15 Crochet Baby Yoda Patterns

If you’re anything like us, you too will have found a new love in the Star Wars franchise’s newest baby – Baby Yoda! Sat in its cradle, Baby Yoda stole the hearts of millions when it cheekily stole food and found a new home with the Mandalorian. Now, you can give the gift of a Baby Yoda to a loved one of your own. What was once said in The Mandalorian, and we now say to you: ‘Come on, baby! Do the magic hand thing.’ Here is a list of the best Baby Yoda crochet patterns you can magically make by hand!

Baby Yoda Crochet Pattern Star Wars Amigurumi

Perfect for any beginner crocheter, this pattern is the key to a quick and cute Baby Yoda. Although this pattern creates a 6 inch tall Yoda, you can just as easily make the hook sizes bigger and increase the yarn weight to make a larger Baby Yoda!

The Child Crochet Pattern

This lovely crochet pattern is an easy-to-follow guide that requires some prior knowledge of crochet. It contains 16 pages of instructions, along with 80 photos of each stage in the process to make sure you’re on the right track. Standing at a height of 5 and a ½ inches tall, this Baby Yoda crochet pattern is a realistic-looking and sturdy choice for any practicing crocheter! 

Life-Sized Crochet The Child Pattern Digital Download

If you’re looking for a life-sized Baby Yoda as a gift (or to keep all to yourself), this is the pattern for you. All of the previous customers for this pattern have said how easy it is to follow, even from a beginner stage, and that they created their perfect Baby Yodas. Check out their finished products in the reviews, then create your own! 

Crochet Baby Yoda Inspired Lovey Baby Alien Lovey

If you’re looking for a pattern for a new baby or child, this security blanket Baby Yoda is the perfect choice for you. With Baby Yoda’s sweet head at the top and a soft blanket for the body, you get the best of both worlds with this pattern. With 9 pages of detailed instructions and photos to follow, this project will be loved by that special newborn in your life. 

Alien Child Amigurumi Pattern | Etsy

Intended for an intermediate crocheter, this Baby Yoda pattern is made up of four different stitches and techniques to create a lovable new friend. It has instructions and pictures to help you create your perfect little standing Yoda, robe and all! 

Baby Yoda Amigurumi Crochet Pattern | Etsy

With its blushing cheeks and pointy ears, this 6 inch Baby Yoda is a must-make. It requires some basic knowledge of crocheting to understand the instructions, but all of the previous customers have raved about how easy it is to create! 

Baby Yoda PDF Crochet Pattern english Español | Etsy

The instructions come in both English and Spanish for this tiny Baby Yoda, measuring 4.3 inches tall! If you are a complete beginner to crochet, look at this pattern – all of the reviews have raved about how easy-to-follow and simple the instructions are. Look at this pattern to create the sweetest Baby Yoda in no time at all! 

Baby Yoda Crochet Pattern Baby Alien Grogu the Child | Etsy

This lovely 6 inch Baby Yoda pattern comes with 17 pages of instructions and photos for someone who has some knowledge of crocheting. It has some wonderful features, including a removable robe, detailed arms and legs, and two-toned ears! 

Baby Yoda Coffee Sleeve Crochet Pattern star Wars Coffee | Etsy

While this may not be your traditional Baby Yoda, this coffee sleeve pattern allows you to take your cute creation wherever you go and makes sure that you never burn your hands on your coffee again! Perfect for a beginner, this pattern can be adapted to suit any cup of your choice. 

Baby Yoda Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Small & Tiny Size | Etsy

This pattern comes with not only one, but two different sizes of Baby Yoda! Including a small size (3 and ⅛ inches) and a tiny size (2 inches), the instructions also tell you how to turn these cute little Yodas into keyrings, so they can spend time with you when you travel around. 

CROCHET PATTERN: Baby Yoda Crochet Pattern Stuffed Animal | Etsy

If you’re looking for a simple and effective Baby Yoda, check this pattern out. The creator has purposefully kept its features minimal, making it a great choice for those just starting with crochet. The purposefully uncomplicated design also makes it twice as cute! 

Baby Alien PDF Crochet Pattern the Child | Etsy

Intended for crocheters between a beginner and intermediate level, this Baby Yoda pattern creates the sweetest little friend! You will need to know how to crochet in the round (in a circular pattern) to reduce any obvious lines on the head, but beyond that, the design is a single crochet stitch. 

Baby Yoda Crochet Pattern / Baby Yoda Amigurumi/baby Yoda | Etsy

At a height of 10 inches, this is one of the biggest Baby Yoda patterns out there. Set at a medium level, you will need some experience with crochet, but this pattern is definitely worth the effort! It creates an incredibly detailed Baby Yoda, with a beautiful removable robe – and you will have 31 pages of instructions with 89 photos to help you along. 

PDF PATTERN Baby Yoda Inspired Crochet Doll Baby Alien Child | Etsy

Make yourself a 12 inch Baby Yoda! This crochet toy will be perfect for children and adults alike once completed. It will also be suitable for babies as there are no small parts that can be pulled off and chewed. The pattern comes with detailed instructions for an intermediate crocheter, and the seller has stated that they are willing to offer any advice if you get stuck! 

Crochet Baby Yoda PDF Pattern Amigurumi | Etsy

If you’re searching for a realistic-looking Baby Yoda, check this pattern out. Standing at just over 8 inches, this pattern is set at an easy skill level so it will be perfect for any newcomers to crocheting! You will need to buy some glass eyes to sew into the head, but aside from that this sturdy Baby Yoda is a crochet masterpiece. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Of A Crochet Hook Do You Need For Yoda? 

This crochet hook size varies, depending on the Baby Yoda project that you are working on. With the patterns in this list, the crochet hook ranges between a size B and a size H. These hooks are all in smaller sizes, but you can use larger hooks with larger yarn if you wish to make your Yoda bigger than its intended pattern size. 

What Kind Of Yarn Do You Use For Yoda? 

The yarn will depend on the pattern you are using for your Baby Yoda. Most of the patterns recommend acrylic yarn because it is more affordable and reduces any chance of having an allergic reaction to the product (which is common with wool yarn). The yarn weights also vary between a Lace weight and a DK weight, depending on the crochet hook size. 

What Is Amigurumi? 

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed toys. They will often be shaped like small animals, creatures, characters, or mini foods. They are often made using basic crochet techniques, such as a single crochet stitch. The toys are either crocheted as a single item or are crocheted and stuffed separately before being sewn together.

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