23 Baby Shoes Crochet Patterns

We know what it’s like to struggle to find just the right gift for a new bundle of joy. You want to give something practical that the parents will need for their new arrival but don’t want to get something cliché and boring.

“Another pack of white vests? You shouldn’t have!” Then again you could think outside the box and get something personal, thoughtful, and creative which they may never end up taking out of the box.

No one wants to show up at a baby shower empty-handed. Nobody wants to be the one to give something inappropriate, either. Imagine the embarrassment of witnessing a highly hormonal pregnant woman unwrap a beautiful teddy bear only to find out that the mother-to-be doesn’t agree with bears as a comfort toy since they can be scary.

Baby Sneaker Crochet Pattern

Bye-bye bear. The tears will inevitably flow, including yours, since you spent hours trying to choose just the right gender-neutral teddy for the job.

So, how do you choose just the right gift for a new miracle that you’ve not even met? We have the answer. No matter what the parent’s child-rearing ethos is, all parents agree that babies and their ten tiny toes need to be warm.

If you are a seasoned pro at crochet or even if you are completely new to it, there is a baby shoe pattern here that you can do. Baby shoes are always a thoughtful gift, but handmade ones are even more special.

So here are twenty-three of the best baby shoe crochet patterns out there. Happy crafting, everyone.

Baby Clog Shoe Crochet Pattern

These little clogs are just adorable for any baby. These would be an especially thoughtful gift for those of Dutch or European heritage, but they’ll be just as cute on any little darling.

While they won’t be walking on these shoes anytime soon, they’ll look ever so stylish with the crochet ankle strap. The example colors are blue, pink, and green, but they’d look just as adorable in a neutral beige or gray.

If these little clogs are for your own little mouse, then you ought to know that a matching pattern for adult feet is also available, so you can match. These aren’t the warmest shoes on our list, though, so they’d be best suited to a spring or summer arrival than a fall or winter baby.

Baby Sneaker Crochet Pattern

These adorable little sneakers are just novel enough to be a hit at the baby shower, whilst being practical enough to actually get used. The idea of a baby needing athletic shoes may be a little whimsical, but we love the idea of a little dude matching his daddy’s footwear.

Then again, with a little imagination and some strategic pink placement, these would work for a little girl too. Who knows, maybe she’ll be an Olympic sprinter and one day a picture of her with her first pair of sneakers will mean a lot to her and to you.

T-Strap Baby Shoes Crochet Pattern

These are the ones to go for if you’re positive they are for a little girl’s feet. Anyone can misread a scan, but these aren’t the most gender-neutral of our selection.

They look like little Mary-Jane-style flats and would go with any outfit. Crochet yarn sure is warm, but these will best suit a summer outing. Pair these with some cute frilled ankle socks and let the cooing commence.

Loafer Crochet Baby Shoes

These little loafers are perfect for the new heartbreaker on the block. If you want some stylish shoes that are just the right side of dressy, then these are for you.

They would probably suit a baby boy more than a girl, but as with most of the patterns, it depends on what you do with them.

A carefully placed flower button, for example, could turn these smart gentleman shoes into some elegant semi-casual footwear for a little lady.

Timberland Baby Boot Crochet Pattern

We cannot get over how cute these are. There’s no need to go gender-specific on these. While Dock Martins and the like are popular with those in the construction industry, there are also fashionable alternatives for all genders. These classic brown booties look warm as well as practical.

They’ll be especially suitable for a little one who has a parent or family member in a blue-collar job sector. For example, these would be a lovely gift for a new baby whose daddy is in the construction trade.

Who knows, maybe walking (or crawling) a mile in daddy’s shoes will make them respect and appreciate their papas, even more, when they get bigger. Mini-me items are so cute always, but so ‘in’ right now, so now is absolutely the time to indulge.

Kimono-Style Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

These are the classic sort of baby booties you could expect to buy from the store, but handmade is so much more personal. These are warm and practical, gender-neutral booties.

They have a bit of a twist with the wrap front kimono-style, though, so they are fun as well as sensible. Pick any color but bear in mind that this style of shoe will go with just about anything and if you pick a bright orange yarn then that’s going to limit the outfits they will go with.

Give sleep-deprived parents a helping hand and give gifts in colors that will mix and match with most things.

Flower Detail Baby Shoe Crochet Pattern

These girly shoes are perfect if you know your little one is going to be a flower girl sometime soon. Then again, we’re not judging, and no rule says flowers are only for girls any more than a rule exists that says only boys can wear blue.

