27 Cute and Creative Critter Crochet Patterns (With Pictures)

Crochet critters are adorable, and they’re always a good pick for your next crochet crafting project. Crochet animals might be simple and two-dimensional, or they can be amigurumi-style (three-dimensional). They make ideal presents for people of all ages, particularly little ones who may carry them around and snuggle them to their hearts’ content. 

27 Critter Crochet Patterns

To make things easier, we’ve picked out the very best critter crochet patterns on Etsy right now and compiled them into a list below. Let’s get started!

Arthur The Frog – Critter Stitch Crochet Pattern/Amigurumi

First up is this lovely frog crochet pattern by the artist CritterStitchDesigns on Etsy. This pattern has received multiple positive reviews from happy customers who created this toy with success and ease. The finished result is a realistic yet simplistic frog toy, perfect for both children and adults alike. This pattern is suitable for intermediate stichers with some basic crocheting knowledge and experience. The finished toy measures approximately 23 cm tall but this size can vary depending on the type of yarn you use and what size hook you choose. 

Bat Crochet Pattern – Amigurumi Bat Pattern

Knitted with 4ply cotton fabric and a 2.25mm hook, these amigurumi bats stand little over 3 inches in height. They make lovely décor for Halloween – or any other time of year! They’re just the right size for small hands to enjoy. Or perhaps you just want your own swarm of adorable bat babies!

You can crochet these bats with just about any fabric and needle size, albeit yours may come out bigger and demand multiple safety eyes. This crocheting pattern is appropriate for intermediate to advanced beginners. There are lots of photographs and step-by-step instructions to guide you along, but it is assumed that you are already comfortable crocheting basic stitches and producing amigurumi.

Crochet Beetle Tutorial Beetle Pattern

The beetle is crocheted, and the pattern is quite basic. It is necessary to be able to stitch in the round and create simple decrease/increase, and it is preferable to use a thin yarn and a 1mm hook or smaller. The legs of the beetle are constructed of wire wound in the thread.

If you’ve never used this technique before, you might have to practise a little before you can do it successfully. The intricacies are minute; patience and diligence are necessary. This pattern is not suitable for beginners and requires in-depth knowledge of crocheting and the different stitches used.

Mini Pets – Snails, Bugs and Frogs Amigurumi Patterns PDF – Crochet Pattern

You may crochet a variety of little creatures — spiders, insects, frogs, and snails – as well as a mushroom, hollowed log, and grassy mat for them to explore on with the instructions in this package. These critters are really small, measuring between 1.5″ and 2.5″ in length, and they’re easy to make with little stitching.

They’re ideal for goody bags or other little gifts, as well as for selling at school or church fairs. You may simply make keychains, pendants, or fridge magnets out of them. You may also manufacture sets of various coloured creatures (especially frogs and beetles) and are using them as game tokens.

Amigurumi Goose Pattern – Vintage Crochet Pattern

A vintage crochet geese can be a lovely addition to your home or a sweet companion for your youngster! This simple design comes with one PDF file that has thorough directions on how to crochet and assemble all of the elements to construct a toy. Only basic stitching and knitting abilities are required. The patterns are quite clear and nicely arranged, allowing you to follow each step with greater ease. The final result is a gorgeous goose complete with a boat hat, dungarees, and a little satchel. How adorable!

Pattern For Axolotl Critter Crochet Plush Toy

If you’re searching for a quick and cute axolotl pattern, this is it! He fits in the palm of your hand and is the ideal car companion or gift for the child in your life. This pattern is written in standard US English terminology only and is suitable for those with some basic knowledge of stitching and some experience with crocheting and the terms involved.

Little Critter Plush Doll Crochet Pattern

This is a crochet pattern for Little Critter, a famous kids book protagonist.  We’ve been a fan of Mercer Mayer’s books since forever, and you can enjoy reading favourites to your own children, such as I Was So Mad, Just Go To Bed, and Me Too! This young, sometimes grumpy, but constantly learning character can now be brought to life as a crocheted stuffed / plush doll.

Crochet skill level: intermediate You must be able to single crochet, double crochet and triple crochet. This pattern is written in standard US English terminology and comes with multiple clear and colored photos to help guide you through the process.

Ant Crochet Pattern

Take a look at this gorgeous ant! With this clear and simple crochet pattern, you can now build your own insect friend. Andy has got to be the biggest ant you’ve seen before! And he’s adorably adorable. This ain’t will measure approximately 20cm/8″ in length when constructed with a 4.0mm crochet needle. The pattern is written in crochet language used in the United States and is accessible in English and German. The design description is written in terminologies, and a comprehensive list of abbreviations is supplied to explain all of them. There seem to be a lot of technical images to help you work through the pattern.

