Pure Wool by Sue Blacker of Blacker Yarns

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With Christmas coming up fast, I thought I’d mention a very interesting book I’ve been reading recently.  It’s called, Pure Wool: A Knitter’s Guide to Using Single-breed Yarns by Sue Blacker, the owner of Blacker Yarns and tells you everything you wanted to know about the exciting, new single-breed yarns.

Single-breed yarns

Single-breed yarns have become extremely popular during the last few years and manufacturers range from cottage industry spinners to international wholesalers. Sue has produced a number of exciting, new single-breed yarns which vary in texture and softness and other special qualities which knitters may be looking for.

This book keeps all keen knitters completely up-to-date with the many varieties of single-breed wool from Shetland, Jacob and Blue-faced Leicester to Black Welsh and more.  In particular, this book gives detailed advice on choosing the best single-breed yarn for your knitting projects.

Natural and eco-friendly

Blacker Yarns is a champion of natural fibres and very eco-friendly.  They are against the use of synthetic fibres, which use an incredibly unnecessary amount of our planet’s precious energy resources to make.

And I agree with them completely, why are we using environmentally damaging synthetics, when U.K. farmers produce high-performance, natural yarns which do not damage the ecology?

From sheep to shop

‘Pure Wool’ is an absolute mine of interesting information about the many different single-breed yarns and the breeds of sheep they come from.  Each section deals with a different kind of fleece, with information about the individual characteristics of the yarn and plenty of attractive illustrations showing the sheep, the fleece, the yarn and a knitted-up sample of the yarn.

And there’s also a super, free knitting pattern suited to the yarn’s particular features at the end of each section!

Useful and enjoyable

I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Pure Wool’. Discovering how different yarns drape, their individual strength and degree of softness has definitely been very useful and made my knitting even more enjoyable.

For knitting fans, the book is a real treasure explaining single-breed yarns and how important home-knitting will be in the planet’s eco-friendly future! And with 20 new knitting patterns, this book is perfect for anyone who knits!

You can obtain a personally signed copy directly from Sue’s website – which is also a very interesting place to go for a browse around the Yarn Shop – or buy from Amazon.co.uk.

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