Whoever they’re for, these shoes have the wow factor for sure. The cute crochet flowers and petals are something else.

If you’re looking for some cute, unique shoes with an easy-to-follow pattern, you’ve found them.

Reindeer Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

Forget about the baby shower, how about baby’s first Christmas? These cute little reindeer have antlers and Rudolph’s signature red nose. The little ears are simply adorable, too.

These will be such a hit on Christmas morning for any Yuletide-loving parent. They are also the perfect accessory to complete the requisite baby’s first Christmas photo.

Ideal for good little boys or girls, they’ll laugh to find these stockings in their stockings. These are some socks you actually do want to get for Christmas.

Doris The Cow Booties Crochet Pattern

If you know a little country bumpkin, then these are the shoes for them. While you may think that baby shoes in the shape of a cow might be downright ugly, you couldn’t be more wrong about these.

Whoever Doris was, if she was the inspiration for these booties, then we guarantee she was a looker. These farmyard-inspired shoes are seriously cute.

The pattern lends itself to a feminine pair of feet, but if you wanted to dispatch with the bow, then there’s no reason why an animal-loving little lad wouldn’t think these were wonderful.

Baby Boy’s Taika Boot Crochet Pattern

These are such a perfect mix of functional and stylish for the modern mini gent. The laces actually work too, which any parent knows is a serious bonus for baby booties.

Getting shoes you can tie on is a big tick for us, but they’re more than just sensible. These little lace-up boots are just too adorable.

Mix up the colors and play with the contrasting trims to find the perfect, cool combination for your little lamb.

Baby Boy's Taika Boot Crochet Pattern

‘Air Jordan’ Style High-Top Sneaker Baby Crochet Pattern

These would be a cute addition to any baby’s wardrobe. You could stick with the classic red, white, and black style, or get funky with the color scheme. It’s entirely up to you.

One good thing about a high-top sneaker style for a little one is that it’ll keep their ankles warm and keep their little leggings tucked in tight. Stylish and winter-proof, what’s not to love?

Newborn Crochet Baby Sneakers Pattern

These classic little sneakers will be great for any gender and can be done in a variety of color options since you can choose colors for the trim, the laces, and two for the main body of the shoe which is two-tone in the picture.

That’s a lot of color options to consider. Whatever color combinations you go for, you’ll be pleased to see yet another pair of functional laces to help keep them firmly on baby’s little tootsies.

Cuffed Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

These are the ultimate in winter footwear as far as we’re concerned. Unlike some knitted booties, these don’t resemble socks in the slightest but look like real tiny boots.

The warm cuffed effect leaves no doubt that winter chills are not getting in there. For warm, rustic, yet cute boots, you won’t need to look any further than these.

Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

These booties might seem daunting to the beginner, but you can’t argue that the finished product is stunning. We’re especially in love with the ombre rainbow colors they have chosen for the example picture.

Anyone who has ever experienced the sadness and the joy that a rainbow baby brings will know just how special rainbow designs can be to a parent.

These boots would be great presents for a little boy or girl but might be easier for someone to make who has a little experience under their crocheted belt, as the crocodile stitch can be tricky.

Classic Baby Sneaker Crochet Pattern

These shoes are all about vibrant colors. Go big or go home. These easy-to-make shoes are great for little boys or girls who have a lot of color in their tiny wardrobes.

Make them in all different colors to go with every mood and outfit. You won’t be sorry. They’re cool, casual, and contemporary shoes for the thoroughly modern Miss or Mr.

Classic Baby Sneaker Crochet Pattern

Crochet Pattern Ballerina Flats

We just can’t get enough of these fairy-like strappy ballet flats. These would be perfectly placed in a newborn or toddler photo shoot. Dancer-themed though they might be, they wouldn’t be out of place at a formal occasion, like a wedding or party.

The tiny, delicate crochet flowers are just the right touch of pretty without tipping over into gaudy. With straps like that, we think they stand a good chance of staying on, too. Bonus!

Baby Cowboy Cowgirl Boots Crochet Pattern

Embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl in these adorable western-style boots. They’re not too country as to look strange with an everyday outfit, but they would also be just so cute with some denim jeans and a checked shirt.

They do go high up the leg like adult cowboy boots, so they should be pretty warm too for the winter months. The little hearts make them cute for little cowgirls, but in a brown or blue color, they would do just as well for a baby cowboy.

