65 Easy Crochet Applique Patterns Beginners Must Try

Applique patterns for crochet allow you to make flat shapes in lots of different ways. You can make animals, flowers, symbols, and more!

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They are amazing for gifts or to hand around your house as inexpensive decoration. 

A great thing about crochet applique is that it takes very little time and yarn to do, as the shapes are often quite small. So, you can make lots of them and give them to everyone! 

Today we are looking at a number of different patterns online that you can use for free or purchase to make crochet applique! 

1. Feathers 

These feathers are lovely and long so that you can use them for bookmarks, bunting, and more. You can make them with multiple different colored yarns, making multicolored feathers.

This means that all of your feathers will be unique in their own way. 

2. Easter Bunnies 

This pattern for little Easter bunnies is so sweet. It’s made using two colors, but you could easily change this up by adding other colors if you wanted.

The pattern includes instructions on how to add ears and tails, as well as instructions on how to make the body. 

3. Sloth On A Tree

This is another very easy applique pattern that looks much more intricate than it is. Sloths are recently becoming more popular, which is why this is bound to be a hit for the sloth lover in your life. 

The cute sloth is hanging from its tree and staring right at you, enticing you with its sweetness. If you attach it to a blanket, the sloth might convince you to spend the rest of the day on the couch! 

4. The Baby Shark Family

This adorable family of baby sharks is perfect for any shark lover. These tiny sharks are swimming along together, smiling at anyone who passes.

You can even make one of each color of the rainbow, creating a beautiful rainbow of sharks.

If you’re just like anyone else in the world, we’re sure that you know a little child who is obsessed with Baby Shark (do-do-do-do-do-do). So, why not make them their favorite family of sharks? 

5. Triceratops Dinosaur

How cute are these little dinosaur appliques? These would be amazing to add to a baby blanket, hat, or other crocheted craft. They won’t take much to make and they’ll be super quick! 

This is great if you’re adding them to a larger craft such as a baby blanket. Once you have finally made the whole blanket, you can quickly add these dinosaurs within one crafting session. 

6. Koala Hearts

If you know how to make a heart applique, you can change the red color to gray and create some additions to make them a koala.

These are great for little gifts for children or token gifts for your friends. Koalas seem to have quite a fanbase, so you’re bound to know someone with a soft spot for these cute little animals. 

7. Sweet Llamas

Much like koalas, llamas also seem to have a big following among humans. So, why not make this applique for a llama lover in your life? I very much enjoy the pastel colors added to this llama. 

Another great thing about this crochet applique is that kids seem to think llamas are very cool, so this is a great gift for little children. 

8. Toadstool House

These toadstools are absolutely adorable. They look like something out of a fairy tale, especially when you see them converted into little fairy houses.

They’re very simple to make, and you can customize them however you want. The pattern even helps you to make a loop for hanging, which is perfect for bunting.

9. Frida Inspired Crochet Applique 

Frida Kahlo was an artist who had many different interests. She painted many works with the themes of death, the human body, and identity. 

She has also now become a feminist icon. There are now many different ways that you can add her into your art, and this crochet applique is a great one to give to any feminists in your life.

10. Flower Crown Unicorn

Who doesn’t love a wondrous story of a unicorn? These mythical creatures are fun for people of all ages and this applique is too.

The flower crown gives it a boho vibe and all of the little details make it look so intricate. 

In reality, this pattern is perfect for people who have only a little bit of experience with crochet!

So, while people will think that you have put tons of effort into this gift, it will have only really taken you a couple of hours.

11. Daisy Flowers 

We love the look of little flower appliques sewn onto blankets. Imagine a green blanket made from granny squares with a bunch of little daisy appliques scattered over it. How cute does that sound? 

This pattern allows you to experiment with sizes of your daisies so that you can find which suits your project the best.

We think that smaller daisies look sweeter, but we’re also fans of the super large daisy too.

12. Forget Me Not Flowers

A lot of us love flowers, and they’re a wonderful way to brighten up our day. These flowers are gorgeous and they are three dimensional!

This makes them look even more interesting to look at and more professional. 

These would look lovely stitched onto a crocheted hat. You can make them for the whole family! 

13. Mice With Bowties 

If you’re a fan of animals wearing bow ties (like we are!) then you’re going to love this one. These mice come fully equipped with ears, a tail, a button nose, and of course the classic bow tie.

Make multiple of these and give them to kids to play with – they’ll love them! 

14. Teddy Bear Crochet Appliques 

If you’re looking for something to put on a baby blanket, cardigan, or hat, then you cannot go wrong with these little teddy bears.

