31 Knit Shawl Patterns

There is nothing more comfortable and cozy than the perfect knitwear during the colder months and with the winter drawing in and the cold nights fast approaching, there is no time like the present to start learning how to create your very own knitwear.

Shawls are a great way to start if you are new to knitting due to their relative simplicity.

Handmade is becoming a more and more popular option when it comes to gifts but also when it comes to creating useful items for yourself and there is nothing handier than a toasty shawl once the temperature starts to drop.

Whether you are an expert knitter or are just starting out, you are sure to be able to create your own knitted shawl with ease.

With this in mind, we are going to be taking a look at 31 easy to create knit shawl patterns that you can use to make your very own shawl to keep off the chill this winter (and the summer, spring, and fall for some options)! 

The Easy Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern

The triangle shawl is a brilliant way to start for knitting beginners due to the relative ease and simplicity of the pattern. This particular shawl is made via garter stitching and is created with flat knit stitching, which involves a simple back and forth knitting method.

It is recommended to use super bulky wool for the triangle knit- such as Lion Brand Ease Thick and Quick Wool.

You need to have around 500 yards of wool to make this particular shawl and the suggested needle size is around 15, which equates to a 10 mm needle. 

The Crescent Shawl

Another relatively easy shawl that is a great way for knitting beginners to start, the crescent shawl is simple yet stylish with a versatility that allows for it to be worn in several different ways.

Use it for casual get-togethers or pair it with something a little more formal to accessorize on a night in the town.

The horizontal ridge detailing adds something a little bit different and differentiates the crescent shawl from the triangle shawl. The design of this shawl is emphasized by the combination of simple stockinette fabric with eye-catching lace.

You can opt for a simpler, one-color shawl or you can be brave and try to create a two-color version with these instructions from Vanessa Smith Designs on Ravelry. 

The Giana Pocket Shawl

If you’re fed up with never being blessed with the beauty of pockets, then this next knit shawl pattern could be exactly what you have been looking for! The Giana Pocket Shawl is a simple pattern to follow that allows you to create a long, knitted shawl complete with pockets.

This knit is made with thick and chunky yarn and is made easy for beginners thanks to the use of the simple garter stitch (which is reversible should you need a thicker, warmer shawl).

This show is 60” long by 16” wide and the pockets are 8” by 8”. Cable needles are an excellent choice when it comes to creating this design. 

The Mini Shawl / The Leafy Scarf

A mini shawl is another brilliant choice for beginners, particularly if you want to test out your knitting skills on a smaller option first. This mini shawl is made from Artesano Super chunky yarn, with the leaf-like lace edging being knit first with 10 mm needles before being cast off.

The pattern is then knitted across this lace border with that ever helpful garter stitch, another reason why this is a great choice for those just starting on the knitting front. The stitches decrease across the border to create a rounded shape. 

The Berroco Lightweight Shawl

Winter may be just around the corner but if you are looking for a shawl that can be used in all kinds of weather, consider the lightweight style shawl. This shawl uses a repeat technique of one-row lace and is easier to make with the smaller size 5 needle (equating to 3.75mm).

This shawl is a thinner option than some of the other choices on this list but this, in turn, allows for greater versatility in all kinds of weather. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, this shawl is sure to keep you comfortable and stylish!

The Two Colour Triangular Cable Wrap Shawl

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, then this two-color cable wrap shawl could be for you. This is still suitable for beginners but the two-toned color scheme might be a little trickier to get your head around at first if you are a complete novice.

This shawl is made best with around 500 yards worth of DK yarn in two different colors, paired with size 8 needles, 

The Pear Sorbet Shawlette 

Sophisticated and stylish, the pear sorbet shawlette from MarlyBird puts an elegant spin on the classic shawl thanks to the delicate design. This one is more suited to advanced beginners who have at least some understanding of knitting fundamentals such as purl. 

The Knitted Lace Shawl

This is another shawl that has a sleeker style and is best suited to an intermediate knitting level. Knowledge of the drop stitch and the cast on would be preferable for this pretty shawl option as well as the use of a tapestry needle. 

The Oversized Shawl

For that cozy feeling of wrapping yourself up in the cold weather, the oversized shawl is perfect. Best made with Berroco Remix Light yard and utilizing size 10 needles, this shawl is a larger option that can also be used as a blanket to snuggle up with on the couch or the bed on a cold winters night. 

