How to Knit Well – Finishing the Ends of Yarn: Reversible Shetland-Wool Gloves Tutorial 2


The updated version of my Reversible Shetland-Wool Gloves now includes a popular new pair of reversible mittens. Unlike the fingerless gloves, which require the Kitchner grafting method of joining the top, no grafting is needed to knit these mittens.

However, this means that after you’ve made the second mitten, you won’t be able to turn the piece inside-out. So this Tutorial will show you how to finish the free-ends of yarn in my double-layered reversible mittens!

Last week I have blogged about how to embroider a flower motif on the knitted fabric (LINK) for this pattern.


It’s important that you have all the left-over free-ends of yarns, on the right side of the piece (and this includes when you are changing the colours and for making the thumb). Note that you can’t see any of the red (the main colour) free-ends of yarns for the striped area. This is because the yarn is carried forward for the next set of stripes, to avoid having to deal with too many strands of yarn at the end.


I find it harder to carry the yarns without cutting them for the rest of the colours, because the rows worked are not enough to keep the knitted fabric neat and tidy. Therefore, I prefer to cut the yarns and finish them off at the end.

1)    First, you tie the knots. Make sure you pair with the same coloured yarn. The first and the last stitch of the row may be loose because they are not joined, so pull these yarns (but maintain the tension) to make sure the edges are neat.


2)    Using yarn needles, thread through between the two layers of the mittens.


3)    Then cut the yarn close to the fabric (careful not to cut the preciously knitted fabric!!)


4)    Stretch the mitten lengthways, to hide the end-yarns between the layers.


Then you are ready to put the other side of the mitten inside to make a pair of the warmest, cosiest double-layered mittens ever! ☺

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