Make them in any color you want and stitch them onto your finished craft. We love how stylish these look while only requiring an hour or so to make!

15. Heart-Shaped Owls 

Next up we have heart shapes made into owls. These are great for party favors, appliques for clothing, and more.

The thing we love about this pattern is that you can make them all different from one another. For example, change up the colors, add accessories to them, and play around with their eyes. 

16. Storks Carrying Babies

Another ideal applique to put on your project designed for a baby, this gives us a lovely vintage feel.

You don’t see storks on many baby items anymore, so why not use your crochet hook and a few leftover scraps of yarn to help them make a comeback? 

17. Flamingos

The flamingo appliques are super easy to do but they also look very intricate and professional. Add these to your summer decor.

These could also be great little decorations if you have any parties during the summer – whether that be garden barbecue parties to children’s birthday parties. 

18. Cheeky Frogs

Again with the heart-shaped base, these frogs are as cute as they are cheeky. What makes them so cheeky, you say?

Well,  just look at them pulling funny faces and sticking their tongues out at us. These are bound to be a fan favorite with kids everywhere. 

Make multiple of these frogs and customize them to give them their own little personalities. 

19. Hearty Crabs

Yep, you guessed it – these appliques are another that use the heart shape as a base. Has anyone noticed that you can make almost any crochet applique if you know the pattern of a heart?

Anyway, these make lovely additions to any blanket that has an under the sea theme. Pair these with number 21 and you’ve got an underwater party! 

20. Pumpkin Teeth

This pumpkin is quite possibly our favorite design from the entire list. It’s such a fun idea and looks really cool.

This would be a great addition to Halloween costumes, Halloween themed blankets, and more. 

We think that the genius of this idea is that the pumpkins are in the shape of teeth – for no particular reason. It’s just fun! 

Make the basic shape in white instead of orange and take away the green stalk and you have yourself some teeth crochet appliques instead. 

21. Whales And Sharks

These crafts allow you to make both sharks and whales with the same basic pattern. There are only a few differences with making these two types of fish – the tails and the faces.

Attach these to blankets, mobiles, or anything else in a child’s room! 

If they enjoy sea life, then they’re going to love these small little appliques. 

22. Miniature Houses

Here we have miniature houses made using the same basic pattern used for the other designs on this list. Use whatever colors you like and make sure that they match your theme.

We love the idea of using all pastel colors, all bright colors, or even just black and white! These make great bunting for your house. 

Another amazing idea for these appliques is to create the bunting for a child’s room and call them fairy houses.

The fairies can come and go from their houses as they please, making this a very imaginative toy. 

23. Disney Princesses 

These six Disney princesses would look amazing anywhere in your home, whether that be on a blanket or hung up in a movie room.

While they look extremely intricate and difficult to make, they are actually suitable for beginners! 

So, don’t think that this pattern is too difficult for your skill level. Instead, challenge yourself and wow your guests every time they visit and see your Disney princess bunting. 

24. Unicorn With Boho Vibes

Another flower crown yielding unicorn now – and this pattern is also suitable for upper beginner level.

It is so cute that we’re tempted to stop writing this article right now and make one for ourselves.

Switch up all the colors that you want to personalize the unicorn to use them as gifts. We particularly love the spirals as they make it look incredibly advanced and professional! 

25. Sea Turtles

The best thing about these crochet appliques is that you can customize their shells with different colors, buttons, and anything else that you might find in your crafts drawer.

You can either crochet mini hearts onto the shell or use other textures to create a mixed media applique.       

26. Ice Creams

These ice cream scoops are perfect for those who want to try out a new craft but aren’t ready to tackle something complicated.

They may not be as detailed as the others on this list, but they still look adorable hanging on a wall.

Pair them with the flamingo applique that we mentioned earlier in our list when making summer decor or crafts! 

27. Wild Animals Bundle 

This bundle is a great gift for children or toddlers who are learning all about animals. With this bundle you can make a giraffe, a zebra, a rhino, an elephant, and a lion!

Bundle them all up with some ribbon or string and you have a perfect little gift for any children in your life. 

28. Pansy Flowers

This project looks amazing for anyone who enjoys hanging dried flowers around their house as decor.

It has become a big trend recently to put pressed flowers in frames and hang them around the house.

That is what we love about this project – you don’t need to use the lengthy process of drying and pressing flowers!

Simply crochet these pansies and stick them in a frame. Instead of taking two to three weeks, this project will only take you a day or so. Plus, this would make a lovely gift. 

29. Spraying Whale   

Another whale applique to try, this one is lengthways rather than head on. They’re super happy whales too – just look at their happy faces and spraying blowholes!

