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Fresh Inspiration Knitting

Fresh Inspiration Knitting

# Vol. 1
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This e-knitting book is a compilation of fresh & inspirational knitting patterns.

This is a pdf digital download patterns. The latest version is 1.6

If you like a printed copy, please purchase it from MagCloud.

Pattern Information

Vol. 1 contains the following designs:

1. Cable Yoke Jacket

2. Prairie Shawl

3. Teardrop Shawl

4. Silver Maple Comfy Socks & Beanie

5. Temari Cardigan

6. Uxbridge Cardigan


Updated on ver 1.3:

Cable Yoke Jacket: Row 23 of the written out yoke directions should read P2, K8, P1, (T5B P1) twice, K2, P1, K8, P2. Correct on the chart.

Prairie Shawl:

Row 119: K3 (instead of K2), *yo, (K3, yo) 7 times, K1; rep from * 7 times more, K2.
Row 173: K3, *K10, yo, Sl1, K2tog, psso, yo, (K2tog, yo) twice times, K11; rep from * 15 times more, K2.