The Easy Knitting Donna Legend Shawl

As the name suggests, this shawl is a simple process that is suitable for beginners. The chunkiness of this shawl guarantees warmth and comfort in the colder months whilst the leaf pattern and the optional additional accents make for a shawl that is both practical and stylish.

Although this is a relatively simple design, it would be useful to have some understanding of the knit and purl knitting technique as well as increasing and decreasing and the cast-on and bind-off technique.

4 Designs Vintage Crochet And Knitting Patterns

If you’re looking for a more retro style of shawl then these designs could be exactly what you are looking for. There are two crochet and two knit designs available with these patterns that offer the chance to create a vintage 1970’s shawl.  

The Williamina Shawl

This kind of shawl is also a triangular shape but with a strong focus on the lace elements of the garment, creating a shawl that is incredibly pretty and not too difficult to make. A finer needle is needed for the Willamina shawl, preferably a size 2.5. 

Lace Shawl Knitting Patterns

Whilst we are on the topic of lace, these lace-based knitting patterns for shawls are a must-have if the lace look is your favorite style.

This particular shawl is made in two separate sections, beginning with the border of the shawl and then making your way to the body. A separate border is then attached via the kitchener stitch. You’ll want to use a lace weight yarn for this shawl. 

Knitted Cable Shawl

This is another great option for the colder months, though it is still lightweight enough to be useful in the early spring and the autumn. The cable knit is a classic knitted style that can be created with BC Garn yarn and 4mm knitting needles. 

The Asymmetrical Wrap Shawl

This particular shawl- created by Sweater Freaks on Ravely- has a unique look thanks to the asymmetric design which combines beautifully with the color fade effect and the additions of lace.

To get that color fade just right, you will need around 250g of the delicate yarn known as fingering weight yarn. Get 50g in five different colors to make up 250g. Which colors you choose is up to you!

The Sixth Degree Shawl

This particularly creative shawl design was made by Heidi Gustad and shared via her Hands Occupied blog. This shawl started as an experiment by Heidi, who wanted to create a right triangle shape.

The finished product is 27.5 inches wide by 72 inches long and was created with size 7 circular needles and 500 yards of Cestari Monticello Yarn. 

The Bottom-Up Shawl

As the name suggests, this shawl- made by Designs by Mesha- is created by starting from the bottom and working upwards. It is made with two skeins of CashSilk Lace yarn alongside size 3 tapestry knitting needles. 

The Merlot Alpaca Wrap Shawl

Much like the oversized shawl we mentioned earlier, this merlot wrap shawl is another massive shawl that could easily double as a blanket for colder nights or even a scarf. This is a chunky beast of a shawl so you will need size 11 needles and five skeins of yarn.

To get the exact merlot coloring as well as that soft, alpaca wool feeling, you will want to invest in the Lion Brand Yarn with a Touch of Alpaca in Crimson. 

Melyn Cowl Knitting Pattern

Another smaller design that is useful if you’re looking for an accessory that is more capable in all kinds of weather, the Melyn Cowl is a super versatile option when it comes to shawl patterns.

This particular cowl has a larger size, allowing for it to be used in various ways such as in the style of a hood. For this particular cowl, you will need two skeins of Malabrigo Lace yarn preferably with size 5 knitting needles. 

Knitter’s Wrap Cosy Aran Knit Pattern with Pockets

Another winner thanks to the addition of those oh so handy pockets, the Knitter’s Wrap shawl is made from Aran yarn to create a shawl that can easily keep you cozy if you are having a night in during the winter months.

You will want to get some 5.5 mm-sized needles to get started on this lovely shawl alongside around 500 gms of Aran yarn in any weight. 

The Nina Shawl

Another chunky style of shawl that would do excellently during the colder months, the Nina Shawl is topped off with a gorgeous diamond lace motif and the option for multiple colors and beads for decoration if you are feeling brave enough.

You will need around 900 yards of DK yarn and size 9 circular knitting needles to create this beautiful garment.

The Espresso Shawl

The Espresso Shawl is made with worsted yarn and gives off a rustic and homely vibe thanks to its plush texture, which is sure to offer both comfort and warmth. This is another simple shawl design made easy by the in-garter stitches.

When unstretched, this shawl will measure at around 68 by 30 inches and can be created with four skeins of yarn from the Plymouth Yarn Company and size 10 circular knitting needles. 