Once you get the hang of the pattern,  you’ll be able to make multiple of these spraying whales within just one hour. 

30. Foxes With Flowers

Another very cute crochet applique, these foxes can either have their eyes closed or open. You can also add bows in their hair or bow ties around  their necks!

This applique is perfect for anyone who loves foxes. You could make a blanket made up of granny squares and add a fox to every other square to make a very foxy gift.

31. Dogwood Flowers 

These dogwood flowers are a really easy crochet project. The petals are attached using crochet chain stitches which makes them really sturdy.

They’re very simple yet we think that they are an underrated flower. 

Make a few of these appliques and stick them on hats, blankets, scarves – anything that you might be making! 

32. Carnations

Carnation crochet appliques are another popular choice amongst crafters. These are usually done with a single color yarn and then sewn together to form the shape of a carnation.

You can then add a green crocheted stem to make a full bouquet. 

These are gorgeous if you want to make someone a bunch of flowers that will last forever. They could even be used as a wedding bouquet! 

33. Basic Crochet Applique Flowers

These flowers could not be easier to create. The entire flower is made up of just two rounds! The center is made from a magic ring and then you create the petals with double and triple crochet stitches.

Think about how many of these flowers you could make! One would surely not take you longer than 30 minutes once you had the pattern down.  

 34. Fern Leaves

Fern leaves are a fun crochet project because you can do them in different colors. We recommend doing them in a mix of bright and dark colors but it’s entirely up to you. 

The end result of this crochet applique is amazing – it looks like you have spent hours perfecting all of the stitches.

While it will take some time to chain all of the notches on the leaves, it won’t take you as long as you think it will. 

Add this applique to any project. You could stitch it to your work down the leaf’s spine so that the smaller leaves are able to move freely without being tied down. 

35. Roses 

Roses are always popular and these rose appliques are no exception.

These are a bit more difficult than most of the projects on this list because they require a lot of yarnovers and single crochet stitches.

However, if you’ve got the patience then you should be fine. We recommend starting off with a smaller size of yarn before moving onto the next larger size.

36. Oak Leaves

Oak leaves are a great way to add texture to your crochet projects. They can be worked into almost any type of fabric and they come in lots of shapes and sizes.

If you want to make something extra special, then try making these with the rest of the leaves on our list to make a big fall leaf pile to jump into. 

37. A Line Of Lace

This is a fun project that is unlike anything else that we have put on our list. It is a continuous applique that looks lacey and elegant. Make as much as you want and trim it for all different projects. 

Use it to line a blanket or a sweater, make a bookmark, or add it to a tablecloth. Make it in one color or multiple – the possibilities are endless with this one. 

38. Cement Mixer Applique 

It’s a natural part of a child’s life when they become slightly obsessed with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. These could include diggers, tractors, or even cement mixers. 

This applique is perfect for children in this phase of life as they won’t have to wait for one to drive by to see one – they can just look at the thoughtful applique that you made for them. 

39. Fall Leaves Crochet Appliques

These are cute leaves that you can make in all sorts of autumnal colors such as orange, yellow, red, black, and beige.

This is a quick crochet project that you could easily complete over the course of one weekend (depending on how many you want to make). 

Use these as decor for fall or any parties that are happening during the end of the year. This pattern is very beginner friendly, and it will also teach you a few very useful skills in crochet. 

40. Sunflowers

This sunflower crochet pattern is so gorgeous that we want to make it right now!

Sunflowers are many people’s favorite flowers, so this crochet applique is a great option for many beginners and advanced crocheters alike. 

Make a bunch with the crocheted stems and leaves for an incredibly thoughtful gift to someone special. Each sunflower is eight inches wide, so they’re not miniature flowers either. 

41. Rain Clouds

Crochet rain clouds are a beautiful addition to any crochet project. They look really cool when made from white cotton yarn as well as different shades of blue.

You can use these as part of a blanket in which you create a whole scene. 

Use some of the other appliques on this list to do so. For example, have the wild animals sitting under the rain clouds next to the sunflower field. Let your imagination run wild!

42. Umbrella Crochet Appliques

Umbrellas are a classic accessory to keep you dry from the rain, but they don’t have to be boring. Crochet umbrellas are a great way to add more depth into your project.

You could pair an umbrella with any of the character appliques on this list to give them a fun accessory! 

These umbrellas would also go excellently with the rain cloud pattern that we just looked at (number 41)!

43. Puff Flowers

Puff flowers are a fun and easy crochet project. They’re very quick to make and can be created with any type of yarn.

These puff flowers are very versatile and you could use them to decorate bags, pillow covers, pillows, curtains, table runners, and much more. 

