31 Mandala Yarn Crochet Patterns

Whether you see yourself as a professional crochet master, or you’re a newbie to this creative gang, you’ve come to the right place. I’m crochet obsessed, and I’ve found the very best crochet patterns for your new project. 

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Mandala yarn crochet patterns are so gorgeous. The outcome is unbelievable. They all tell a different story and have their own unique expression. Some are hypnotic and help you access your spirituality. Some are just wonderfully beautiful, and aesthetic joy to have. Others are so complex, that it is a wonder to not only make but place them proudly in your home. Then, of course, you have happier ones, ones that make you feel the depth, flower power patterns, and so forth… you get the picture. 

I’m just trying to say that no mandala is the same. There was a popular buzz with mandalas a few years back, and while that was great, I think the capitalistic nature of the same repeated design took away their true spirit. I suppose I’m just a creative homebody, though, and it’s great to see art in the mainstream world. I just like to celebrate crafts and small business owners, because I understand the amount of time and effort that goes into making these beautiful designs. 

So, in my lovely collection of mandala crochet patterns, I’ve got a wide variety. Some are traditional, while others are a little more quirky. Some patterns are reserved for professionals, others suit intermediate, and others are ideal for beginners. Of course, you can try whatever pattern you like, but if you’re new to crocheting, then it’s easier to start with beginner patterns. It allows you to develop your skills, so you’re able to take on bigger challenges. 

Anyway, with all that said, here is my wonderful list of 31 mandala yarn crochet patterns. 

Below, you’ll find a variety of mandala crochet patterns, with a detailed description. 

Advanced Macramé Mandala Pattern

This is a gorgeous macramé mandala pattern. It’s a wall hanging, features a stunning mandala, created with macramé techniques. It’s incredibly smart and well-designed. I love finding patterns like this, where people used their talents to create innovative patterns.

It’s made for advanced artists. While the pattern uses beginner knotting techniques, the types of angles, positioning, and tensions make the pattern incredibly advanced. The seller includes a step-by-step guide, so it can be made by intermediate, and some beginners. 

Macramé Half Mandala Pattern

This is a macramé and mandala pattern suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists alike. This is the perfect DIY project to create gorgeous home goods.

You can make 12’inch macramé mandalas, which would look perfect on the wall, or even resting as decor. It’s super cute, and simple. 

Crochet Mandala Dreamcatcher Pattern

Aren’t dreamcatchers beautiful? With this pattern, you can create your own crochet mandala dreamcatcher to place above your bed. It was also made an incredibly sweet and wholesome gift.

It’s a simple design and comes with both a step-by-step guide and a video tutorial. Ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced artists. 

The Hexie Splash Crochet Mandala Pattern

This is a quirky crochet mandala pattern. It has a lot of life and is an interesting take on the traditional mandala. It can be turned into a beautiful festive centerpiece, ideal for Christmastime, or any other holiday. Furthermore, it’s suitable for intermediate artists and advanced artists.

If you’re a beginner and would like to try this pattern, there is a photo tutorial for standing stitches, front posts, clusters, popcorns, and surface crochet, so you can give it a go. 

Nurture – A Crocheted Mandala Pattern

This pattern is of a traditional crochet mandala. It’s beautiful and designed to give a sense of meditative presence, reflecting, and soothing energy. It’s ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists alike. 

Salutations Mandala Crochet Pattern

This is a warming crochet mandala pattern. Its purpose is to bring a sense of warm greetings, and happiness to those it encounters. This is a very beautiful pattern, it was originally designed as a wall hanging, but works well as a centerpiece.

It has tons of detail and looks highly professional. It’s designed for intermediate to advanced artists, due to the stitching,

Suna Mandara Mandala Crochet Pattern

If you appreciate art which a rich backstory, you will love this mandala crochet pattern. It’s inspired by Japanese pufferfish and is incredibly breathtaking.

