35 Unique Crochet Basket Patterns (With Pictures)

Every crochet and craft lover will soon discover the need for baskets. These home storage units are the perfect place to keep all those bundles of yarn, yards of ribbon, and handfuls of buttons you just can’t stop accumulating.

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Does anyone else find their stash seems to grow of its own accord? It gets bigger every time you look!

There’s no better storage place than a basket you made yourself. It’s so satisfying to tuck your yarn and needles away in a basket of your own creation.

They also make fantastic storage around the house, and the attractive designs can also be used as housewarming gifts.

These 35 patterns are for every type of crochet basket you can dream of. Many of the designs are simple for beginners, and there are a few new stitches for more experienced crochet lovers to try their hand at.

Have a look through, and you’re sure to find a basket that suits your needs, and your skills, perfectly.

35 Unique Crochet Basket Patterns (With Pictures)

1. Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern

Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern
Source: Etsy

These hanging baskets by TheLeftHookery are a stunning project for a beginner to crochet.

The relaxed hanging shape is ideal for looping over a hook and keeping by the front door, in the bedroom, or in your craft room.

The easy-to-follow instructions are designed for beginners, and this project is perfect for those who are new to crochet. By the time you’ve reached the final stitch, you’re sure to be hooked.

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2. Rectangular Basket Crochet Pattern

Rectangular Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

A video tutorial and a pattern full of complementary pictures will have first-time crocheters working up this rectangular basket in no time at all.

Illustrations capture all the tricky parts, to guide you through the construction with ease.

Sturdy sides and a rectangular shape makes the basket useful for all kinds of storage, and the pattern can be easily sized up and down depending on your needs. 

3. Chunky Texture Crochet Basket Pattern

Chunky Texture Crochet Basket Pattern
Source: Etsy

Designed specifically for beginners, this basket pattern covers all the basics you need to know before you start, and walks you through the crochet process.

It also provides hints and tips to adjust the basket to make it just to your liking.

The standard design is fantastic, and the handles make the basket useful for laundry as well as storage. 

4. Rope Woven Basket Crochet Pattern

The knotted finish of this rope woven basket is gorgeous, and we think this rustic basket is ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms.

The sturdy round base supports strong sides, so this is an upright basket that allows for easy usage.

Download this pattern by WowBagShopDesign, and you have access to a concise video tutorial, as well as some hints and tips for perfecting your skills.

5. Crochet Bag And Basket 3 In 1 Pattern

Crochet Bag And Basket 3 In 1 Pattern
Source: Etsy

This 3 in 1 pattern is a pattern with a twist. The careful instructions help you to transform the basic design from a table mat, to a basket, to a bag!

There’s a video included to guide you along the way, which is helpful because the pattern can get confusing at times. But if you stick with it, you’re sure to be impressed by the results.

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6. Storage Basket With Monogram Letter Crochet Pattern

Storage Basket With Monogram Letter Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

If there’s more than one crafter in your house, or you’re a family with a lot of clutter, then take a look at these monogrammed baskets.

Choose the letter you want to crochet, and the clearly written pattern will guide you through the making.

Nervous beginners may prefer to start with an easier “I”, but the video tutorial provided ensures novices can perfect even a tricky “Q”.

7. Round Scallop Edge Basket Crochet Pattern

Round Scallop Edge Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

This pretty basket pattern features a delightful scalloped edge, which adds a feminine finish to a practical design.

Perfectly suited for wool and fabric storage, this attractive basket might be just what your craft room needs.

The open shape is also fantastic for nurseries and bedrooms. The pattern is easy, but some crochet knowledge is needed to get you through the harder stitches. 

8. The Original Owl Basket Crochet Pattern

The Original Owl Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

The owl basket is a remarkable design that both adults and children are sure to fall in love with.

The subtle but sweet basket has a classic feel, with the Bohemian touch of a wise owl. With a useful shape, this is a basket that’s both practical and playful. 

9. Lansdowne Basket Crochet Pattern

Lansdowne Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

The stitches of this Lansdowne crochet basket are super defined, giving the design a crisp finish that will compliment any comfortable home.

A rounded shape with a sturdy base, the basket works up quickly and looks incredible with its neat finish.

A built-in handle finishes a useful pattern that is sure to suit your home.

10. Fox Crochet Basket Pattern

Fans of the mischievous woodland fox will love this pattern for a sleepy fox basket. It’s certain to complete any child’s bedroom, but it’s so lovely you’ll want to keep it for yourself.

The pattern can get confusing at times, but once you’ve started you’ll find the basket works up quickly. Lots of pictures are included with the detailed pattern, to help beginners make their very own crafty fox.

11. The Bubble Basket Hanging Crochet Basket Pattern

The Bubble Basket Hanging Crochet Basket Pattern
Source: Etsy

The chunky detail of this hanging basket adds a cottage charm to the final design, which hangs open for quick storage. A beginner’s pattern, the easy-to-read instructions will help you quickly complete the basket.