Cute Critter Purses To Crochet PDF Pattern

We love how unique and different this pattern is, and we think you will too! With this pattern, you’ll be able to make your own cat or rabbit-shaped crocheted purse. The finished result looks just like a plushie toy, but with the addition of straps so it can be carried around. It is also fitted with a pocket pouch, so your kid can fit all of their essentials inside. This pattern is written in standard US English terminologies and some pictures are included to help guide you through the stitching process with ease. 

Barkley The Beaver Crochet Pattern

The crochet pattern is in English (US terms). You can access it right away after purchasing it. You will receive a 9-page PDF pattern download. This pattern includes thorough directions as well as a number of images that demonstrate how to construct this toy. If you have any questions, please contact the artist, who will do their best to assist you. The finished toy measures approximately 12 cm tall. the perfect size for a bedtime companion.

Crochet Rat & Cockroach Crochet PDF Pattern

With this pattern, you’ll get 2 for the price of 1! Learn how to make your very own rat and cockroach combo, perfect for the critter lover in your life. It’s important to note that this pattern isn’t suitable for beginners as it requires some complex stitching. So, you’ll need some knowledge and crochet experience to make it. The finished toy measures approximately 6 x 4 x 4 cm. This is one of the top rated patterns on Etsy right now and the seller has thousands of positive reviews from happy customers, so you know you are in good hands!

Carl The Chameleon PDF Crochet Pattern

If you’re a fan of reptiles, then this may be the perfect crochet pattern for you! Make your very own chameleon plush toy that looks just like the real thing. It will look great perched upon houseplants in the home or alternatively as a cuddle buddy for children. The finished toy will measure approximately 20 cm tall and you will need some basic experience and knowledge of crochet in order to complete this pattern. Happy stitching!

Edward The Snail – Critter Stitch Crochet Pattern/Amigurumi

We couldn’t compile a list of the best critter crochet patterns on Etsy without including this gorgeous yet simplistic snail pattern from the artist CritterStitchDesigns. This is the second of their designs we’ve thrown into this list, and it’s easy to see why. Their designs are highly rated and super easy to follow thanks to the huge array of illustrations and images included with each step of the instructions. This pattern is written using standard US English terminology and requires some basic experience of crochet to complete.

Crochet Ladybird Pattern

How adorable is this ladybug crochet pattern? It makes for a perfect baby shower gift or as a birthday present for a little one. When the prescribed materials are utilised, the finished ladybird toy measures around 8 inches (20cm). The length varies significantly depending on the density of your crochet. This is a beginner-friendly pattern so you won’t need to have any prior knowledge of crocheting before you start.

Maggot The Odd Love Bug PDF Pattern

Maggot, the Odd Love Bug, has arrived! The extremely emotional little larva was influenced by the protagonist in Jeff Williams’ book ‘Ooh Odd Zoo.’ This pattern comes with a written guide that contains basic, precise instructions. Only English US words are available. It is in Pdf file format and will also be ready for download as soon as you make your order. This is an intermediate pattern that requires some basic crochet knowledge and experience to complete.

Crochet Butterfly Pattern

In just a few hours, you can make your own little butterfly! This simple pattern provides one PDF file with thorough directions and numerous progress photographs showing how to crochet and connect all of the components to construct this butterfly. The finished butterfly will be approximately 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) tall. Because this is an electronic file, there is no shipping price. As soon as your money clears, your design will be available for immediate downloading from Etsy.

Safari Friends Crochet Critters Or Mobile – PDF Crochet Pattern

These charming critters are so delightful that you’ll want to make them for everyone you know!

They are the ideal present for any occasion and age group. Use them in the child’s nursery or construct a mobile out of them! Personalize your dull office desk! The options are limitless. If you know the basic crochet techniques, you can make these critters very quickly. This pattern has a bunch of illustrations to assist you along the way.

Lovebug Crochet Pattern

This pattern comes with all the instructions you need to make your very own love bug plush toy! In fact, you can make 2 for the price of 1. We think this design looks great if you like using pastel-colored thread and would look great in any baby’s nursery or as a child’s cuddle companion. This pattern requires some basic crochet knowledge, so it won’t be suitable for you if you’re a complete newbie. The pattern is written in standard US English terminology and comes with images to help make the process easier. 

