Furry Friday – Ama, Charlie and Droppie

It’s Furry time everyone! So nice to be back in the furry world. I missed it too. With the weather getting colder, more furry stories are needed. How are all your furry friends? Hope they are all well 😀

miss minos 1Don’t you just love this squirrel cap? A must have for the winter 😀

Today is all about Ama. She creates the most wonderful knitted kitty hats for charity (more later). Tomorrow, she will be holding her own booth for the Open Day at Animal Shelter Stevenshage which she supports selling her kitty hats. Good luck and we are all sending you a good vibe from all over the world!

missminos2I love this floral kitty hat. The colours are just so gorgeous!

About Ama:

I am Ama from Miss Minoes from “Miss Minoes: Talking to myself… (Again)” . The name Miss Minoes comes from a Dutch book/movie about a young woman that used to be a cat. The name fitted my little project of knitting kitty hats to raise money for animal charity: the animal shelter Stevenshage in Leiden. More information on the history and background of Miss Minoes: http://www.missminoes.com. Most of my creations (which now have expanded to cat scarves, cat toys and more) are sold in my Etsy shop. I am as crazy about a ball of yarn as a young kitten =^x^=

Droppie, “her royal highness”: 18 years, female, tortoise (Left)

Charlie, “trouble”: 11 years, female, calico (Right)

How did you find your Droppie and Charlie?

Both girls were in an uncertain situation when I got them. Both come from loving homes, where they couldn’t stay anymore. We were kind of a last resort. Otherwise it most likely would have to be the animal shelter for either of them.

Droppie’s owner moved abroad to do seasonal work, so couldn’t take her with her. A year later I met her previous owner who was here for a holiday and I mentioned Droppie always lied next to me, but never on my lap. She was surprised, because Droppie often was sleeping on her lap. And lo and behold: the next day Droppie came to lie down on my lap. She looked up to me with an expression saying: “Happy, now?”

Charlie lived at the home of the mother of the original owner, but another family member was allergic. Charlie completely freaked out when we came to their home. She was running around like a mad cat and then disappeared up the stairs. My boyfriend and I looked at each other, wondering if this was such a good idea. Then we looked up the stairs and saw from a curious Charlie peeping from the around the corner from the top of the stairs. We were sold.

cc-Charlie 2003

Charlie – She is just so sweet. She is a scardy cat but not to worry because she is in safe hands of Ama.

How would you describe Droppie and Charlie’s personality?

Droppie is more queen than the queen herself. When she meows she does not beg, she does not ask… no, she demands.

When my boyfriend moved in, she used to race him who would get to the chair at his computer desk first. In her feline mind she was convinced it was her chair, and she would only allow him to sit there when she was otherwise occupied. But she also has a talent for odd sleeping places: On one of the pictures you see her on a keyboard, but I’ve also find her in an umbrella stand, a drawer half her size, a bag of yarn, and an electric drill.

About 2.5 years ago her health went worse, kidney problems among others and losing a lot of weight. We completely spoiled her then, and are paying the price ever since. Her health pretty much stabilized, with diet food and medication she’s now doing fine. My boyfriend is her love, her world, her everything. I am just a mere substitute.

Charlie is very jumpy, easily scared. When the doorbell goes, she races upstairs. And with vacuum cleaning I have to warn her before I plug it in. The funny thing is that in the end her curiosity is always just a little bit bigger than her fears. Her first instinct when she sees another cat, a dog or person is to run, but she always, very carefully, comes back to check it out. Her middle name is “trouble”, because if it lies on a table, she must test if it will fall; if it lies on the floor, she must test if it can be used as a football; and if it is piled up, she must test if you can climb it… Charlie is still very playful, which does not amuse her Royal Highness Droppie.

cc-Droppie 2008Droppie loving the keyboard. May be it feels like a massage chair…

What is Droppie and Charlie’s favourite toy?

Droppie is not that much into playing anymore. But when I am making the toys they both love of the smell of catnip and they make it difficult for me to get some work done. Charlie is the playful one, she’s my official tester of cat toys. But nothing beats a cardboard box with a pingpong ball in it. We don’t throw the box out until she is bored with it, which tends to raise some eyebrows from visitors. (We have a small living room, so the box is always in the way.)

What is Droppie and Charlie’s favourite food?

At the moment Hill’s k/d (kidney diet) and Hill a/d (recovery diet), but they get bored if they eat the same thing to long, so at other times they get diet food from Royal Canin. Absolute favourite are the treats from Trovet. They used to get different food for a long time as Droppie needs the kidney diet, and Charlie has food sensitivity. At that time Charlies favourite food was “whatever Droppie is getting and I’m not”. Feeding time was basically trying to keep the cats separated. And with Droppie being a slow eater that could take some time. At the moment they conveniently get the same.

What is your favorite website for pets (e.g. shop, arts, toys etc.)?

I love to get an awesome cat bed or basket, but don’t dare to buy one (see above for Droppies favourite nap places), although I am sure Charlie would have months of joy with the cardboard box! I love the cat toys of Casbahkitten, a fellow member of EtsyForAnimals.

A fun shop for pet lovers: your own pet lookalike pillow.

What do you like most about living with Droppie and Charlie?

