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This page lists all the Cotton & Cloud pattern corrections. The corrections are listed in alphabetical order of the pattern name with the date of the post and the version which the pattern is update.

Every effort was made to ensure the pattern is error free but it's not always easy. If you think there is an error in the pattern or the pattern isn’t clear, please don't hesitate contact me and I will make sure to respond to you.

If you have purchase the pattern(s) directly from Cotton & Cloud or Ravelry, you will be sent an automatic pattern update notification via email. If you have purchased the pattern(s) else where, please contact me with your purchase detail and I will email you the pdf file of the most up-to-date version.

Baby Cable Yoke Jacket


05/01/11 Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.1

Section 2.1 (p. 3) for size 4 years. it should read "k5, yo, *(k4, yo). Repeat from * until the last 6 sts, k6." instead of: *[(k3, yo), (k4, yo)]. Repeat from * until the last 2 sts, k2.

Section 3, line 4 (p. 3). It should read "then put k24 (32, 32, 34, 36, 36) sts" instead of k32 (34, 36, 36) sts aside onto a waste yarn.

Cable panel for age 4-10 years. On rows 3 and 7, it should read T8B and T8F, respectively. The pattern is now corrected.


Fallen Leaf Scarflette

28/06/2011 Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.0

Row 203, the chart says k1, yo, k1, yo, p1, but this second yo should not be there. Iit should be k1, yo, k2, p1. Which means that the last 5 sts on the chart should also be p1, k2, yo, k1 instead of p1, yo, k1 yo, k1.

Then on row 205 everything else is fine except the last 4th stitch in the blue box, it there should be k2tog after a purl stitch. At the moment there is nothing there. This should balance the stitch number.

10/07/2010 Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.0

Row 41. There was an extra number "1" in the pattern which I removed:

Row 41: *k1, yo, k4, p1, yo, k2tog, yo, p1, k3tog, p1, yo, k3tog, yo, p1, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, p1, yo, k3tog, yo, p1, k3tog, p1, yo, ssk, yo, p1, k4, yo, k1, slm. Repeat from * once more. 86sts.

17/02/2010 Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.0

Row 61 on the word pattern is now corrected to:
*K1, yo, k4, p1, yo, k3tog, (yo, p1, k1, p1, yo, k3tog, yo, p1, k9, p1, yo, k3tog), twice, yo, p1, k1, p1, yo, k3tog, yo, p1 k4, yo k1, slm; repeat from* once more. 126sts. This should now match the chart 1 row 61.

15/11/2009 Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.0

An extra row is added an extra row after row 45. This should now correct the stitch number.


Mermaid Bolero

29/03/2011 Updated in Spring 2013 ver 1.0

Row 45 on chart 3-1 and 3-3, the pattern should continue as k2tog, yo.


Prairie Shawl

15/06/2013 Not yet updated

Rows 79 to 84: Repeat rows 73 to 78 once more. Instead of rows to 86.

09/05/2013 Updated in Spring 2013 ver 1.2

Row 119: K3, *yo, (K3, yo) 7 times, K1; rep from * 7 times more, K2. 245 sts.
Row 173: K3, *K10, yo, Sl1, K2tog, psso, yo, (K2tog, yo) twice times, K11; rep from * 15 times more, K2.



16/05/2010 The error is corrected in the latest pattern. This pattern is currently being updated at the moment.

Page 7. Changed to: Continue working in raglan decrease until you have a total of 28 [30, 33] sts left ending with the RS row.

e.g. For size 3-4 years, you should have 18 sts at the back, 4 sts for each shoulders (i.e. 8 sts in total) and 1 st at each front (i.e. 2 sts in total) making the total of 28 sts.

Page 11, the instruction of T3F (Twist 3 front) is corrected to: Slip next 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold in front of work, purl next st from left-hand needle then knit the two from cable needle.


Raindrop Shawlette

06/06/12 Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.0

Row 134, please work just one k1, yo, k1 into the yo made on row 133 and drop the two yo so that it makes a large eyelet.

Rrow 134, this k1, yo, k1 is worked on the WS row. You can work as p1, yo, p1. Whichever method you use, the yo will appear an opposite side of the stitch on either side (i.e. yo worked on k1, yo, k1 will appear knit stitch and vice versa).

In chart 1, there is a stitch sl2 tog, k1, p2sso. But in the written out versions of this chart it only says psso, NOT p2sso. Please work this psso as p2sso.

Chart 5 pattern repeat for rows 123 to 132 is 30 sts and not 29.

14/02/2012 Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.0

Chart 5 has been corrected. The number of the repeat for the last 3 rows has been changed.

A minor corrections in the patterns is made. On page 1, row 6 = as row 2, row 14 = as row 10, row 22 as row 18.


Shetland Winter Warmers

09/03/10 Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.0

Page 14 stitch guides 3. The three steps should be as follow:
Step 1. k1 but keep the stitch on the left needle. Step 2. Then knit the same st tbl (through the back of loop). Complete. You have just increased 1 st.

The images are correct.



Updated in Winter 2012 ver 1.0

Chart 1 row 11, work the first and the last 6 sts as follows: P2, k2, p2. Originally the k2 was missing from the chart.


Snowdrop for Girls - Flower Girls' Bolero

03/06/10 Updated in Spring 2013 ver 1.0

The pattern repeat is 8 rows instead of 10. It should read on page 2 as follow:

Row 1: K1, [k2tog, k1, *knot, k5. Repeat from * to 6 sts before the marker, knot, k1, ssk, slm]; repeat [ ] once more.
Then k2tog, k1, *knot, k5; repeat from * to 7 sts before the marker, knot, k1, ssk, k1.
Row 2 (and every alternate rows): Purl.
Row 3: K1, *k2tog, work 2 sts before the marker, ssk, slm; repeat from * once more, k2tog, work 3 sts before the marker, ssk, k1.
Rows 5 and 7: As row 3.
Row 8: Purl.
These 8 rows form the pattern.

Snowdrop for Women

06/04/11 Updated in Spring 2013 ver 1.0

Page 3, the total number of stitches after picking up around the edge should be 212, 224, 240 and 260 sts instead of 156, 164, 176 and 196 sts.