19 Fantastic Llama Crochet Patterns (Including Pictures)

Llamas are the cutest animals ever – so why wouldn’t you want to crochet one?! This can be the perfect gift to someone who you know loves llamas, or alternatively you can crochet a llama as a gift to yourself.

1. Sweet Little Alpaca

Sweet Little Alpaca
Source: Etsy

So, immediately we have swayed from the llama theme – but we do have very good reason. This alpaca pattern is just ADORABLE – and it will let you make your own really sweet cuddly alpaca. This would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves alpacas – or you could just give yourself this gift. You will not regret it!

Although we have immediately strayed from the llama theme, we could not ignore this top-rated crochet pattern on Etsy – it is just so cute. So, if you work your way through our llama crochet patterns then you should definitely consider moving on to this one!

2. Hatching Llama

Hatching Llama
Source: Etsy

Okay, you will be pleased to know that we are officially back on the llama crochet pattern trail. And, this llama is especially funky! Called the ‘hatching llama’, this llama is in its very own hatching rainbow egg – or pouch. This is super unique and even more adorable – and we already know that you will not have anything like this in your stuffed animals collection.

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3. Pacha Llama

Pacha Llama
Source: Etsy

This llama crochet pattern is a take on a much more classic and traditional looking llama – it is the authentic pacha design that gives this llama that well-loved look. This llama looks more than ready for its own expedition, and would be the perfect gift for someone who has been to or is preparing to go travelling – as this llama looks more than ready to take on an adventure.

4. Llama Friends

Llama Friends
Source: Etsy

These llamas come as a pair that cannot be separated – they are the best of friends, and they are so cute you would not want to separate them. The girl llama is adorned with flowers around her neck, and the boy llama is adorned with blue tassels around its neck. They are the cutest pair and they are too adorable to not love! 

5. Llama Stuffed Animal

Llama Stuffed Animal
Source: Etsy

Here we have llamas that are much more authentic looking, they have a much more neutral color palette going on – and these ones are just super cute. These llamas would be the perfect present for a new born baby, due to their cute faces and their delicate features. The softness of the crochet patterns make them perfect for newborn babies – we just love them and think that they would be the perfect gift. Why not start the llama love really young?!

6. Pacha And Hipster Llama

Pacha And Hipster Llama
Source: Etsy

We have gone back to the classic pacha llama here, but this crochet pattern comes with an especially hip twist… or should we say hipSTER twist. This classic llama is paired with a hipster llama so you really get that perfect modern and traditional blend. The pacha llama is adorned with the classic headwear, and this one also has a mini cactus complimenting it too. The hipster llama has a cute pastel hue color scheme and some spectacles too!

7. Louisa Llama

Louisa Llama
Source: Etsy

Louisa llama is the most stylish llama of them all… have you ever seen a llama wearing a beret? No? Well, now you have Louisa – who is the sweetest beret-wearing llama there is. Not only is Louisa wearing a beret, she is wearing a pom pom scarf which just adds that extra bit of sass to this stylish llama.

8. Miss Aviana The Alpaca

Miss Aviana The Alpaca
Source: Etsy

Are you looking to crochet a super cute and super girly alpaca? Well, look no further than little Miss Aviana the alpaca. We know that this strays away from the theme again… but she is too adorable to not include. Miss Aviana is adorned with pinks and floral embellishments which make her look super cute. She is just a crocheting dream! 

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9. Amigurumi Llama

Amigurumi Llama
Source: Etsy

Back to the llamas and sticking with the theme – here we have another set of llama friends. These are pretty big in size, and they are just adorable. The one llama has a blue scarf and the other llama has a pink scarf and also a sweet pink flower. Cute couple or the best of friends? This is totally at your crocheting discretion.

10. Lucy The Llama

Lucy The Llama
Source: Etsy

Another adorable llama for you to obsess over and appreciate – Lucy the llama is super small and such a sweetheart. This little llama would make the perfect gift for a small child, or for anyone who just loves llamas in general.

11. Red Heart Llama-No-Drama

Red Heart Llama
Source: Yarnspirations

Now, here we have a llama that is a lot more partial to a party, and that is a lot more of a funky looking llama. The red heart llama-no-drama is so sweet and will be really fun to crochet. This llama is wearing a rainbow cover and this is what makes this llama that bit more funky.

12. Llama Amigurumi Plush

Llama Amigurumi Plush
Source: Etsy

This llama is so adorable and there is nothing not to love about it. The simplicity of the design is really effective and it just makes the llama the best companion. It is so cute and adorable, it would be rude not to be obsessed with this llama.

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13. Cute Llama

Cute Llama
Source: Etsy

Here we have another llama that ventures into a funky town. This llama is so soft and fluffy, and it comes adorned with its own bright personality for sure! This llama has its own colorful pom pom collar and vibrant matching shawl. All in all, this llama is pretty unique and it is safe to say that no one will have a llama toy quite like this.

14. Ragdoll Llama

Ragdoll Llama
Source: Spinayarncrochet

This llama crochet pattern really goes back to that authentic and traditional crochet style. This crochet pattern will allow you to make llamas which are colorful but very true to a ‘real’ Peruvian llama. You could either make a llama with dark fur and vibrant accessories or you could make a llama with white fur and more pastel accessories. Or, you could even make both! The choice is yours.

15. Lily Sugar’n Cream Lluna The Llama

Lily Sugar’n Cream Lluna The Llama
Source: Yarnspirations

Another llama which is visually very authentic in terms of appearance, although this one has a lot less fur detailing, this is a very clean cut llama that does have that traditional feel. This is all to do with the simplicity behind the design. However, this llama is complimented by a pastel shawl which makes it look that extra bit sweeter.

16. Boho Llama

Boho Llama
Source: Etsy

This is much more of a two dimensional llama in that this is a flat crochet piece. But, that does not make this crochet pattern any less cuter. This is a really unique and decorative crochet pattern, that is completely unique to anything that you might come across on the high street. This llama is just adorable and will add a sense of personality and flair to any room.

17. Llama Baby Mobile

Llama Baby Mobile
Source: Etsy

We can guarantee that this is the perfect gift to a newborn baby as this is a super sweet and unique gift. There are a wide range of baby mobiles on the market, but we can guarantee that there are no baby mobiles quite like this. This is a really unique baby mobile and it is the sweetest thing. We are pretty certain that the newborn’s parents will adore this too!

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18. Llama Just Llama

Llama Just Llama
Source: Whiletheydream

Oh, the llama just llama is super simple but it is just adorable. This llama crochet pattern is much more of a hug-friendly toy and this would be perfect for any toddler who loves a hug. This llama just llama will be the perfect companion for any toddler and its facial features are just adorable.

19. Llama Planter

Llama Planter
Source: Etsy

Last but not least, we have that perfect gift for anyone who is a plant lover as well as a llama lover. Didn’t think you could combine the two? Well, think again! This llama planter is so adorable and your favorite plant will be able to sit quite comfortably in this. It is so unique and so funky, you will be totally obsessed with this. The colorful pom poms adorning the planted give this llama planter that extra bit of personality.

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