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Pretty Knitting Needles

What could I have done with my life if these two sticks weren’t around? Nowadays I tend to use circular needles most of the time, but I should not forget the beauty of straight needles.

While I am still knitting like mad, working on some magazine work and therefore won’t be able to post you the current project images, I thought I will dig around to find pretty knitting needles and share with you. I found many gorgeous looking decorative straight needles and here are some of them.

Laurel Hill knitting needles. They produce innovative and environmentally friendly knitting needles. I love the little "hat-like" ends.

A Very Hungry Catterpillar Knitting Needles

My personal favourite. A Very Hungry Catterpillar knitting needles by DotDotSmile. I am seriously considering of getting those...

Aren't they so unusual and pretty? Chunky knitting needles with thread spools by TheSpinnersEmporium.

Sophisticated reclaimed purple heart wood knitting needles by Wallingandsons. I love the bands of wood pattern on the needles.

Super gorgeous hexagonal knitting needles with brass decorative top by Indian Lake Artisans.

This is my favourite - Owl hexagonal knitting needles.

Didn’t see anything you fancy? Then you can make one! Below is the video for how to make wooden knitting needles and this link is for resin knitting needles.


Happy knitting 😉