35 Dinosaur Crochet Patterns

Don’t all children go through a dinosaur phase? These terrifying beasts fascinate kids as they grow, and many a childhood bedroom features a T-Rex or two hiding around the corners. 

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And let’s be honest, we don’t all grow out of that dinosaur phase, either. There’s just so much to learn and love about dinosaurs that plenty of grown-ups still find them intriguing well into adulthood.

What better way to feed that interest than with a handmade dinosaur crochet toy? These 35 patterns range from the simplistic to the complicated.

Perfect for every child discovering dinosaurs for the first time, and every adult looking to add to a collection.

Dinosaurs are such recognizable creatures that they can make a surprisingly good starting point for those who are new to crochet and amigurumi. Have a browse through these patterns, and you’re sure to find something to match your skill level (and some ideas for putting your crafting skills to the test).

Beginner Dinosaur Crochet Pattern By AnimalCrochetStore

This adorable tiny dinosaur is the perfect pattern for any beginners looking to learn crochet. Using a really simple rounded body to create the majority of the dinosaur, a few key features finish the creature perfectly.

Beginners should find the pattern easy to follow, and it will introduce you to some new stitches along the way. You can order the pattern as a PDF download, or send away for the kit, which includes yarn, stuffing, and a handy “How To Crochet” video.

Dino The Dinosaur Amigurumi Crochet Pattern By CrochetByVStore

Dino the Dinosaur is a fantastic crochet pattern for those with some beginner’s knowledge, and it makes a wonderful gift for a new baby. With sturdy legs and a pointed tail, Dino can stand on his own two feet. The neat finish has a touchable softness, and the tactile design is sure to entice young children. The pattern works up quite quickly, and is very clearly written.

Dinosaur Hat Crochet Pattern By GreenFoxFarmsDesign

The ear flap dinosaur crochet hat by GreenFoxFarmsDesign is as practical as it is adorable. Kids will love the playful design, and parents will love how eager their children are to wrap up warm.

The beanie hat is fairly easy to make, but it’s best for advanced beginners. The tail and spikes transform the simple beanie shape into something really special.

Crocheted Stegosaurus Dinosaur Amigurumi Pattern By LouiesLoops

The handheld crochet stegosaurus uses a simple pattern that even those who’ve never picked up a crochet hook before will be able to follow. With a chubby shape that’s ideal for holding in small hands, the pocket sized stegosaurus is a joy to crochet.

A fabulous starting point for your dinosaur crochet journey, and a lovely gift.

Tops The Triceratops Dinosaur Hat Crochet Pattern By IRAROTTpatterns

Tops the Triceratops is technically a pattern for a hat for a small child, but you may be tempted to size it up once you see the finished project.

The intermediate pattern requires some prior crochet knowledge, as there are some tricky stitches used to create the fun finish. This unique hat is joyful to make, and an absolute treat to wear.

Baby Dinosaur Crochet Pattern By BunniesandYarn

An easy-to-read pattern that works up to create the sweetest baby dinosaur. Ideal for anyone who’s relatively new to crochet, but has some experience reading patterns. Play around with colors to create your own unique dinosaur.

Once you have some practice making the baby dinosaur, this is a great pattern for customization. 

Bronto The Dinosaur Plush Crochet Pattern By KnotTooShabbyCrochet

Don’t we all love a brontosaurus? These gentle giants are not only great to snuggle up with, they’re also a slightly easier dinosaur pattern than their more ferocious friends.

Constructed with a long neg, short tail, and rounded body shape, Bronto the dinosaur plush is for beginner to intermediate crafters. The herbivorous brontosaurus looks fantastic nestled among the houseplants.

Mini The Dino Crochet Pattern By MadeBySsun

If you’re interested in trying amigurumi for the first time, then Mini the dinosaur is a wonderful pattern to start with. You’ll be introduced to some new stitches, but the forgiving pattern creates a design so cute you won’t mind if there’s the occasional error. The PDF download also includes a link to a video tutorial, to help visual learners put together the pieces.

Do-You-Think-He-Saur-Us Dinosaur Pillow Crochet Pattern By FloAndDotShop

We might never have a chance to fall asleep against an actual dinosaur, but this crochet cushion is a lovely alternative. The fun proportions are perfect for a child’s bedroom, and you can use plenty of colors to create a gift any young kid will love.

With a polka dot body and some gentle spikes, this tactile cushion has plenty of space for customizing.

Crochet Dinosaur Plush Pattern By MyCrochetFriends

When finished, this crochet dinosaur plush sits about 25 centimeters high, which makes it the perfect size for hugging and cuddling — not something you can say for most dinosaurs!

Instructions and photos guide you through this pattern designed for intermediate skills, and the final dinosaur works up well. The moveable body is ideal for playtime, but this dinosaur also makes an attractive decoration for the home.

Brachiosaurus Amigurumi Crochet Pattern By SpinaYarnStudio

Impress your friends with crochet skills and dinosaur knowledge with this brachiosaurus pattern. The unique amigurumi is made using the ragdoll style, in which two flat pieces of crochet are joined together for a flatter 3-D design.

