Haiku Knits by Tanya Alpert

haiku knits coverBut today, I would like to feel fresh and let you know about this wonderful Japanese-inspired book called Haiku Knits by Tanya Alpert. She is an owner of Knitting by the Beach (great things there BTW!) and has two wonderful blogs, The Knitting Sommerlier and Tanya Alpert. The book is forwarded by Erica Knights (you know it’s good, right?).

As a Japanese person who knits, I felt it was my duty to review this book. As soon as I received this book, opened and looked through, I was impressed about the following three points: 1) structure of the book, 2) designs and 3) fibres used.

haiku knits 5

Mmmm.... I am totally indulging on this cozy design...


In this book, there is no jargon, no gibberish, no too much wording. It is not pretentious. It is honest, clear and helpful. It’s excellent. I like a book like this.

The contents are SO CLEARLY laid out. The general structure of the content is: a) main design image b) introduction and material information with clear diagrams, c) patterns.

This means that when you see a project that you want to knit, you can quickly “assess” knittability (whether it is a quick-knit or the one you need to spend time). There is absolutely no risk that you get lost in this book.

At the end of the book, there are about 16 pages of information about essential knitting techniques and information with pictures. Again, it is clear and I find it so user-friendly.

haiku knits 1


Every design is gorgeous and cleverly constructed yet simple. Many don’t have the usual structure of the garment so you know that the garment will hang on you very artistically ♥

Often in a standard craft books there are probably 1 or 2 projects that you would like to make (hence you would buy the book). In Haiku Knits, you would more likely to find at least 5 designs that you would knit – that, I can guarantee.

By looking through the images, I think these garments are the kind of knitwear that you emphasize when you wear it to tell people “look! I made this, doesn’t it look great?”.

haiku knits 8


Tanya is not afraid of using VARIOUS FIBRES. The kind of yarn used varies from standard merino to Habu linen paper. It is a great book for you to try out different kinds of yarns if you haven’t yet done so.

If you have read my previous yarn review you know this, but characteristics and the beauty of the yarn does not simply limit to it’s softness. Tanya’s designs really draws out the goodness of individual yarn.

This is the book that would leads to a bigger world of knitting.

haiku knits 3

Smart 3D design. I would definitely wear this in summer.

There are so many more images I would like to show you, but there isn’t enough space!

Responses to “Haiku Knits by Tanya Alpert”

  1. Tracy

    Hi, Kyoko! Oh, but I’m so sorry to hear your plans to Japan fell through and you must re-organize your trip for later… Still great that you will be going though! :o) I know what you mean about busy… it’s been one of those weeks here too…LOL! Since I won your last book draw/giveaway I won’t be greedy and join this time–give others a chance, you know. ;o) But had to say how much I LOVE the look and sound of this book–the elegance and simplicity of designs tickles my knitter’s heart. I have added this one to my must-get list! Stunning designs…*swoon*… Thanks for a great review… Happy Weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

    • kyoko

      Hi Tracy!
      I must have had a busiest few weeks and things literally fell apart. But you are right, I can still go (and this time in slightly warmer season!).
      You are very sweet about the giveaway 😉 I hope you are enjoying the last one you won 🙂
      Haiku Knits is definitely something that you would like. I wish I could show you more images as there are so many wonderful designs in there.
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend to you too!

  2. Sarah

    Sorry to hear your trip fell through – hope you can go soon.

    This books sounds great – I’m not sure whether this counts but I like the simple, clean aesthetic of the Habu knitwear designs very much.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog – apparently the lime marmalade lasts for up to two years unopened. Giving it as a gift this weekend so I hope it is liked 🙂

  3. Rain

    If I say I love Japanese anime, will you bop me over the head? I hearts it 😀 😀
    I hope you can go to Japan soon though.

    Thanks for the review Kyoko, AWESOME book!! I’m just drooling at the pics you’ve posted and you’re just so unbelievably generous!!

    My fave Japanese design would be furniture. Minimalistic, clean and functional. So zen. Really. The absence of clutter in a room design in the Japanese way is mind boggling to some one like me who just has way too much clutter.

  4. there are so many different design details I love. Mainly I love the simple lines and the attention to detail in the fashion designs and the patterns that I have seen. JHope you get to go to Japan sooner rather than later.

  5. Linda

    I am sorry your holiday is postponed. I am sure your cats are happy to have you at home. x
    I love japanese designs for their simple elegance, some of the sewing books have lovely balck and grey clothes which just go with everything and have little details to set them apart. My favourite are the habu with the stainless steel yarns. I love the way a knit can be sculpted as well.

  6. Shelley

    Haiku Knits looks like an amazing book! I would love to win it 🙂

  7. Pam

    Very sorry to hear you had to postpone your trip, but thank you for the great review of Haiku Knits.

    What Japanese design or item don’t I like!! I suppose that if I had to narrow my likes down just a bit, I’d have to say that I’m very fond of Japanese landscape architecture and furniture, especially the tansu chests. Of course, I could spend hours browsing the Japanese import fabrics, such as Echino and/or Kokka, too.

  8. Sushi!
    Is that design? Probably not… just my stomach talking now! I love the dress designs I have seen in blogland too… such clean simple lines, so elegant. Not sure they would suit my shape though.


  9. Mary Groft


    I would live very much to win the Haiku Knits book!

    My favorite Japanese design is Ikebana – Japanese flower arranging. Love the process and love the results.

  10. Lisa Corrie

    I love the designs of sashiko. Incorporating them into quilting, sewing, knitting, cooking/baking. I like to stray from the blue and white palette of sashiko and add a touch of color. I also love how Japanese combine colors and textures that capture nature so beautifully.


  11. nele

    Hi Kyoko,

    I’m sorry to read about your trip having to be postponed… I do hope that after things falling apart they are now coming together again!

    The Haiku knit book is lovely and demonstrates one of the things that I love about Japanese design and that makes Japanese design stand out in whatever field (architecture, fashion, paper goods etc)…. Japanese design always seems be to combine a very simple structure with pure lines and detailled finishings that make the overall result look very complicated and intricate without being too abundant. It makes that these designs have a timeless quality…

    As so many others I love them…

  12. Tanya Alpert

    Hi Kyoko,

    Thank you for your wonderful review. I am so pleased that you understood perfectly what I was trying to achieve in my book, Haiku Knits. I am so glad that there are a lot of knitters that love the beauty and simplicity of Japanese aesthetics and therefore appreciate and enjoy my book.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,
    Tanya Alpert

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