How to Knit Well – Knitting Embroidery: Reversible Shetland-Wool Gloves Tutorial 1


These Reversible Gloves are one of the first Cotton & Cloud original designs. It has been my intention to update it for a while now and since I really want to have the majority of work done before the baby is born; I’ve finally got around doing it!

The updated pattern now includes a mitten version of the pattern using the very best Shetland Wool from Jamieson’s of Shetland DK. There is absolutely nothing else that can keep your hands as warm in the cold weather!

I have changed the stripe slightly from the original version, so that it is easier for the knitters and to avoid having to use so many colours for just a little amount.

When I write my patterns, I try to put as much information as possible but it’s not always possible owing to the limitation of pages I can use for each loose-leaf pattern (multiple of 4 pages).

The new Reversible Gloves pattern includes images to help you with some techniques used to make the gloves and the pattern was already laid out over 8 pages, so I thought I would write an additional blog post about it to help you succeed with your knitting today!


The Reversible Gloves are made with two layers of gloves. For this pattern you make the plain glove first and the flower embroidery is done before you start making the interior piece. Unlike normal embroidery on fabric, stitching onto a knitted fabric can be a little tricky because the stitches are bigger and elastic.


The trick is to keep the tension of the knitted fabric as flat as possible by not embroidering it too tightly. You can take a piece of cardboard and place it underneath, to help keep the fabric as flat as possible. In the case of gloves, placing the cardboard inside the gloves will also prevent sewing through the other side of the fabric.

So here is how to embroider a flower onto the gloves!
1.    Start from the inside of the flower with yellow for the centre and the first colour.


2.    Mark the positions of 6 petals using the second colour yarn. Leave the second colour for now.


3.    Outline the shape of the petal using the third colour yarn first, then outline once more with shorter lines outside of the petals, so that each line drawn by the third colour is prominent.


4.    Go back to the second colour and fill in the petals.


5.    Identify a position straight below the flower and add a stem. For a nice effect, curve the stem closer to the flower.



That’s it! The next tutorial will be how to finish off the free ends of yarn for the Reversible Mittens.
Enjoy the cosy gloves ☺

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  1. Pili

    Hiya Kyoko! How are you doing? I hope you’re doing great and that the pregnancy is going well!

    I adore the reversible gloves/mittens I got from you, and they come out as soon as the weather gets cold! Great tutorial!

  2. Cecilia

    Thanks very much for the update Kyoko I have already ordered the yarn for the mittens!
    All the best. Cecilia

  3. I love the embroidered flowers. They look great on the mittens.

    • Kyoko

      Thank you for the lovely comment!

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