The pattern is very clearly written, so those used to traditional amigurumi will be able to pick it up quickly. The end result is a brachiosaurus, which was once thought to be the largest dinosaur ever to exist (your crochet version will be slightly smaller). 

Amigurumi Baby Dinosaur Crochet Pattern By TinyMiniDesign

There are plenty of pictures included with this pattern for a baby dinosaur, so you can easily see how the crochet comes together. The easy pattern creates an adorable dinosaur that makes a wonderful gift or keepsake for a small child. This pattern is also available in Turkish!

Triceratops Crochet Pattern By TheNicoleChase

There are few dinosaurs quite as iconic as the triceratops, and with this fantastic crochet pattern you can bring the triceratops into your home. He’s created using several pieces in the round, which are then attached together for your finished toy.

There’s so much detail on this pattern it can seem intimidating, but it’s surprisingly easy for even beginners to follow.

Crochet Triceratops Baby Rattle Pattern By AmigurumiJoys

Looking for a unique gift for a baby shower or birthday? Then look no further than this crochet triceratops teething ring. It’s adorable, unusual, and really easy to follow.

Parents and babies are sure to fall in love with this sweet triceratops, which works as both a rattle and a teething ring. Basic crochet skills are needed, but it’s a fantastic pattern for testing your experience.

Travis The T-Rex Crochet Pattern By LittleGreenBearShop

We love the goofy smile of friendly Travis the Dinosaur, who’s sure to bring a grin to the face of children and adults alike. Travis looks like he’s up to something sneaky, which will make him a fabulous gift for any little troublemaker. At only 8-inches tall, he’s a pocket sized friend with a personality much larger than his miniature body.

Bohasaurus Pattern By MamaMadeMinis

The soft and unstuffed body of the bohasaurus is ideal for little hands — which isn’t something you can say about many dinosaurs. A cross between a stuffed toy and a blanket, the bohasaurus is a reassuring weight for babies, and easy to grab for toddlers. The bohasaurus makes a thoughtful gift, but you might struggle to say goodbye to the finished product.

Pterodactyl Crochet Pattern By SweetOddityArt

Intermediate crafters will enjoy tackling this pterodactyl crochet project, which requires a little extra skill. Although the body and head are simple, the wings can get a little tricky. This pterodactyl is a completely unique gift, and a fun way to try a dinosaur crochet. It can be hard to find a pterodactyl pattern, but they don’t get any better than this adorable design. 

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs Crochet Pattern By CrochetingInCanada

Add a twist to your dinosaur pattern with this egg hatching crochet design. The pattern contains instructions for 2 egg sizes, and 5 types of dinosaur, so you can create a whole dinosaur menagerie (some sort of Jurassic Park, perhaps). You’ll delight in making this pattern, and in the surprised look on people’s faces when they open an egg to find a dinosaur!

Dinosaur Pillow Crochet Pattern By Lennutas

Cuddle up on chilly evenings with this adorable dinosaur pillow crochet. The pattern builds on a simplistic square pillow body, so beginners will find this a fun pattern to tackle. The instructions are complemented with helpful pictures, to aid in the pillow construction. A fabulous gift, or a sweet keepsake for around the house.

Cookie The Apatosaurus Dinosaur Crochet Pattern By JodiesYarn

Cookie the Apatosaurus has a long neck and rounded muzzle, giving him a distinctive cartoon appearance. There’s so much detail to give this pattern a polished finish, including little claws on the feet, spots on the body, and a long and pointed tail.

This special dinosaur makes an extra special gift for whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

Triceratops Security Blanket Crochet Pattern By iCuteCreations

What can protect you from terrors and nightmares better than a mighty triceratops? This dinosaur security blanket is decorated with a beautiful triceratops head and arms, designed to give your baby something to grab on to.

The pattern works up quickly, and is relatively easy to follow — although basic crochet knowledge is a necessity. The finished blanket is cute, quirky, and perfect for babies.

Stan The Stegosaurus Crochet Pattern By LittleGreenBearShop

This clever amigurumi pattern creates a fantastic stegosaurus, complete with tails spikes and friendly smile. A clear pattern can guide you through the construction, which is best for those with intermediate crochet skills.

The end result is a 14-inch-long stegosaurus, just the right size for playtime! Stan is as fun to make as he is to play with, so you might find you can’t resist a whole herd of stegosauruses!

2 in 1 Hooded Dinosaur Blanket By CraftingHappinessUK

The hardest part of this lovely 2 in 1 hooded blanket is deciding if you want to make a stegosaurus or triceratops. The pattern can guide you through making either, and both options are incredible! With a hood and hand warmers, this blanket keeps you warm and cozy.

It also neatly folds into a pillow. Scale up for adults, or down for children.

Titus the T-Rex Crochet Pattern By DIYFluffies

Some intermediate to advanced skill is needed to craft your very own Titus, a cartoon-style dino with a chunky body and a mouthful of sharp teeth.

This pattern is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and French, so you can craft a multicultural Titus. He’s a wonderful gift for older girls and boys, who will enjoy the combination of little arms, large legs, and a squeezable body.

