Just found this amazing site! Create Your Own Icelandic Lopi Patterns.

If you love custom knitwear like me, you will love this site. Basically it is an online knitting pattern creator for Icelandic Lopi sweaters. I was so amazed and impressed about this site so I contacted the owner of the site if it was OK for me to blog about it, and I got a reply!

Lopi Sweater Design Site

So the story goes like this, he is a software developer and a husband of a keen knitter. Originally he developed this site for her (how amazing!) so that sh can design her own Lopi sweater. It is now a free site for everyone. He says that he is constantly improving the functionality, so if you see something that you want or would like to be improved on, please let him know! He has a great blog and also a ravelry group page.

Gosh I have so many I want to knit now! Yesterday I was bragging on about how much I wanted to knit a pair of socks on CC facebook page. Now I want to knit Lopi sweater too. No time for the wicked in deed.

Now, a quick news for everyone in the UK. There will be a Stitch and Craft Show from today to Sunday at Olympia. On Sunday only, I will be there as an expert knitter working with The Knitter magazine. I will be around helping out with patterns or any knitting inquiries among other expert knitters!! So if you are there on Sunday come and say hi! I will also take lots of pictures and blog about it later 🙂

Happy knitting!

Responses to “Just found this amazing site! Create Your Own Icelandic Lopi Patterns.”

  1. Pili

    It’s pretty amazing! What a great discovery, Kyoko!

  2. Sarah

    Promise you will say hello next time !

    • Kyoko

      Hi Sarah!
      Thank you so much for the comment 😀 Just come back from a brief stay at Hong Kong yesterday so apologies for the late reply. Yes I definitely will. We should do ktog next time!

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