Knitting for Baby: Saartje’s Bootees

My second ‘baby preparation’ project is this lovely pair of baby bootees. I chose Saartje’s Bootees, because it’s a super-cute design, which I’ve previously knitted as a gift for my friend. You can see the matching hat in the previous blog.


Saartje’s Bootees

I’m using the same yarns i.e. Koigu KPPPM (P611) for the main colour and The Uncommon Thread Tough Sock (Brassica) for the edging, to create a matching set with the Pointy Hat I made the other day.



As the original knitting pattern is in 4 ply, I didn’t change the pattern, except to convert it for circular knitting using double-pointed needles. Oh – and I changed the straps to fix them to the inside of the bootees – without buttons!

This adds extra style, makes it easier to put them on your baby’s wriggling feet and most important of all – it makes them fit more snugly, so they don’t keep sliding off!

I’ll post a picture of my baby wearing the matching hat and bootees, as soon as she’s born!


Responses to “Knitting for Baby: Saartje’s Bootees”

  1. Aw, those are so cute! Love the colors! What a relish looking yarn! xxx

    • Kyoko

      Thank you Chrissy! I immediately fell in love with the candy pink colour of Koigu. I have some left-over so I might use it for a trimming of a baby cardigan or something in future 😉

  2. Lindy

    You’ve invented a way to stop baby bootees coming off! Absolutely brilliant idea and I love the multi-coloured pattern as well. No more cold feet and lost bootees for babies – you deserve a medal! Thanks.

    • Kyoko

      Thank you Lindy! Yes, actually it worked quite well fixing the strap inside of the bootees. No more cold feet! 😉

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