They are always ready for a cuddle. Charlie often waits in the window for me to come home (but I must admit she only does that after I come from work = around feeding time). I love the element of entertainment you add to your live when living with a cat. In between meals and naps there is plenty of time to surprise us. Whether is our old lady Droppie deciding the 2 year old tom cat from next door down needs to be set in place, or Charlie actually catching a mouse, bringing it in and losing it in the house within 5 minutes (great, now we DO have mice!). Never a dull day.

ccDroppie 2003

It’s sign of trust… Showing off her tummy.

What is the most annoying thing that Droppie and Charlie do?

Charlie is a she-devil in the early morning (5.00 am): she uses my belly as a jumping board to jump on the cupboard next to my bed. Then with her tiny nails starts ripping of the wallpaper. When I am awake enough to yell at her or throw a ball of socks she jumps back on the bed (via my stomach, of course) just to do the whole thing again in 5 minutes. She does this about 4 times a week. We could close the bedroom door, but we like it how the cats sleep at our feet at night.

When she’s awake Droppie is totally addicted to attention, shes literally screaming for it sometimes. But it is also the old age that’s getting her confused so we just pick her up and carry her around until she feels secure again.

What is the most memorable moment with Droppie and Charlie?

When we moved house. It is often said that cats are so connected with their environment. And they were often outdoors at the old house. On moving day we did the furniture first, to make sure there were not any doors left open in the new house by people walking to and fro. When we went to pick the cats up from the old empty house they were of course very confused with all the furniture gone. We expected that in the new house the cats would both hide under the sofa or cupboard and not come out of there for two weeks. But to our surprise they both run up to us to be cuddled and affirmed that this was home and everything was alright.

cc-Charlie 2008

Hide and seek. I am in love with Charlie and Droppie

Which part of your Droppie and Charlie’s life style do you care most about?

For Droppie giving her a fabulous old age, treat her like I would like to be treated as an elderly lady (in human years she’s in her 80s).

For Charlie we have to keep her exercised as she has a tendency to gain weight due to her medication.

But mostly for both of them to ensure they always feel save, warm and loved at home.

What has living with Droppie and Charlie taught you?

That being there for each other is what it’s all about. Words are not necessary, a nudge and a purr says it all.

Lastly, please let me know your favourite charity organization (animal / human)!

Dieren Bescherming (Dutch, animal protection)

Stop Aids Now

Thank you Ama, Charlie and Droppie!


Next weeks Furry Friday (14/08/09) will be:

Liset from HandMaid Liset

Have a wonderful weekend!

If you want to participate in Feline Friday (any pets welcome!) please dont hesitate to contact me. I would be delighted to feature you! :D

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  1. Jules O

    I just absolutely enjoyed the interview with Ama. I actually laughed at some of the stories, as I can relate to them having 2 cats of my own. You could see the characters of both Droppie & Charlie. It’s always good to hear of people doing great things with animals. Thanks for a fun post!

    • kyoko

      Hi Jules!
      Thank you for such a wonderful comment 😀 So happy to hear that you enjoyed the interview. My favourite part is when Ama moved to a new home. I have moved home a few times with Kumo and Wata but they always preferred the original home where we are living now.
      Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Pili

    I love it!!

    Everytime I read Furry Friday about kitties I feel soooo sad that I’m allergic! =(

    But I guess I can enjoy life with a cat vicariously through Furry Fridays and of course, I have my Cinnamon!

    Love those kitty hats too!

    Great entry, Kyoko, I always LOVE reading this!

    • kyoko

      Hi Pili!

      Cinammon is the coolest 😀 I will find more furry dogs soon, I promise!
      Don’t you just love the kitty hats? I think they are fab 😀
      Hope your week is going well.


  3. Tracy

    HOOORAY–Furry Frioday’s back–thank you, Kyoko! And yes, with autumn and chilly season here, we need all the sweet, fur stories we can get to keep us warm–especially on the inside. :o) Hello, Ama, Droppie and Charlie–such great names!–loved meeting you all, and terrific interview. Ama’s knits are wonderful! Happy Weekend to you all ((HUGS))

    • kyoko

      Hi Tracy!

      Hope you had a good weekend! Oh, yeah. More furry stories needed, and Ama’s hats 😀 Don’t you just love them? They are so amazing.
      I bet the weather is really cold over there. We had few days of rainy days and I think the winter is coming!


  4. Dawn

    Awww Kyoko I am so glad to see Furry Friday back – I have so missed it- Love this story of these two fur babes – so cute – they are just a delight …. and doing so well in their old age too!

    Love the knitted hats too!


    • kyoko

      Hi Dawn!

      Thank you so much for such an encouraging message 😀 Droppie and Charlie are such great furballs, aren’t they?
      How are your fur babes? Mine is naughtier than ever! Kumo recently learnt to open my printer cover so that he can put his paw into where the paper comes from.

      Hope you had a good weekend 😀


  5. Ama

    Thank you so much Kyoko, for putting my two furry darlings in the spotlight!
    Love your new website!


    • kyoko

      Hi Ama!

      How did your openday go? Hope you had a great time and successful sales 😀
      It was a real delight to feature your two kitties. They are great and I loved every stories. Thank you so much for letting me feature you.
      Hope you are having a great week!


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