It’s a delicate design which lots of flow. The colors bring forth the sea and add depth to the piece. This pattern is suitable for intermediate to advanced artists. 

Overlay Crochet Mandala – Dandelion Round Mandala

This gorgeous crochet mandala is inspired by the dandelion flower. It’s designed to symbolize positivity, progress, and survival.

It can be used in a meditation room, as a wall hanging, or even as a table decoration. While it is a trickier piece and would be suitable for intermediate to advanced artists. 

Overlay Crochet Mandala Pattern- Table Decoration

If you love sun-inspired art, then you will love this crochet sun mandala pattern. It’s bright, beautiful, and bold. It can be used as a table decoration, or even as wall art.

Likewise, it’s designed for intermediate to advanced artists, due to the use of front post stitches. 

Overlay Crochet Mandala – Labyrinth Stripes

If you’d like to make a crochet mandala pillow, then you will love this design. It’s inspired by black and white vector graphics, and you can create a beautiful pattern with only two or three colors.

While you can make a reversible pillow, you could also use it for a wall-hanging decoration. This is suitable for intermediate to advanced artists. 

Pattern – Graphite Mandala – Brioche Croche

Something you don’t see often is crochet mandalas made in black and white. The design can create a beautiful rug or wall-hanging.

This graphite mandala is very sleek and is the perfect gift for those who prefer not to have a pop of color in their life. It’s designed for intermediate to advanced artists. 

PATTERN – Round Crochet Mandala With Cables – Overlay Crochet

This is a very beautiful mandala, while you can change the colors — the colors used are incredibly lovely and relaxing. It can be used as a table decoration, or as a wall hanging. It’s suitable for intermediate to advanced artists, as it used front post stitches. 

Crochet Mandala Potholder Pattern

This is a pattern for a crochet mandala potholder, which has been designed in a mint color. This is the perfect quirky creation, as potholders are seldom used anymore.

If you’re not into making a potholder, it can be used as a  decoration or a pillow cover. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced artists due to the front post stitches. 

Spanish Mandala – Overlay Crochet Pattern – Round Cushion

This crochet mandala was inspired by handmade, vibrant ceramics plates the artist encountered in Spain. It celebrates the beauty of Spanish culture, in all it’s gorgeous vibrancy.

It is made to be a circle pillow cushion, but you can use it as a trivet, hot pad, chair pad, and so forth. Furthermore, it’s suitable for intermediate to advanced artists due to the front post stitches used. 

Crochet Namaste Hula Hoop Mandala

If you want to make a crochet mandala using a hoop, this is the pattern for you. It’s incredibly beautiful and detailed and acts as a very hypnotic piece of art.

The colors used are very relaxed, but create a good amount of depth. The stitching also helps form depth within the piece. This is suitable for advanced artists. 

Lotus & Blossom Mandala Crochet Pattern

The Lotus & Blossom mandala crochet pattern is otherworldly. It was inspired by the artist’s journey through Japan. They made notes on the gorgeous patterns they saw within the lotus flowers and blossom trees and decided to put it into their art.

It’s a crochet design that beams love and relaxation. It’s a very easy project, and the written instructions are very useful. Not only that, but it’s available in over 5 languages. This crochet pattern would be suitable for advanced artists. 

Crochet Overlay Mandala No. 6, Pattern, PDF

This is a very beautiful crochet overlay mandala pattern. It gives the warm sun and the star night experience. It features very bright colors — imagine red, yellow, blue, and orange. It makes me think of a 1970s dream-filled crochet pattern.

Not only that, but it’s very quirky and would look incredible as a wall hanging. Furthermore, it catches the eye very easily and has come with very complex designs. This would be ideal for beginners, intermediate, to advanced artists. However, beginner artists may find this pattern difficult, if you have an art tutor, this would be a pattern you work up to. 