Dinosaurs For Beginners Crochet Pattern By SabrinasAmigurumi

Crocheting a dinosaur can be an intimidating project, but with this easy pattern even beginners can create a whole dinosaur scene. SabrinasAmigurumi’s pattern includes instructions for 5 different dinosaurs, as well as how to craft your own tree and volcano.

Playtime has never been better than with this awesome set (or should we say roar-some?).

Crochet Triceratops Basket Pattern By BriAbbyHMA

Dinosaur fanatics will absolutely adore this crochet triceratops basket, which is roughly 17 inches long and 16 inches tall. The convenient size fits perfectly into a child’s bedroom, and can be used as a toy basket, clothes hamper, or just for carrying things around.

For crafters with a love of dinosaurs, this triceratops basket will do a fantastic job holding all those bundles of yarn you undoubtedly have lying about.

Horace The Stegosaurus Crochet Pattern By IreneStrange

Rainbow-striped Horace the stegosaurus is a fun and unusual crochet pattern, perfect for young and old dinosaur lovers alike! The straight-forward pattern is well written, so even new crocheters can have a go at tackling Horace, although watch out for the tricky spikes.

A colorful pattern that you’ll want to play around with, Horace is a quirky take on the traditional dinosaur.

Dino The Dinosaur Crochet Pattern By AquariwoolCrochet

With big goofy teeth, large bulging eyes, and even nostrils, this dinosaur crochet toy is a pattern with personality. The pattern is carefully explained to guide you through the construction, which is mostly easy, but can get fiddly around the details. Available in Portuguese and English.

Photo Frame Triceratops Crochet Pattern By TANATIcrochet

The photo frame triceratops pattern is a fantastic way to add more dinosaurs into the home. The easy-to-read pattern has a slightly complicated construction, but intermediate crocheters should find it a fun challenge. Enjoy watching as your triceratops comes to life, and then add a personal spin with your favorite family photo.

Plod The African Flower Triceratops Crochet Pattern By HeidiBears

African flowers are a traditional floral pattern that are used to create soft toys and stuffed animals. Plod the triceratops is a wonderful example of what you can do with this interesting craft.

Using different sizes of African flowers to create the entire design, experienced crafters will appreciate getting stuck into this complex character. African flowers are ideal for stash busting!

Velociraptor Crochet Pattern By CraftyIntentions

Any fans of the original Jurassic Park will feel a shiver of fear at the thought of a velociraptor in the home, but this adorable crochet pattern just might change their mind. There’s plenty of photos and video instructions provided by CraftyIntentions to assist you in making this velociraptor.

Microraptor Dinosaur Crochet Pattern By CraftyIntentions

Once you’ve mastered the velociraptor, the microraptor is the way to go. This fantastically feathered creature is a step-up in difficulty, but the flamboyant final design is fashionable and ferocious!

Perfect for the dinosaur lover, but anyone with taste will enjoy having the microraptor running around their home.

Dinosaur Sleeper Crochet Pattern By JuliiaPyha

Step-by-step instructions guide you through this adorable dinosaur sleeper toy pattern. The flattened design is ideal for young children and newborns. Some basic crochet knowledge is required, but this pattern works up super quickly. Which is good news, because once you’ve made one, you won’t be able to resist making another.

Triceratops Rug By IRAROTTpatterns

Add a touch of the prehistoric to any room with this enchanting triceratops rug crochet pattern. The carefully written instructions are easy to follow, and the pattern works up quickly. Children will love the adorable face of Tops the triceratops, which brings so much personality to a room. Working in rounds, it’s satisfying to watch as the rug comes together.

T-Rex Advanced Skills Crochet Pattern By ElenasTimes

Terrifying isn’t quite the right word for this detailed T-Rex, but the pattern will strike fear into the hearts of those less skilled with a crochet hook. Only tackle this one if you have plenty of practice! It’s definitely worth the effort, however, for this surprisingly realistic dinosaur.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Crochet A Dinosaur?

Even someone with only the most basic of crochet knowledge can quickly learn to make a simplified dinosaur. Start by crocheting a round body that can be stuffed easily. Next, add some spikes across the back, and a chunky tail.

2 eyes, a quick smile, and some arms and legs, and you have a dino! It may not fool a paleontologist, but this simple shape is recognizably a dinosaur, and a great starting point for more complicated crochet patterns.

Is A Dinosaur An Easy Thing To Crochet?

There are many types of dinosaur crochet patterns available, ranging from the very easy to the incredibly complicated. Because dinosaurs have some immediately recognizable features, simple dinosaur patterns are available.

These use basic shapes and a few key features to craft a sweet dinosaur that’s perfect for young children. On the other end of the scale, complicated crochet patterns allow you to create a dinosaur that looks scarily realistic. 

There’s a dinosaur crochet pattern for every skill level, from total beginner to talented expert.

What Is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a type of crochet that’s used to create 3-dimensional toys. It’s traditionally a Japanese form of crochet, but it’s won the hearts of crafters all over the world. Amigurumi often looks complicated, but it’s a fantastic way for first time crocheters to try their hand at creating something 3D. 

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