London Inspiration – Alfie’s Antique Market


When I am in the middle of designing, I often need some scenic inspiration. London is ideal because there are lots of interesting little spots to visit.
Near Marylebone, there is a famous building called Alfies Antiques Market.


Its an authentic bohemian market and you can find virtually any kind of antiques in there.


When you enter, you find yourself in a completely different world. Its almost intimidating, because I have absolutely no knowledge about antiques and the dealers seem to know so much. But I always have great fun browsing through this amazingly eclectic collection!


There is a roof top caf, where I can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea and an English scone after going through the maze of antique shops, packed full of fascinating items and some excellent bargains!


Responses to “London Inspiration – Alfie’s Antique Market”

  1. I’m so jealous. It looks like an amazing place. When I lived in York there was a great little Antiques market that was like a rabbit warren, full of little dens of hidden gems. I used to love wandering round there. I wish we had somewhere like that in Leicester, because when I think of all the antique linens that I wandered past in those day, I could weep.

    • Kyoko

      Hello Chrissy,
      The antique market in York sounds amazing. This place in London was completely packed with every antique you can find. My favourite was antique suitcase section. There were no antique craft section specialising in knitting and sewing tools though. Oh I know what you mean, I have seen some great antique knitting stuff in the past and I totally didn’t do anything about it. Happy weekend!

  2. Cherry Horan

    Fantastic photos. I will certainly put on my list of ‘things to do’ when I visit London next.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Kyoko

      Hi Cherry,
      Thank you! It was my first time going there even though I lived in London for a long time. It’s an amazing atmosphere there and the place is like a maze!

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