Crochet Overlay Mandala No. 5, Pattern, PDF in English, Deutsch, Espanol

If you’re a nature lover, or you know someone who is, then they will fall in love with this crochet overlay mandala pattern. It’s phenomenal. It makes you feel like you stepped into the woods, and you’ll come across little, lovely woodland creatures.

Think greens, blues, browns, and oranges, channeled through a gorgeous stitch pattern. It’s rooted in Aran crochet and would be ideal for intermediate to advanced artists. 

Happy Days Mandala Crochet Pattern

This mandala crochet pattern is giving me if a bunny in the 1970s decided to take up crafts, vibes. It’s a gorgeous pattern, which gives the impression of the sun.

The colors are incredible — vibrant, bright, and oddly, remind me of citrus trees. It’s a quick and easy project Which requires little. This design is suitable for intermediate and advanced artists. 

Circle Of Magic Mandala Crochet Pattern

Beginners, this is another mandala crochet pattern for you! I realize a lot of patterns on this list require a little more practice, but that’s because mandala designs can be quite complex.

This is a beginner-friendly mandala crochet pattern, which is super easy and results in an astounding mandala. It would look great as a table decoration, or even as a coaster. 

September Mandala Crochet Pattern

This is a super fun and vibrant mandala crochet pattern. It features a classic meets contemporary design and is full of texture and depth. The colors used are very transition, summer fading into autumn, and it reminds me of fresh lemonade at the end of the season.

It can be great as a potholder, or trivet. It would also make a lovely gift. Furthermore, it’s ideal for intermediate to very advanced beginners. 

Joined By Heart – A Crochet Mandala Pattern

This is one of the prettiest crochet mandala patterns on my list. It’s so simple but powerful. It’s inspired by the pandemic and is supposed to symbolize that no matter how far apart people are, everyone is joined by the heart.

This pattern also comes with a full YouTube video, which is very nifty for visual learners. It’s suitable for advanced beginners. 

Pure at Heart Mandala Crochet Pattern

This is a gorgeous crochet mandala pattern. It’s reminiscent of a flower, full of vibrancy and joy. The color pattern is very effective here. It’s natural but joyful — feminine, but neutral at the same time. The design is absolutely wonderful, and luckily, it’s ideal for advanced beginners, also!

You do need to be able to master the cluster stitch to be able to create this. You also should be able to master the front post stitch. If you can do those with ease, then you can perfectly create this crochet mandala pattern. 

Abundant Beauty – A Crocheted Mandala

This mandala crochet pattern was originally designed by the artist to be a part of the Crochet Tournament in 2021. This is a very beautiful pattern, designed to bring a meditative piece. It would make an ideal decorative item.

While it could be used as a coaster, due to the design, I believe it would be better used as a decorative item. This crochet mandala is suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate artists. The how-to guide is very informative, so a strong beginner would be able to manage this crochet pattern. 

Crochet Mandala Pattern Mandala Doily Pattern

This is a very simple, but beautiful crochet mandala pattern. You should note that the artist has not given shades in this pattern, rather given photos for inspiration.

While I do prefer artists who give shades, as it can be easier for beginners and intermediate levels, it does allow creative freedom. It also shows how different the designs look in other colors, I love yellow and green. The design is made for intermediate to advanced artists. 

Crochet Mandala Pattern Mandala Doily Pattern

This is a gorgeous crochet mandala pattern. It gives me Scandinavian Christmas vibes. It’s warm, cheery, and festive. The stitching creates a very soft texture, and the brown used with the white and blue is lovely.

The flower in the middle makes it that extra bit special. I also love that it reminds me of a snowflake. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced artists. 

Christmas Crochet Mandala Pattern Mandala Doily Pattern

This is a lovely Christmas-themed crochet mandala. It would make an incredible centerpiece on Christmas day, or for any parties. It also could work as a lovely festive decoration! The best news is, you can technically use it all year round!

It’s not overly Christmas, but it will definitely merge in with the theme. While you can make it in any colors you like, white and red absolutely brings the most Christmas vibes. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists. How merry! 

