Chunky Bobble Cardigan-Jacket Knitting Pattern – One of a Kind!

Bobble Cardigan is one of the latest knitting pattern designs in my new Fresh Inspiration Knitting – Vol. 2.

Bobble Cardigan

My inspiration for the Bobble Cardigan was the smooth pebbles I see when taking a stroll along a local woodland path.

It’s a wonderfully thick, warm, over-sized cardigan that’s incredibly comfortable to wear. The Cardigan features all-over chunky bobbles (over 5 stitches), organised diagonally and radiating from the centre back. And it’s perfect for those who love seamless knitting with chunky yarns!

Surprise Your Fellow Knitters

The front bobbles magically align themselves vertically, owing to the wonderful drape of the garment. And you get a surprising visual illusion, too, because the direction of the bobbles at the front looks different from the direction on the back!

This knitting pattern is a unique design, and it brought me compliments when I wore it, so you may get compliments when you wear it, too. 😉

The pattern also includes belt – so you can close the front and be warm and cosy when it’s chilly!

Bobble Cardigan is knitted with Jamieson’s of Shetland Marl, which is a chunky weight and the same yarn I used for the Adult Cable Yoke Jacket. It’s a great outerwear yarn and I love knitting with it.

I find it totally worth the money and time to knit this cardigan in this rustic, chunky Marl, because it knits up a fabulously dense and warm fabric, that keeps you snug (and smug!) when everyone around you is shivering in thin, acrylic cardigans and jumpers!

And unlike the mass-produced acrylic knitwear in the shops, real 100% woollen cardigans, jackets and jumpers stay looking like new for years and years.

The Bobble Cardigan – Chunky Modern Seamless Knitting

Chunky knits are one of my favourite types of knitting, but many of chunky knitting patterns still have seams. I think chunky knitting and seamed garments are like oil and water – they don’t mix! If you agree, you’ll love this seamless Bobble Cardigan knitting pattern!

I’ve designed it with a top-down knitting construction, starting from the 2 x 2 rib for the collar, working seamless raglan shaping. The bobbles are made from the beginning, for the right and left front, but start after the raglan completes for the back.

And no matter what size you knit-up, you’ll always have the fabulous, triangular peak in the centre back!

The front moss stitch bands are worked just before working the hem ribbing, which is the only area you’ll need to sew at the end. The front has just a minimum seam-line, as attaching the moss stitch band is like attaching a garter stitch.

And it’s easy to adjust the Bobble Cardigan to fit your personality, fashion style and colour preferences. Try changing the colours of the bobbles, making differently sized bobbles or adding a different coloured rib and moss stitch!


Bobble Cardigan is available as an individual digital pattern from Cotton & Cloud and Ravelry as well as a part of Fresh Inspiration Knitting Vol.2 Collection.

Printed pattern is also available from Magcloud (individual & collection).

Responses to “Chunky Bobble Cardigan-Jacket Knitting Pattern – One of a Kind!”

  1. Linrow

    Love it! definitely different it looks so warm and comfy.

  2. Jo

    This pattern is absolutely gorgeous. I have a couple of other knitting projects on the go right now but it’s definitely near the front of my Ravelry queue.

  3. Vicky

    I am loving bobbles at the moment. Just love this cardi. It looks super warm and cosy and I love the angled bobble design. Amazing xxxx

    • Kyoko

      Hi Vicky!
      I am also really into knitting bobbles! I think they are so cute. Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

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