Included in the pattern are instructions for making the basket one or two handled, to better suit your needs. Simple, but beautiful, the hanging basket will look wonderful draped over a bedroom door.

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12. Herringbone Basket Crochet Pattern

Herringbone Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Herringbone patterns have a touch of the country garden to them, which builds the charm of these superb baskets.

A really easy to follow pattern that’s carefully written, making your own herringbone basket is a delight.

Although the original pattern uses them for plant storage, the herringbone basket is adaptable for your needs. Try adding a handle, or playing with the sizes.

13. Heart Shaped Basket Crochet Pattern

You will fall in love with this heart shaped basket pattern, which creates a perfect love heart for all your storage needs.

Bring a smile to loved one’s faces by giving it as a gift, or add a touch of romance to the house and keep it for yourself.

A video tutorial and illustrations are included with the pattern, and the heart shaped base is carefully explained in simple terms.

14. Basket With Lid Crochet Pattern

Basket With Lid Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

A storage basket is a fantastic solution to a clutter problem, but that doesn’t stop things from spilling out. This crochet pattern, which combines basket and lid, is an elegant solution to a messy issue.

The bobble lid is easy to grab, so even young children can use this storage basket. This is a vintage pattern, and the design has a timeless finish.

15. T-shirt Yarn Round Basket Crochet Pattern

T-shirt Yarn Round Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

The round basket created by this pattern uses thicker t-shirt yarn, for a chunky design that’s impressively tactile.

The cute shape makes a wonderful gift for baby showers and birthday parties, but it’s also an incredibly practical design.

A simple crochet pattern with plenty of room for your own details, the well-written instructions are helpful for beginners.  

16. Firefighter Pants Storage Basket Crochet Pattern

Firefighter Pants Storage Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

The firefighter pants crochet basket may not work in every home, but we’re sure you know someone who’ll appreciate this playful design. It works as both a storage basket and a gift bag, and young boys in particular will love the fun shape.

When the holidays come, a few adjustments will easily turn this pattern into a pair of Santa pants. 

17. Monroe Belly Basket Crochet Pattern

Monroe Belly Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

The curved shape of the Monroe Belly Basket gives a Bohemian feel to this classic design. The natural shaping is lovely for all kinds of storage, but it also makes a wonderful base for a potted plant.

Can’t you imagine the glossy green leaves of a cheese plant against the woven-style finish of the crochet basket? Add a touch of the hippie to your living spaces with this simple pattern.

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18. Crochet Mushroom Basket Pattern

The red cap of this mushroom basket has a fairy tale style finish, The chunky base and domed roof makes it less practical than other storage baskets.

But you’re sure to find something to keep inside. Either way, this is a basket you’ll want to have in your home.

Use the clearly written pattern to add a touch of the outdoors to your interiors.

19. Spiral Shell Basket Crochet Pattern

Spiral Shell Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Looking for a storage basket for your bathroom? They don’t come better than this spiral shell basket, with a large opening for holding towels and face cloths.

This pattern is best suited for intermediate to advanced sewers, although beginners may appreciate the challenge. Diagrams and pictures make the complicated pattern easier to get to grips with.

20. Jasmine Stitch Basket Crochet

Jasmine Stitch Basket Crochet
Source: Etsy

Using a large and open stitch to craft this basket creates an end result that’s beautiful and decorative.

The open finish looks more complicated than it actually is, and the detail in the chain finish is delightfully eye-catching.

This is a basket that deserves to be at the center of attention. Add it to a dressing table for a feminine finish, or keep this cute design for a centerpiece.

21. Nesting Baskets Crochet Pattern

Nesting Baskets Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

What’s better than one homemade storage basket? A whole pile of homemade storage baskets! These nesting baskets fit neatly into each other, providing you with a wide range of storage solutions for your home.

The color changes and pattern detailing make these baskets something special, with a homespun finish that has a lot of charm.

22. Rectangular Crochet Pattern

Rectangular Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

There’s probably nothing that will get you excited for filing, but this crochet basket will make the process a little more enjoyable.

The rectangular base and shorter sides are perfect for holding all your documents, to make paperwork slightly interesting.

But the best way to use this storage box is to hold all your fabulous crochet patterns.

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23. Stretch Scandinavian Style Basket Crochet Pattern

Stretch Scandinavian Style Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Chunky yarn is used to make the sides of this Scandinavian style basket stretchy, so it can fit whatever you need to store.

There are 30 photos accompanying the written instructions, making this gorgeous design fairly easy to make.

The rounded base and striped sides work to create a modern looking basket, with a hippie finish. 

24. Bear Basket Crochet Pattern

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this adorable bear storage basket? With those round ears, that adorable muzzle, and a nose you can’t help but poke!

If your children are struggling with the concept of “tidying up”, this bear basket can be used to make the task more pleasant.

Intermediate crocheters should find the pattern easy to work with, and even beginners can use this pattern to stretch their skills.

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25. Big Crochet Basket Crochet Pattern

Big Crochet Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Step-by-step photos and written instructions guide you through all the stages of this attractive basket pattern. The checkered finish is appealingly tactile, while the handles are easy to grip for movement.