The beads used for the pattern in the middle of the flowers make them look lovely and elegant, so much so that we think you could make a brooch out of this applique pattern

 44. Easter Eggs And Bunnies

Easter eggs and bunnies are two of the best things about springtime. We’ve included both of these patterns here because they’re so adorable.

The bunny pattern is a little tricky to start off with, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love making these crochet designs. 

Why not make some of these and use them as bunting decor, or give them out to kids instead of more chocolate? 

45. More Roses

Next up we have more rose appliques.

These are three dimensional roses, but they have a flatter edge at the back of them which is perfect for stitching onto other projects, such as hats, blankets, scarves, and more. 

These roses are beginner-friendly and will only take a couple of hours to make multiple of them.

Once you get the hang of the pattern, you won’t be able to stop making roses of all colors! 

 46. Angel Appliques

Angel appliques are another one of our favorites. You can make them in lots of colors and sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

If you like angels, then you should definitely try making one of these crochet angel patterns. 

You can even make a set of four or five of them and stitch them together to make a larger angel design.

The pattern explores using them as Christmas tree ornaments, or you can use them as appliques to stitch on other work instead.

47. Rainbow Heart Flower

Rainbow heart flowers are one of our favorites. This rainbow heart crochet pattern has a beautiful design and is really easy to make.

It’s also a great way to practice your crochet skills while creating something pretty. 

We love that there are two ways that you can view this project – a lot of love hearts, and a flower. Use as many  or as little colors as you want to make it your own.

 48. Heart Pendant 

Heart pendants are a great way to show someone how much you care. Make a few of these and give them to loved ones so that they know how much you appreciate them.

As a lot of the previous appliques that we’ve looked at begin with a heart shape, you should be a master at them by now! 

So, this heart pendant applique should be a walk in the park, even for beginners. 

49. The Easter Bunny

This Easter bunny crochet pattern is super cute and easy to make. The bunny looks like he’s smiling, but if you look closely, you’ll see his teeth are actually missing!

He’s got a big smile though, so we think he must be happy. 

He must be happy, because look at the size of the carrot that he is holding!

This bunny is slightly more intricate than the other bunnies on this list, but the detail in the finished result is well worth the extra work.

50. Magnolia Headband

Crochet magnolias are one of our favorites. They’re pretty, they’re delicate, and they’re super versatile.

If you’re looking for something different to crochet, then you need to try out this headband

While it’s not strictly a pattern for a crochet applique, you can take part of the pattern to make the flower and stitch it to whatever else you want to make.

We still think that this headband is super cool! 

51. More Clouds

If you like cloud patterns, then you’ll absolutely adore this crochet pattern. The clouds are so detailed without taking much time or expertise at all.

Each cloud measures in at 7-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches, so they’re perfect for when you need larger clouds for your project. 

You can use this pattern to make a wall hanging, a throw, a bag, a hat, or even a scarf. Just about anything goes with this pattern! 

52. Flower Applique 

Flower appliques are another one of our favorites. You’ll find that they’re quite simple to create and they come in lots of colors and sizes.

The best thing about them is that they can be made with almost any yarn that you have lying about. 

We love how this flower looks when it’s finished, especially since it’s so bright and cheerful.

Make sure to add some color to yours by using different types of yarns and different colors. 

 53. Lucky Unicorn

Lucky unicorns are always fun to crochet, and this unicorn is no exception. This adorable unicorn was crocheted from a single heart shape.

All you need to do is add the nose, horns, and ears. Use some smaller heart shapes to make the clover leaves and you’re done! 

This lucky unicorn is perfect for any Irish people in your life, or anyone who celebrates St. Patrick Day. 

 54. Fruity Coasters

Fruit coasters are a great idea for those who enjoy drinking ice cold drinks in the summer. These fruit coasters are really easy to make, too.

You can make them in all types of fruit, such as oranges, lemons, watermelon, apple, strawberries, or pears. 

This is a great example of how to make a crochet applique for something useful as well as decoration.

55. Crochet Sunglasses Applique 

Sunglass crochet designs are a great way to show off your creativity. You don’t need any special skills to make these sunglasses, either.

Simply follow the instructions and you will end up with an awesome pair of sunglasses to applique onto another project such as a blanket or a hat. 

56. Anemone Flower Headband 

Another headband on our list, this one features an anemone applique.

Again, it’s super easy to create and you can take the applique out of the pattern and only make that if you’d prefer it without the headband. 

Switch up the colors to whichever you want. We love the black center and how intricate it is. It might take some time to perfect, but the results are amazing once you get it right. 