Dakota Style Baby Sneakers Boot Crochet Pattern

These little fringed booties are a great choice for fall and winter. Choose a neutral color for the boot and fringe and a contrasting pop of color for the bow at the back.

The pattern is also available in Spanish too, which is a real plus. The pattern is clear and easy to follow, as long as you make sure you select the right language, that is.

Intrepid Snow Boot Style Baby Shoes Crochet Pattern

These snow boot style booties are beautiful to look at. The two-tone color boot is eye-catching in itself, while the clear adventure theme makes these great gifts for outdoorsy families.

We’re especially loving the faux fur trim, which ties the whole concept together. It’s important to remember, though, with such authentic-looking hiking boots that these are in no way waterproof or suitable for actual snow.

Fortunately, your little angel isn’t likely to be wading through snowdrifts for quite some time yet. By then, you’ll need something a bit more weatherproof than crochet yarn.

Construction Boots Baby Shoe Crochet Pattern

These little slip-on boots are marketed for baby boys, but we think they’d be as adorable on a baby girl. They look a little like the fashionable Chelsea boots which we see a lot of nowadays.

The color is up to you, but the neutral gray-brown they have chosen seems to be ideal for hiding marks and keeping tiny toes warm.

Baby Slouch Boot Crochet Pattern

These pretty embellished boots are just the right side of simple to be both pretty and practical. Those are two words any girl knows should describe the majority of her wardrobe.

These warm-looking winter booties feature an adorable little decorative bow that will have all the other moms asking where you got them from.

Dakota Baby Boot Crochet Pattern

These Dakota boots aren’t like the fringed ones we saw earlier. These are gender-neutral and suitable for any baby. The fun pattern isn’t overbearing, but it does make them a little different from the type of booties you might find in the mall. That’s what we like about them.

They’re rustic and earthy but winter warm too.

Christmas Elf Shoe And Hat Set Crochet Pattern

We have arguably saved the best until last, but it’s definitely not a pattern for all year-round. Complete your little elf’s Christmas outfit with this double cute elf hat and elf shoe crochet pattern.

Red and green may not be your favorite colors for eleven months of the year, but in December they kind of rule. This pattern is available in four sizes, so it’s suitable for slightly bigger elves too.

What is more adorable and perilous than a toddler who is determined to help mommy with the decorations? A determined, helpful toddler in an elf costume, that’s what. Get your own Santa’s little helper by crocheting this festive design yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Shoes Should I Make?

That will depend on a few key factors. Firstly, what time of year are they for? If the baby is due in January and you want to make Summer shoes for them, then you’ll need a bigger size than the newborn ones.

Babies grow like you wouldn’t believe in the first year, and so do their little feet. You’ll need to also consider what sort of climate they’ll be living in.

While a pair of cute Mary-Janes might work for winter in Florida, they definitely won’t for Michigan. You’ll need to consider what will be most useful for the parents and what they are likely to use.

Generally, you can’t go wrong with getting warm ankle boots for newborns, because no matter what time of year it is, they somehow always seem to have freezing hands and toes while their circulation system develops.

Nothing will rattle a new mom more than feeling her new baby’s freezing cold toes and wondering if they should have let her leave the hospital with her baby after all.

What Color Yarn Should I Choose?

Again, this would depend on a few things. Do you know the gender of the baby? If so, you might be obliged to go for the usual pinks and blues that are traditional.

Then again, it’s easy enough to misread the scans, and you could end up with a little boy with nothing in his closet but fuchsia pink for as far as the eye can see.

Some parents feel that assigning gender stereotypes isn’t right from so young and elect to choose neutral colors. We’ve known of one occasion where a mother-to-be didn’t want to let on that she knew she was having a girl, as she didn’t want people to give her a load of pink things.

She felt that people treat little girls differently than boys and didn’t think that was right from birth. If you know the parents well, then you’d know what sort of colors they like and dislike.

If you don’t, we recommend erring on the side of caution and going for soft yellows, leafy greens, or grays and creams. Better safe than sorry.

How Much Yarn Do I Need For Baby Shoes?

Each pattern will be different, but for most booties, one skein or fifty grams of yarn is enough. But, that’s assuming you’ll only need one color. For many of the patterns on our list, the trim, and laces are in different colors to the main shoe or boot. If this is the case, you will need more than one skein, but you won’t use them both up by the end.

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