Use a contrasting color trim to add some flair to the pretty design, and enjoy a storage basket that’s perfectly suited for all your craft odds and ends.

26. The Weeping Willow Basket Crochet Pattern

The Weeping Willow Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

The loose fringe of this attractive hanging basket is so lovely you’ll be tempted to use this as a purse!

The fold over decoration with tassels adds a real touch of boho to the slouch design, making this a storage basket that needs to be seen.

The pattern isn’t too difficult, and presents a fun challenge to anyone looking to advance their skills.

27. Cotton Cord Crochet Basket Pattern

Cotton Cord Crochet Basket Pattern
Source: Etsy

A circular braided look creates the finish of this rounded storage basket. The neat and simple design is ideal for coffee tables and shelves, where the eye is drawn to the detail on the outside.

The pattern is well written, and works up easily. A relaxing basket to crochet.

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28. Triceratops Basket Crochet Pattern

Triceratops Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

For the dinosaur lover in your life, there’s no better gift than this fun triceratops storage basket. Practical and playful, it’s an incredible addition to the bedroom of any dinosaur obsessed child.

The basket itself is fairly simple, topped with a complicated triceratops design that will delight whoever’s lucky enough to own it.

29. Notions Basket Crochet Pattern

Notions Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

This slouchy and large basket is designed for holding everything you need to store. Whether that’s towels, toys, or laundry!

And if you have a particularly large yarn stash, then this basket will provide all the storage space you require. The pattern is quick to follow, and the loose bag is lovely to use.

30. Crochet Animal Basket Pattern

Crochet Animal Basket Pattern
Source: Etsy

Take a look at this crochet animal storage basket by MonoMeyStudio and be prepared to fall in love.

This sweet design captures the eyes and the heart, and is a wonderful project for anyone learning crochet.

The pattern is very well written, and the simple shape uses carefully placed circles to create the appealing design.

31. Funny Bubbles Big Cord Basket Crochet Pattern

The fun bubbles that decorate the outside of this storage basket make this pattern special.

Once you’ve finished working your way through the well written pattern, you’ll be desperate to get your hands all over this tactile basket.

A decent size, this basket will go well in a nursery, bedroom, or dressing room.

32. Tapestry Basket Crochet Pattern

Tapestry Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

What makes this storage basket stand out is the brickwork style tapestry design that gives the pattern a polished finish.

The detailing is fantastic, and the modern styling is adaptable for different homes and decor.

The basket itself is a long shape with small handles, which makes great storage for yarn, toys, and soft furnishings.

33. Cat Organizer And Basket Set Crochet Pattern

Cat Organizer And Basket Set Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Cats and craft do seem to go hand in hand, and this cat organizer and basket pattern is perfect for any cat-loving crochet fan.

This cute pattern is subtly cat themed, so it works in sophisticated homes as well as children’s bedrooms.

The pattern download contains instructions for making a shallow storage tray, as well as a deeper basket.

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34. Lace Top Crochet Basket Pattern

Lace Top Crochet Basket Pattern
Source: Etsy

The lace top basket from this intricate pattern can be sized up or down, and creates a completely different finish as you experiment.

The elegant detail seems complicated, but a clear pattern and the help of a video tutorial means you can learn as you go along.

Combining a lace-style overlay with the basic bowl shape results in a basket that looks professionally made, even on the first attempt.

35. Reindeer Basket Crochet Pattern

Reindeer Basket Crochet Pattern
Source: Etsy

Stockings are all well and good, but this reindeer basket might become your new favorite way to store Christmas presents. You can even try sizing the pattern up or down, depending on just how generous Santa is feeling.

This pattern works up quickly and easily, so nimble fingered elves may be able to create a finished basket on Christmas Eve, right in time for the big day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Do You Use To Crochet A Basket?

There are many ways to crochet a basket, but t-shirt yarn is a good choice for a first attempt. The thicker yarn is ideal for making baskets of any size, and it can create a sturdy side and base for your basket.

But there are plenty of different patterns for crochet baskets, and so many types of yarn to choose from. Once you’ve got a hang of the basics, experiment with different yarns to create a unique basket every time.

Are Baskets Easy To Crochet?

Baskets are a great starting point for those who are new to crochet, because they have such a simple shape that encourages learning.

The 3-dimensional basket may not be as easy to crochet as a blanket, but you learn as you go, and end up with a practical item you can be proud of. 

Another brilliant advantage of the crochet basket is that there’s plenty of room for experimentation. Practice new stitches, fun designs, and using unusual yarns on the simple shape of a standard basket.

Why Should You Crochet Your Own Storage Basket?

Most crafters understand what it’s like to have piles of fabrics and yarns, and no place to keep it all. A handmade storage basket is a practical solution.

Once you’ve learned the pattern, baskets are often quick to work up, allowing you to fill your room with storage.

They can also be used as housewarming gifts, or birthday presents.

A basket can be a relaxing crochet, and total beginners will fall in love with the craft. The useful end result only sweetens the process.

Amanda Brown