57. Christmas Reindeer Appliques

Christmas reindeers are just as cute as regular deer, if not cuter. These reindeers were crocheted from a heart shape, which makes them easier to make than more intricate shapes.  

The red nose is made from felt, but you can make them from pom poms instead. We think that the dainty little antlers make this applique even cuter. 

58. Musical Note

Music notes are a classic crochet design. They look lovely in many different projects.

We’ve used a solid white thread to give the note a bit of texture. You could also use a contrasting colored thread to make the note stand out.

A musical note is a very quick applique to crochet, and it also allows you to learn some beneficial techniques for future projects. 

59. Autumn Berry Flower Appliques

Autumn berry flowers are another beautiful addition to your crochet skills. You’ll find that these flowers are quite similar to sunflowers, except that there are fewer rows involved.

Like sunflowers, autumn berries are also easy to customize.

We love how the pattern uses a button in the middle of the flower to add some mixed media to your project. 

60. Easy Flower Applique 

We love this flower applique because it’s so easy to do. It’s basically just a circle of crochet stitches surrounding a center point.

There are some variations to the pattern depending on what kind of yarn you use, but the basic idea remains the same. 

Switch up the colors between the two rounds to make a more interesting flower. You can make as many as you can out of your yarn scraps from other finished projects. 

61. Butterfly Applique Pattern

Butterflies have always been a favorite among crocheters. This butterfly applique pattern is simple enough to be done by anyone, and yet still looks like it took a lot of work.

The pattern is free so you can make this without spending any money as long as you have scraps of yarn lying around from previous projects. 

The thing we like most about this pattern is that it boasts how it can be done within three minutes. Do you think that you can achieve this?

Challenge your friends to see who can complete their butterfly applique the quickest. 

62. Cute Little Octopus

Cartoon octopuses are adorable creatures. If you’re looking for something fun to crochet, this octopus will definitely fit the bill. It has a cute face with eyes and tentacles.

It would make a great gift for someone special or a baby shower present.

This octopus was designed using a square stitch pattern, which means that you don’t need to count rows when making it. Just keep track of where you are at each round. 

63. Ladybug Hearts

Ladybugs are one of our favorites. They are sweet, colorful insects that remind us of summertime.

This ladybug heart applique pattern is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any time you want to show your appreciation for someone special.

You might notice that your ladybug hearts are not symmetrical.

That’s okay! It doesn’t matter if they aren’t perfectly balanced. What matters is that you get creative and come up with your own unique designs. 

64. Squirrel Crochet Appliques

Squirrels are funny little critters. They are often found scampering through trees and bushes.

These squirrel crochet appliques are an excellent way to practice your crochet skills while adding a touch of humor to your home decor.

These squirrel appliques are very easy to make. All you really need is a hook and some yarn. You can even try making them with different colored yarns to create a variety of patterns.

65. Beer Mug Applique

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to crochet, this beer mug applique pattern is a good place to start. It’s a quick and easy beginner-friendly project.

You’ll find yourself creating all kinds of shapes and textures once you get started.

This is a great one for anyone who loves an ice cold beer in your life. It might not be best suited for kids, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Crochet Applique? 

Crochet applique is a type of crochet that involves very little time and expertise level. It is a practice of which you can make lovely little shapes in all different patterns.

As you can see above, there are limitless themes you can create your appliques from. 

Our favorites are animals, flowers, and symbols. You can also make special appliques for occasions such as Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, and Halloween. 

Appliques are perfect for blankets, bunting, hats, and more. You can use these small patterns as a part of a bigger project, or you can make them as little tokens of appreciation for somebody.

Children also love to play with them as toys. 

How Much Time Does It Take To Make A Crochet Applique?

It depends on what kind of shape you want to make. Some of the projects take less than 10 minutes to finish, while others may take several hours.

The amount of time needed to make a crochet applique varies depending on the size of the end result. A large applique will take longer to finish than a smaller one. 

Another thing to consider is the complexity of the finished applique and how familiar with the techniques you are.

It is going to take longer to finish if you are learning new techniques on the job.

Once you get the hang of the techniques, however, you should be able to finish the applique much quicker. 

No matter what your skill level or the complexity of the applique, you shouldn’t have to spend longer than a couple of hours on a single pattern. 


There are many ways to make crochet appliques, and many patterns out there to get you started.

Once you have finished your appliques and become more confident with them, why not push your limits and create your own pattern for an applique from the skills that you have learned?

We hope that you have found a pattern that excites you in our article today – we know we have!

We’re off to crochet a load of appliques to use for future projects, as they’ll come in handy one day! 

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