Boho Crochet Shawl With Fringe

You might be looking to add something extra to your shawl and if so, then this option could be a fantastic choice. The Boho Crochet Shawl pattern includes a fringe, which could be a fun challenge or your next big step when it comes to knitting and crocheting.

That being said, this is still a relatively simple design that could easily be undertaken by confident beginners.

This shawl is created via HDC stitches- worked in a back and forth row motion- which is then wrapped with double crochet stitches. Pockets can then be attached by utilizing a whip stitch. 

Color Swirl Shawl

For a bright, vibrant, and super colorful option, the Colour Swirl Shawl is a great choice. Shaped like a semi-circle, this shawl is made via the gradual addition of stitches to needles until the center of the garment is reached.

The two major methods of creation are the “wrap and turn” method as well as the “short rows” method. For this, you will need size 7 circular needles with one stitch marker, one tapestry needle, and 1000 to 1050 yards of sport weight yarn in a variety of colors. 

Plus Copper Shawl

Another lacey shawl with a triangular shape, this garment is made via a pattern of double-sided memorable stitches. To create the triangle shape, the garter stitches are increased on the borders and the central spine.

There are optional tassels too if you are feeling up to it! Size 6 circular needles will help with this particular shawl alongside John Arbon Textiles Alpaca Supreme yarn for a finer, more delicate choice. 

Ladies Knitted Fashion Fringe Shawl

A chic and versatile shawl, the Fashion Fringe Shawl can be created from mohair wool which makes for a garment that is a little different from some of the others on this list. This is another shawl with a fringe so if you are feeling up to the task, give it a try!

Lace Poncho/ Chunky Rustic Scarf/ Asymmetrical Loose Knit Summer Wrap

We have been talking a lot about shawls to keep you warm in the winter but what about a shawl to act as a wrap in the summer? If you’re in the market for this kind of shawl then look no further than this next entry which- as the title suggests- is incredibly versatile and able to be used in a wide variety of ways. 

Centrifugal Shawl

Another shawl with a beautiful crescent shape, this particular garment is created via a twisted rib stitch and bands of the simple and stylish garter stitch.

It’s relatively well-sized too, making it easy to use as a blanket or a scarf as well as a shawl. You will need two skeins of fingering weight yarn as well as a set of 3/3.25 mm circular knitting needles. This is another pattern that is possible for beginners. 

Ruana Shawl

Another chunky choice, the Ruana Shawl offers a stripy pattern for you to try. To get the exact, striped look, you will need to use Stylecraft Swift Knit Striped Super Chunky Yarn but if you aren’t fussed about the exact style, you can always just go with any super chunky yarn option.

You’ll also need to get your hands on some 10 mm circular needles. 

Wendy Air Kid Mohair Knitting Pattern

For another mohair option, the Wendy AIR Kid knitting patterns are a great choice as well as it makes for a lightweight style of shawl that is more versatile and allows for the wearer to use the garment in all kinds of weather. 

Asymmetrical Cozy Winter Shawl

Going back to winter shawls, this option is a fantastic choice for the colder weather. This pattern utilizes garter stitches and is best made with size 10 needles and Merino Big Drops yarn. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Knit Shawl Pattern?

It’s all about personal taste when it comes to the patterns for knitted shawls. Some may prefer a chunkier style, some may prefer a more delicate style, some may prefer a small, cowl-like shawl whilst others may prefer a long option with pockets.

Think about why you are looking to invest in a shawl and what kind of style fits your preferences and your style choices. 

What Is The Best Way To Wear A Shawl?

Shawls are a brilliant, fashionable way to accessorize but they are also a fantastic practical item too. If you’re feeling chilly in the winter, you can put one on and be warm, cozy, and look amazing in no time.

If you feel a slight breeze in the summer but don’t want to wear something too bulky like a jacket, a shawl can make all the difference whilst maintaining your personal style tastes! There is no best way to wear a shawl per se. Mix and match and find the style that suits you best.

Why Do People Like To Knit Shawls So Much?

Knitting has become an even more popular pastime than it already was thanks to its relaxing nature but it can also be incredibly handy when it comes to making your own garments. Once you have mastered the basics of knitting (and crochet), you can whip up any manner of accessories or garments.

When the winter comes along, your ability to knit a good quality shawl is sure to become a useful skill as well as an impressive talent!

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