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The Original Japanese Knitting Book Which Made Me Fall In Love with Knitting

What made you fall in love with knitting? I was only about 10 or 11 when I first encountered this book. I was already knitting various stuff but this book really made me fall in love with the craft as a child:

Honobono Country Sweaters

This is a very old copy which I found in 2nd hand bookshop in Japan. When I found it, I was ecstatic!

Japanese knitting book: Honobono Country Sweaters

Basically it’s a story book for children. I guess the point is for a mother to read to a child and then may be (just may be… because the projects are quite difficult!) knit the sweaters and other things in the book for the kid. A very nice idea.

Japanese knitting book: Honobono Country Sweaters

This was my VERY BEST favourite sweater and I wanted to make one but was a bit too difficult for me at the time. I think I can definitely make it, easy peezy (lol)!

Japanese knitting book: Honobono country sweaters

Can you see why I fell in love with knitting? It’s soooooo cute!!!!!

Japanese knitting book: Honobono Country Sweaters

So this is the first sweater I made ever in my life. This simple brown sweater. Oh didn’t I just love knitting it??? What a great memory!