Free Knitting Pattern: Seamless Knitted iPhone Case

My iPhone must travel in style, soI made this toy-like retro-style iPhone purse for me to share share with you as a FREE knitting pattern!


This knitted iPhone case is double-layered so that it will protect your precious devise. It is knitted in the round and is seamless using Judy’s Magic Cast-On method. Her site is here. This Flexy Internal Purse Frame which you can get from my store is used to safely hold the content without scratching it.


Width: 10 cm x Height: 14.5 cm (5.7”) x Depth: 2 cm (0.8”)

Jamieson’s Shetland Double Knitting (100% pure Shetland wool; 75m [82yds] per 25g ball)
1 x 25g ball of Mustard (425) as main colour (MC)
1 x 25g ball of Mogit (107) as contrasting colour (CC) for the pocket

Tension / Gauge
20 sts and 30 rows to 10 cm over stockinette stitch using 4 mm needles.

Needles & Accessories
One set of 4 mm (UK 8/US 6) DPNs (if you are confident in working in Magic Loop method, you can use a circular needle)
Waste yarn
2 markers
1 x Flexy Internal Purse Frame 10 cm (4”)

byo – Backward yarn over: On RS, bring yarn from back to front over right needle, then back again between needles. On a subsequent WS row purl to twist the stitch to close the hole.
CO – cast on
DPNs – double-pointed needles
K – knit
MC – main colour
P – purl
PSSO – pass the slide stitch over
rnd / rnds – round / rounds
sl – slide
SSK – slip, slip, knit (slip the first stitch as if to knit, slip the second stitch as if to knit, then slide the left-hand needle into the front part of both stitches and knit them together)
tbl – through the back of the loop
tog – together
yo – On RS, bring yarn from back to front between needles, then to back again over right needle.  On a subsequent WS row, purl through the back loop to twist the stitch to close hole.
yo – yarn back
st / sts – stitch / stitches
st st – stockinette stitch

Pattern Notes
If you are confident in working in Magic-Loop method, you can use circular needles instead of DPNs.
The photos show the purse being made using Magic-Loop method.

Outer Body
Using Magic cast on method, cast on 30 sts using. Join to work in the rnd.

Setup rnd: Knit.
Rnd 1: *K1, yo, K1, byo, K12, yo, K1, byo; repeat from * once more. 38 sts (figs. 1 & 2)
Rnd 2 and every alternate rnd: Knit, but tbl the yo made on the previous rnd so as to close the hole.
Row 3: *K1, yo, K3, byo, K12, yo, K3, byo; repeat from * once more. 46 sts.
Cont in st st until the purse meas 9.5 cm from cast-on edge.

knitted_iphone_cas_img1a       knitted_iphone_cas_img2a

Pocket rnd: K5, then K13 with a piece of waste yarn, transfer the 13 sts back onto the left needle then knit with MC to end (fig. 3).
Cont in st st until the purse meas 13.5cm from cast-on edge. Place a removable marker on the 1st and the 24th stitches to mark the row (fig. 4).

knitted_iphone_cas_img3a       knitted_iphone_cas_img4

Top Edge Tucks
You will now be working the first 23 sts back and forth in flat knitting.
Next row (RS): K23 sts, place next 23 sts on waste yarn.
§Cont in st st for 2.5cm from the removable markers ending with a WS row.

**Tuck row (RS): Pick a stitch 10 rows directly below using left needle and K2tog with the stitch, *K1, pick a stitch 10 rows directly below and K2tog with the stitch. Repeat from *10 times more. Leave all 23 sts on waste yarn (figs. 5 to 8).

Return the other 23 sts on hold to DPN and rep all from §.

knitted_iphone_cas_img5       knitted_iphone_cas_img6

knitted_iphone_cas_img7       knitted_iphone_cas_img8

Return all 46 sts onto DPNs. Evenly distribute sts over the needles. Rejoin yarn to work in the rnd.
Next rnd: *SSK, K19, K2tog; repeat from * once more. 42 sts.
Note: Stitch numbers are reduced here so that the interior will tuck in snugly.
Cont in st st until the purse meas 12.5cm from the tuck row (marked as **) (fig. 9).

Next rnd: *K3, SSK, K12. K2tog, K2; repeat from * once more. 38 sts.
Next rnd: Knit.
Next rnd: *K1, sl1, K2tog, psso, K12. K3tog; repeat from * once more. 30 sts.
Next rnd: Knit.
Break yarn leaving a tail of approx. 40cm and carefully graft the opening using Kitchener method (fig. 10).
Tuck in the interior into the exterior piece.

knitted_iphone_cas_img9       knitted_iphone_cas_img10

Carefully unravel 13 sts for the pocket and inserting DPNs into the free stitches above and below as you unravel.
You should have 13 sts below and above (fig. 11).
Rejoin yarn from the bottom right corner to work in the rnd.
Cont in st st for 7 cm (fig. 12).
Break yarn leaving a tail of approx. 40cm and carefully graft the opening using Kitchener method.
Tuck in the pocket inside.

knitted_iphone_cas_img11       knitted_iphone_cas_img12

Making Up
Weave in ends.
Gently steam block the purse to measurements.

