Top-down Fair Isle Baby Tunic with Olympus Milky Baby

Hi Everyone!

Baby knits are great fun to make not only because they are so cute but also because they are quick to finish! So today, Id like to share with you my super, new design for the Japanese yarn company called Olympus.

The people at Olympus are so friendly and I love working with them! If you take a look at the Olympus website, youll find lots of wonderful items for crafters, including beautifully coloured crochet threads as well as quality knitting yarns. They also have some lovely Sashiko kits – which have everything you need to do beautiful, traditional Japanese embroidery at home. A Sashiko kit would make a super gift for anyone who enjoys home-crafts.

Top-Down Fair Isle baby tunic with matching hat & scarf set


The tunic is knitted in the round using a classic, top-down yoke sweater method. This means its seamless and you only work on the right side (RS) of the garment – making it a lot easier to work the Fair Isle motif. Its short-sleeved, so the baby can wear a long-sleeved cotton top underneath and the pocket is just for decoration.

The scarf is specially designed to be extra-safe and is worn by slotting one end through the Fair Isle band, and is not tied or knotted. This means that if the scarf gets caught on something it will just slide out of the Fair Isle band and no harm done!

Milky Baby (DK/Sports: 60% wool + 40% acrylic – 114m/40g ball)

This yarn is super-soft and comfortable for a babys delicate skin. Its also a special Superwash yarn so you can machine wash it frequently and it will always come up as fresh as a daisy! Ive made you a special video to check out what the yarn is like!

It was so exciting to be asked to produce a design for a high-quality company like Olympus! And I absolutely loved making this set, which has turned out perfectly! The pattern is available directly from the Olympus site here. Im sure youll also enjoy browsing all the other really lovely items they offer on their site! So put on the kettle and take a little break from your busy day!

Bye for now!
Kyoko xxx

Responses to “Top-down Fair Isle Baby Tunic with Olympus Milky Baby”

    • Kyoko

      Hi Penny,
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment 😀
      Happy weekend!

  1. Noriko



    「land girl」も楽しみにしてますよ~


    • Kyoko

      Jamieson’s of Shetlandの毛糸、届きましたか?私あそこの毛糸とても好きです。フェアーアイルでも、ケーブル編みなど、本当に可愛く出来るし、温かくて長持ちしますよ。

  2. Mary

    Hi Kyoko! This is a lovely set so I looked at their site and have no clue how much the set would cost me.



    • Kyoko

      Hi Mary,
      Thank you so much for your comment! Olympus site has an English site map so hopefully you would be able to browse the site. Actually I recently found a nice Brazillian yarn store but I have no clue as to what they are!
      Happy holidays to you too 🙂


  3. Pili

    Oh my, Kyoko! Those pieces are absolutely amazing! Such lovely colours and patterns, and the look so soft!

    Btw, I just wanted to let you know that my Cotton & Cloud fingerless gloves are my must have year after year! 🙂

  4. Daphne

    What a pretty set-love it! Is there any way to translate the Olympus website? Thanks!

    • Kyoko

      Hi Daphne!
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I think Olympus website only has the English site map. So you can see the main category of their listings (but the individual item details are in Japanese).

  5. Kim Buergel

    Lovely designs! I especially love the clever scarf.


    • Kyoko

      Hi Kim,
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment!
      Happy knitting 🙂

  6. Jo

    Hi there,
    I think this oufit is gorgeous and have tried to look at the site, but I don’t speak Japanese – is the pattern only in Japanese too!

    • Kyoko

      Hi Jo,
      Thanks for the comment!
      It looks like there is only the Japanese version at the moment. But I will double check 🙂


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