25 Crochet Octopus Patterns

The great thing about crocheting is the masterpieces you can create using just rolls of yarn. The options are endless. Choose to crochet a large throw for your couch or a warm sweater for those cold winter nights.

Whatever you choose to make, it will be unique to you and express your creative side.
But what about crocheting an octopus?

rainbow crochet octopus

Those lovable sea creatures are the best creation for anyone. They can be for yourself or as a treat for other family members and friends.

With a crochet octopus it doesn’t have to only be limited to your typical octopus. You are able to use the art of crochet to interpret the octopus design into anything you can imagine!

Tips and Recommendations

Of course, anyone can succeed in crocheting an octopus no matter if they are at an advanced crocheting level or are a complete beginner.

All it takes is following the pattern instructions given and soon enough you will have crocheted a masterpiece. However, that doesn’t mean that tips and recommendations can’t be put in place.

Luckily for you, the crochet octopus requires little advanced skill meaning this is a project that shouldn’t put you off.

Most follow simple guidelines and require the basic skills such as knowing how to slip stitch, knowing how to make a magic circle, and uses stitches such as single and double crochet. Even if you are not familiar with this, this is a good place to start learning and develop on these basic skills.

If you want to make the best quality crochet octopus, then stick to cotton yarn. This is highly recommended as crochet patterns are more likely to hold with this type of material and it is machine washable.

If you’d prefer, you can also use acrylic. This is another highly recommended material as it is inexpensive and efficient.

Now, for the part you were waiting for. The octopus crochet patterns!

Here will be a list of 25 crochet octopus patterns for you to try for yourselves, each design ranging from easy to difficult depending on where your skill level sits.

Sleepy Preemie Octopus

This sleepy preemie octopus is a perfect crochet project to take on. With its long spiral tentacles and sleeping eyes, this octopus is perfect for premature babies.

The legs act like the mother’s umbilical cord and the soft squishy octopus will provide the small babies with the comfort they desire. Choose any color you like when creating this crocheted sea creature.

Giant Octopus

This giant octopus is a big task to take on and will take some patience. This pattern is easy to follow and the making process is guaranteed to be a fun one. This giant octopus will be sure to be loved and last for many years.

Reversible Octopus

Try something different and make a reversible octopus! Just as it says in the name, this crochet octopus is made to turn inside out to reveal a completely different color and facial expression. This is ideal for beginner’s and will help them to develop their crocheting skills.

Claude The Octopus

Claude the Octopus is a great crochet piece to make. This one is for people who are crocheting at a beginner’s level as the method contains basic crochets but is free for people of all levels to try. Claude the Octopus is big and wonderful with a head measurement of 23cm and its body spanning 115cm across.

Octopus Keychain

An octopus keychain is a nice small project to take on. It is a quick task and is easy to make. All you need to add is a metal chain and your keychain is complete.

Coraline Octopus Kitty

Have you ever watched Coraline, that movie about the family with the button eyes? In that movie features an octopus kitty that anyone would be crazy not to try and replicate! This has the body of an octopus and the ears of a cat as well as one central button eye. This is a fun, film inspired project to work on.

Kawaii Octopus

The kawaii octopus is a quick and easy crochet project. To complete you will need a number of materials including safety eyes, fiber fill and a yarn of your choice. This is a fun little pattern that you can make many of.

Twisted Kraken Hat

If you are looking for something unique to crochet, then look no further. Try creating this fantastical twisted kraken hat. This fun accessory will provide you with warmth, the long tentacles long enough to caress the neck and wrap around. This is definitely a crochet project you wouldn’t have thought of.

Worry/Stress Ball Octopus

Crochet yourself a handy octopus themed crochet ball. Not only does its plush interior allow you to relieve stress and help with anxiety, but it is also a cute little addition to display wherever desired.

Apollo The Octopus

Apollo the Octopus is a very large and highly detailed crochet piece. This design is made to resemble a true octopus, described as life-sized and with long tentacles which naturally droop. If you are looking for a piece that is realistic, this is the best choice for you.

Octopus Blanket

This octopus blanket requires concentration and a higher skill level. It is a blanket which can be for a child or an adult depending on how far you are wanting to crochet, stitched with a realistic looking octopus.

Plush Crochet Octopus

Who can resist a plush toy? This large yet simple octopus will be perfect for any child to enjoy. Have fun crocheting and stuffing this homemade toy for your child, appropriate for any level crocheter.

