attractions such as London Dungeons and London Bridge Experience where you pay money to get scared. During October, my neighbourhood is infested by zombies who are employed to sell tickets for these attractions.

So what would the knitters do in October? I start knitting Holiday Gifts especially for my nieces and nephews. I will blog about my special Holiday Gift project that is published in Interweave Holiday Gift in the next post but I wanted to feature some of the loveliest knitting pattern for children which I found on Ravelry.

Halloween Booties by Sylvia Leake.

Halloween Booties by S Leake

I was drawn to the little kitty booties 😀 Not much time until Halloween but this would be a good quick project just in time.

Wee Woodland Wuzzies by Barbara Prime

Wee Woodland Wuzzies

They are so cute... My niece would absolutely love them.

Nemo Mittens by Sigurlaug Eva Stefansdottir 

Nemo Mittens by Sigurlaug Eva Stefansdottir

I facebooked and tweeted about some of the fun animal mittens for children about a week ago but this one is also so nice.

 Adorabubble Baby Britches by Melanie Hoffman

Adorabubble Baby Britches by Melanie Hoffman

I think my sister knitted the pattern. This one is lovely. It would also look very nice with veriegated yarn.

Angry Fowl Hat Pack by Heidi Yates

Angry Fowl Hat Pack by Heidi Yates

The ultimate for Angry Bird lovers.

Mc Queen Chart by Synnøve Skavhaug Løvås

McQueen Chart

I am grateful for Synnove for creating this chart because my nephew is a massive fan of Cars movies. This vest is absolutely gorgeous.

Oh, what to do what to do!!! Do you have any projects for children you are working on at the moment? Please put a link to the pattern on this post if you have one 😀

Happy knitting!

Kids Christmas Gift Ideas 1 (when you can’t knit everything): Characters for Boys

As a child, I used to look forward to Christmas each year as soon as the previous one had gone. I kept a list of what I wanted and would give it to my mum to ask the Santa at random time of the year. I knew she would say “those are too expensive for the Santa to get for you”, so I would check the prices beforehand and justify that he could still afford it.

Now I have four nephews and nieces in total. In addition, I have lots of good friends with kids. Never mind about the holiday gifts for adults, I must make sure all the kids get a nice Christams present. All my nephews and nieces had my hand-knitted garment when they were born. So I am knitting one for the youngest one at the moment. Though, time is limited and I cannot knit for all of them, so I am resorting to buying things for the others.

I have been browsing the internet as usual to see if I see something nice and I have. So I would like to share my fun findings for potential Christmas gift with you today.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

This is a definite yes to me.

This is a definite yes to me.

I am so in love with these one. My nephews would definitely enjoy eating and playing with these cookies. The store does not ship to the UK so I have already made an arrangement with my friends who live in the US :D! You have to check Williams-Sonoma site because there are loads of wonderful stuff there.

Knitwits Sesame Street Winter Accessories

I just love these.

I just love these.

I think this hat and mitten set is really fun. It’s really for slightly older kids I think because of the size availability.

Disney Cars Tool Box Set

Why not get the boys to be creative?

Why not get the boys to be creative?

My nephew LOVES Disney’s Cars. The sweetest thing is that he cannot say “The Lightening McQueen”! I think it’s slightly easier to get girls to be creative but I think with this, my nephew would certainly want to make something…

Prince of Persia Lego

Have you guys watched the movie? Did you like it? I thought Jake Gylenhaal was really good looking (very different from other movies of his). Anyway, I didn’t realise there is Prince of Persia LEGO. This gotta be it. I want to play this with my nephew.

I was such a lego fan. If I had this for my Christmas, I would be so happy! LOL

I was such a lego fan. If I had this for my Christmas, I would be so happy! LOL

Oh what to get what to get…

I will do one for the girls next time.

Life in the world of C&C? well, at the moment I am having a huge battle with the builders. They say one thing but never do what they say. Last night, they started saying they can’t do this and that, it’s not included in the plan and this and that… Please wish me good luck to deal with them because they are a bunch of bullies to me. But I will keep my food down and be strong…

See you next time!