Poodle Moth Crochet Pattern Only

This is a pdf file with instructions for making a fake furry crochet moth. Please keep in mind that wire wrapped along the wings will look nicest. This is a short design with images which is only 6 pages in length. Every set of wings has only 5 rows in total. The wingspan has a length of 11 inches, based on the weight of 4 yarns used. A wing span of around 9.5 inches can be achieved with a thin weight of 4 yarn. Your moth’s abdomen will be around 5 inches long.

Taffy The Squirrel – Crochet Pattern Instructions

This is one rat you won’t consider a pest. Enjoy the looping tail and shower her with as many flowers as you wish. The finished item is roughly 12″ tall. The template is appropriate for an advanced beginner. There is indeed a substantial loop stitch segment. This template does not provide a circle stitch guide, but it does recommend a link so that you can gain knowledge. This listing is for the template only and does not include the finished product.

Grasshopper Brooch Crochet Pattern

This listing is for a unique pattern to create your own adorable grasshopper! This little grasshopper brooch design is 24 pages long and provides extensive directions with plenty of photographic examples to show you how to knit a toy. This pattern is ONLY for intermediate crocheters who know how to make a magic ring/circle, crochet in swirls, chain, single crochet, increasing, and invisible reduction. The grasshopper’s antennae and limbs are constructed on a frame, so you’ll need some previous experience with wires to make the job look tidy.

Caity The Caterpillar – Crochet Caterpillar Pattern

Within only a few hours, you can make your own caterpillar! This simple design contains a PDF file with thorough directions and photographs that show how to crochet and combine all of the elements to produce this caterpillar. Because this is a digital file, there is no delivery price. As long as your money clears, your design will be available for immediate downloading from Etsy. Unfortunately, this pattern is only available in standard US English crochet terminology. 

Isopod Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

How adorable is this realistic isopod crochet pattern? If you love creepy crawlies and critters, then this is the perfect crochet pattern for you! The pattern comes with detailed images to help you through the stitching process and the instructions are available in standard US English terminology as well as Japanese (upon request). You will need some basic crochet knowledge and skills to make this toy, and the final product will measure approximately 18 x 5 x 8 cm. 

Amigurumi Pattern Crochet Snail And Flower Winkle Animal Bug Insect Doll Toy

Melvin The Snail Amigurumi crocheting template is included in this amigurumi pattern. Crochet this adorable snail as soon as possible before he runs into your yard! When you buy a downloadable pattern, you will be prompted to download the files immediately. You also should receive a message with a download link immediately after your money has been processed. The message will be sent immediately to the email you have on record with Etsy.

Bugs Applique Crochet Patterns PDF

This is an appliqué crochet pdf template for personalising your baby’s crocheted garments, comforters, and whatever else comes to mind. Make use of your creativity! All designs are written in US standard terminology and include extensive text directions as well as photographs. This template can be used to construct bigger or smaller appliques by using thinner or thicker yarn. Don’t forget to select the proper hook size.

Amigurumi Halloween Spider Crochet Pattern

When Halloween approaches, we may expect to encounter a slew of intriguing and terrifying heroes… But this Spider will astound you: he is not at all terrifying; quite the opposite, he is an extraordinarily nice, charming, and cheerful friend. The amigurumi PDF design includes 42 pages and over 250 photos of the meticulous crocheting, construction, and embellishment of the finished Halloween spider figure with a hooded cape and six thematic shoes – pumpkins boot, zombie, witch, Satan, bat, and skull.

Jesse The Jumping Spider – Crochet Spider Pattern

If you’re not afraid of spiders, then Jesse the jumping spider is the perfect fluffy companion for you! Follow the instructions to make your own tiny jumping spider toy, which makes an ideal children’s toy or can be transformed into a keychain or pendant. This simple design includes one PDF file with thorough directions and photographs on how to crochet and combine all of the pieces to construct this spider, which may have either short or long legs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does “Critter” Actually Mean?

A critter is a type of animal. Critter is a colloquial term for any living thing, from a dog to a bug. You might enjoy visiting the zoo to see various animals, or you might choose to live in a tiny farm where you can have your own animals, such as goats and chickens. Critter, an abbreviated slang or comical variant of the word creature, initially originated in the early nineteenth century.

What Is Meant By “Amigurumi”?

Amigurumi can be used as children’s toys, but they are usually purchased or created for their aesthetic value. Although amigurumi originally came from Japan, the craft has spread throughout the world.

Is It Difficult To Make a Crochet Plushie Toy?

The answer all depends on what kind of pattern you are following. Some patterns require complex knowledge of stitches whereas others are suitable for beginners. The most simple amigurumi takes about 1-2 hours to crochet, whereas multi-part amigurumi (like teddy bears) without decorations takes about 6 hours.

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