Insert Flexy Internal Purse Frame
Your purse frame should have one side open. Insert the frame into the top casing of the knitted pouch (fig. 13). Push the frame all the way in.
Join the free ends together and place the screw into the hole of the joint (fig. 14). At this stage the screw will not easily go all the way in.
Carefully turn upside down. Keeping the joint securely held with your fingers, gently hammer the screw into the hole all the way. This will secure the joint edge.

knitted_iphone_cas_img13       knitted_iphone_cas_img14



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  1. mia

    phew! What a find! My Ipod might get lucky πŸ˜‰ It has a silicon sleeve, but what’s a silicon against this!!! You just ‘planted’ an idea for me, thank you!
    Love love love this purse, and the color!
    And thanks for passing the word about the giveaway! πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy the rest of the week & the rest of the (still) New Year!

    m. xx

    • kyoko

      Hi Mia,
      hehe, thanks! I thought I might design a knitted iPhone/iPod case which is different from the usual one.
      No worries. I LOVE your creations and everyone should know about it! πŸ˜€
      Hope you had a great weekend. I was literally wrapped in an electric blanket.

  2. Pili

    That’s a great idea! And maybe it’ll be a good thing to start knitting again… I’ll have to think about it!!

    Hope the New Year has started great for you, Kyoko!!

    • kyoko

      Hi Pili,
      hehe, you have to start!! πŸ˜€ You can make a nice scarf for G for winter.
      It’s so cold here and I am finding it very difficult to wake up in the morning. Are you having colder-than-usual winter over there?
      Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Tracy

    Sweet… LOVE that, Kyoko! Very nice design, very fun! Happy Weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

    • kyoko

      Hi Tracy!
      Thank you πŸ˜€ It was one of the fun project I did over Christmas (I can’t believe it is so many weeks back).
      Hope you had a great weekend. It was a freezing one for me in London. No more snow but still icy!

  4. Rachel

    That is super cute and the pictures are so much fun! Consider it tweeted… and linked!

    • kyoko

      Hi Rachel,
      Aww, thank you so much! Yay! πŸ˜€
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. Dawn

    Wow what a cool idea, looks great Kyoko!


    • kyoko

      Hi Dawn,
      Thank you! I had a rubber sleeve on my iphone before but it kept catching my hair hear my ear so it was time to make something with wool before I have a strange hairstyle. πŸ˜€
      Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. stephanie

    So cute! I love this idea. I have been watching your youtube videos over the past few days and I am working up the confidence to try some more challenging knitting next month. I can’t wait!

    I hope you had a great weekend!!

  7. Sharon

    What a great-looking case! I can’t wait to start knitting one. I’ve been enjoying your other tutorials on your website. Keep up the great work, Kyoko!

    • kyoko

      Hi Sharon!
      Aww, thank you πŸ˜€ You have made my day! Yep I have lots of great tutorials and free pattern planned in my little head (LOL). Hope you enjoy making the iPhone case πŸ˜‰

  8. liset

    Love it! And I saw it already on craftzine. Very cool.
    Have a great weekend too!

    • kyoko

      Hi Liset,
      Excellent! Do you know where in Craftzine it was? I try to check it but I couldn’t find it.. πŸ™
      So happy that you like it πŸ˜‰ Hope you are having a good weekend!

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  10. wow i’m so pleased i found this pattern as i was struggling to find a prezzie for my BFs birthday – now to just choose the colour of wool πŸ˜€

    • kyoko

      Hi Rachael,
      How exciting! My husband uses the case now (he stole it from me…!). I have seen some of my wonderful customers made variations of the pattern and they are really cool (I think you can see them on ravelry). Hope you enjoy the pattern! πŸ˜€

  11. MoonBrite

    Thanks for the the pattern. I lost my brother 4 years ago and I amke a lot of knitting things and sell at craft shows. I donate the money in his Memory for needy kids. Thanks for the pattern.


    • kyoko

      Hello Moon!
      Thank you so much for your comment and your generous donation πŸ˜€
      If you have a website that we can see your work and shows, please let me know!

  12. Farah

    Wow.. what a very cozy iphone case…
    Thank you for your pattern.. I have download it and make it as soon as possible ^^

    • kyoko

      Hi Farah,
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

  13. Ashley H

    This is sooooooooo cute!!! Iwant to make it but i cant download it because im not on a computer…. isthere a link??

    • Kyoko

      Hi Ashley,
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      Sorry that the link did not work. I have corrected it and now it goes straight into ravelry page for the free pattern.
      If there are any problems, please let me know.

      Happy knitting!

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