Apple Blossom Crochet Pattern Crochet Mandala Pattern

Do you like making sure you use up all of your materials? Well, the Apple Blossom crochet mandala pattern is for just that. You’re supposed to use up the remains of any oddments of aran stash to make this mandala. It’ll ensure you’re not only being environmentally friendly, but you can have an incredibly unique design.

I suppose you could do that with any design, but it’s a good thought! I love the colors they used in the photos, it’s gorgeous red, pink, white, and green. With the textures, it gives off a very sweet vibe. It’s best created by intermediate and advanced artists. 

Peony Crochet Mandala Pattern, PDF Pattern, Placemat Pattern, Doily Pattern

This is a very beautiful mandala crochet pattern. It’s inspired by the peony flower and looks absolutely stunning. It’s incredibly textured and layered, the more you look at it, the more you appreciate the artistic intent and craftsmanship that went into creating this lovely pattern.

It used a rainbow of colors, but you could of course use whatever colors you like. If you wanted to really replicate a peony, use the colors of the flower, or go off what the flower makes you feel. This mandala is probably best for intermediate to advanced artists. 

Pretty Petals Mandala Crochet Pattern 

This pattern is FREE! Yep, you’re welcome! This is mandala crochet, inspired by pretty flower petals. Honestly, it’s probably one of the cutest mandalas on the list, and it’s free! It is designed to be a coast mat, and was actually featured in Inside Crochet Magazine for their 100th birthday edition, amazing! 

The green and pink version really reminds me of a lily pad, so it would be ideal for frog, or woodland lovers. Whatever color you decide to use, it’ll look beautiful. 

Petal Burst Crochet Mandala Pattern, Crochet Doily Pattern, PDF

This crochet mandala pattern gives me vintage grandma meets chic boho summer vibes. It is beautiful! The design is so obvious, you can see the flower petals so easily, and it stands out in the most wonderful way! I think they’re breathtaking, and everyone should give them a go!

If you’ve got a vintage grandma in your life, or a chic boho summer woman, make them this! It’s very sweet and would make a lovely decoration. I would say it is suitable for advanced beginners, intermediate and advanced artists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Any Type Of Yarn To Make A Crochet Mandala?

Yes, you can technically use any type of yarn to make a crochet mandala. You just need to be conscious of the weight of the yarn, compared to the crochet hook. It needs to be an appropriate size for the crochet hook.

You can’t use a very bulky piece of yarn for a size l-9 (5.5 mm) hook, you would need a size m-13 (9 mm) hook. As long as get the ratio right, you’ll be dandy! 

Are There Any Mandala Crochet Patterns That Are Free?

Yes! There are quite a few mandala crochet patterns that are free, and I’ve included a couple in this article! It’s very good, especially for students and those on a low income.

If you can support small businesses, then please do, but if it’s better for you to use a free pattern right now, go right ahead. Plus, some of them are absolutely gorgeous! 

Is It Hard To Crochet A Mandala Pattern? 

Well, yes and no. Yes, it is hard to crochet a mandala pattern, but it depends on the type of pattern you’re using. If you’re a beginner trying an advanced pattern, then you will vastly suffer.

If you’re an intermediate using a beginner’s matter, then it will be a breeze. Whatever pattern you choose, it will be somewhat tricky (especially if you’re new), but you should pick it up fast. 


Well, that is the end of my article! I hope you have found it super helpful! I’ve supplied 31 wonderful mandala yarn crochet patterns, all of which are absolutely gorgeous. Some are vibrant, some are reserved, some are very 1970s, and some are incredibly modern.

There’s also a range of difficulties throughout. Keep in mind that mandalas are a bit trickier to create than other designs, which is why a lot of the patterns are intermediate to advanced. There’s a lot of beginner / advanced beginner patterns on the list though, so there’s something for everyone. 

Thank you so much for reading, let me know how your crochet creations are going below!

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