Crochet Octopus C2C

C2C, also known as Corner to Corner Crochet, is an alternative way of crocheting in which a person works from one corner of a rectangle to the next diagonal. Use this method to create a cute, crocheted octopus design.

Rainbow Crochet Octopus

Mix up your colors and create a rainbow themed crochet octopus! This is also another great companion for babies who want a gentle reminder of their mother’s womb. This is known to help many babies adjust to life outside the womb.

Crochet Octopus Novelty Pillow

This crochet octopus is great to be used as a pillow. Its large head acts as a cushion and is comfortable to lay on. This is ideal for every level of crocheter and makes an excellent addition to the bed.

Mini Rainbow Octopus Keyring

This mini rainbow octopus keyring is a great way to test your crocheting skills. It is small and requires attention towards fine details. It also uses wool, guaranteed to have a soft result.

Crochet Octopus Rug

If you are at an intermediate level or are wanting to progress to that level, try crocheting this octopus rug. The rug is in the shape of an octopus with other details including two large eyes, scales, and a fun top hat. This is ideal for a kid’s bedroom.

Grumpy Octopus Coffee Cup Cozy

A unique yet fun crochet idea is to make this grumpy octopus coffee cup cozy. Use this to protect your hands from the heat of your coffee cup and do it in style.

Crochet Ice Cream Octopus

Another fun and cute octopus design is this crochet ice cream octopus. This design incorporates a cute octopus with the sweet dessert, with an octopus wearing an ice cream cone on its head. This is a great gift idea for children who love their sea critters.

Octopus Plushie

A simple crocheting project is this octopus plushie. All that is needed is polyester yarn, toy stuffing, and safety eyes. This crochet project is quick and simple, suitable for people of all crocheting levels.

sleepy preemie octopus

Sleepy Preemie Octopus

Here is another preemie octopus idea. This one can be done in any color you want, its signature being its resting sleepy eyes.

Arigurumi Octopus Baby Toy

This octopus baby toy is the perfect gift for your baby. It is easy to make, only using simple crochet stitches and is made with an unforgettable adorable face.

Large Pink Octopus Stuffed Toy

Make one of these large pink octopus stuffed toys, ideal for any age. This is made with a blush pink yarn and is large enough to keep anyone occupied whilst crocheting.

Costume Octopus

Challenge yourself with this unique crochet project. After making your small octopus, create different costumes to go onto it such as a top hat or a headband. This is a unique way of developing your simple crochet octopus and puts a spin on it.

Crochet Chinese Lantern Octopus

This final design is the most unique out of them all and uses the method of crochet to incorporate into something different. Take a simple circular lantern, attach eyes onto it and crochet some spiral tentacles to create a unique concoction. This will be sure to grab everyone’s attention and bring something unique to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a preemie octopus?

A preemie octopus is an octopus plushie created for premature babies. This sea creature was chosen because of its long tentacles which resembles the umbilical cord which connects the mother to the child.

By having this stuffed octopus by its side, it reminds the premature baby of its time inside the womb and allows the baby to feel comfortable in its incubator.

This is a thoughtful and creative way of making the baby feel safe and calm.

How long does it take to create a stuffed octopus toy?

This all depends on the scale of the crochet project itself. Is the piece you are making large? Or is it as small as a keychain?

If you were to be making a large stuffed octopus toy with much attention to detail then this could take as much as 10 or more days. However, if you were to make a toy on a smaller scale then this could take only mere hours.

This is also dependent on your level of crochet skill and how fast you are able to work. A beginner may find themselves working slower, therefore the project will take longer than it would for an advanced level person to complete.

Can I use any yarn to crochet an octopus?

With a crochet octopus, the world is your oyster. There is no limit to what yarn you use, whether that is acrylic, wool, or cotton. This also applies to the size of the yarn. You can either use a thinner yarn or go for a chunky material. This will all affect the final product’s texture, however.

Final Thoughts

After looking at all of these octopus patterns, it is safe to say that there is plenty to choose from. For many of these projects it is inexpensive and the products needed are not too difficult to find – you can find supplies easily at any store.

We have learned that the crochet octopus can come in many shapes and sizes. This can be from your giant stuffed octopus to your octopus keychains to crafting an octopus on a fabric using the C2C method.

As well as this, we have also learned about the important symbolism behind the octopus and how it has been beneficial to premature babies everywhere.

The crochet octopus is a great project to take on as it takes simple methods whilst allowing you to learn new skills. These are suitable for anyone of any level who is looking to give this a try.

Pick one of these 25 wonderful crochet octopus patterns and create an octopus you can cherish.

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