13 Stunningly Beautiful Hooded Scarf Crochet Patterns

Crochet has become increasingly popular over recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

There are many fantastic projects available online, and the ability to customize your creations means that you can make them exactly how you want. 

If you’re new to crocheting, or just need some inspiration, here’s a list of beautiful crocheted hooded scarves.

They will help you get your creative crochet juices flowing, and start creating your unique designs!

Faerie Mist Hooded Scarf

Despite what some people might think of it, the hooded Scarf, whilst perhaps a little silly when simply hanging from your head,

has the potential to be both incredibly cozy, and surprisingly practical, with its warmth-holding yarn. This beautiful blue faerie mist hooded scarf is an excellent example of their utility.

The shades of blue and cyan that are used in this pattern have a beautiful cooling look that will keep you warm on those cold nights, but also add a sense of coolness and lightness to any outfit.

The crocheting itself is fairly straightforward, but the pattern does call for a few unusual techniques such as double crochet chains and treble crochet clusters.

This project shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours for a determined crocheter to complete, including counting all the stitches.

It’s worth noting that although the pattern states that you should work in continuous rounds without turning,

it would also make sense to cast off at the end of round 26 (or wherever you feel comfortable) and continue working until you reach the desired length.

This design is written out step by step, so there are no difficult charts to memorize.

Hooded Scarf Crochet Pattern

This take on the classic hooded scarf is sure to keep you warm and comfy in those colder times of fall and winter.

Featuring delicate light white and gray, this lovely piece can easily be worn as part of any casual ensemble.

This particular pattern is perfect for those children between 6 and 9 that you don’t want to get colds and flu as they run and play in the cold bites.

It works up quickly, and even though the pattern calls for a relatively small number of colors, the combination of blues and grays means that the entire project doesn’t turn into a muddy sea of color.

This is a great way to introduce kids to basic crochet skills while still making something that looks nice!

Harlequin Hoodie

Whilst a single solid color is all well and good, sometimes you just want your hooded scarf to stand out from the crowd.

Well, this harlequin crochet design is perfect for those eye-popping colors that are sure to keep you at the center of attention!

The pattern features bright orange, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and magenta hues which together form a vibrant collection of complementary colors.

A simple cable stitch forms the body of the design, and then a series of interesting motifs are worked through the rest of the fabric.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this design is the use of a contrasting color thread throughout the whole piece.

This makes the design pop against other garments and ensures that the wearer stands out against the background.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to update your wardrobe, this colorful version of the classic hooded scarf could be just the thing to do.

Cozy Cat Hooded Scarf

We’ve talked a little about the practicality of hooded scarves, but it’s also worth acknowledging that, when they’re just being worn on your head.

they can look a little funny. So why not embrace that silly nature with these adorable cat-eared-crochet patterns!

These designs are sure to help you make some cute and cuddly friends for your home. They work up quite quickly,

so if you have an active toddler or child around, you’ll be able to whip one of them up in record time.

The first pattern features a simple square neckline and ears, whilst the second uses a similar technique but alters the shape slightly to create a heart-shaped collar.

Both patterns feature a soft pink hue, but the two different shapes mean that you can choose the right style for each occasion.

Portland Hat & Cowl Set

This is the perfect accessory to keep your kids warm in the colder months, whilst also looking great at the same time!

The hat and cowl come in matching pastel shades, meaning that both pieces will go beautifully with each other, or you can wear either separately.

The pattern includes instructions for both a round knit hat and a crocheted cowl, so whichever option you prefer, you can be sure that it will be easy to master.

It’s a great opportunity to try out some new techniques such as double crochet and chain stitches.

The only downside of this set is that there isn’t much room for customization, so you may find yourself wishing that you had included more options.

But if you don’t mind that limitation, then the fact that it comes in multiple sizes means that it should fit almost everyone.

Cheshire Cat Hoodie

When it comes to crochet patterns, we love anything that looks like it was made by a mad scientist. And this crazy design certainly fits into that category!

The Cheshire Cat Hoodie features a black base, with a white outline and spots of colored yarn used to add interest.

The result is a very original pattern that would suit anyone who loves their crafty projects to look a little offbeat.

There are plenty of details to take note of in this design, including a row of hearts, a pair of eyes, a nose, and whiskers using a combination of straight stitches and half trebles.

If you enjoyed making this project, then it will be a breeze to replicate at home.

In addition to the amazing pattern, the hoodie itself is also very well-designed, which means that it will last for years without becoming outdated.

Even though it might seem strange to choose something like this for a cold-weather item, it works perfectly for those chilly days when you need to stay warm and cozy.

Enchanted Infinity Scarf

For a look that is ripped straight from the pages of a fairy tale, this beautiful hooded scarf is sure to make you feel like the main character of your own little story!

The Enchanted Infinity Scarf features a stunning border of intricate flowers and birds, which are all created using a single crochet stitch.

This particular pattern is suitable for any level of crocheter, so whether you’re just starting or looking to improve your skills, you won’t have any problems mastering this piece.

This would be a lovely gift for someone special, or even as a way of showing your appreciation for a friend.

Whatever reason you decide to give this wonderful hooded creation, it will surely bring joy to whoever receives it.

Crocheted Cabled Scarf & Hat Pattern

The chunky aesthetic of this hooded scarf makes it look extra cozy, both for yourself, and those who will be jealous to see you in it!

The Crocheted Cabled Scarf & Hat Pattern features a wide range of different colors, allowing you to pick one that suits your style best.

In general, the color palette consists of solid tones of browns, grays, blues, and whites, but it’s up to you to determine what combinations work best for you.

The design itself is simple enough for beginners to follow, although it does require a bit of practice to get right.

There are lots of stitches involved, so it could be tricky to master them all at first. However, once you do, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching piece that will become a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Hooded Blanket Wrap

If you’d like to try some fun new designs, then the Hooded Blanket Wrap is perfect for you!

With its bold and bright hues, this piece is sure to stand out from the crowd. It can be worn either folded over the head or pulled over the shoulders,

depending on how much warmth you want to keep close to you.

One thing we love about this pattern is the inclusion of a full motif that this combo-blanket-hood has got. These are great because they allow you to use multiple shades of yarn to make an impact.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the round or flat, because the instructions are clear and easy to follow. So, no matter your skill level, you should be able to complete this project easily.

Aesthetic Hooded Scarf

This crochet pattern is the perfect way to break into this hobby. Its easy difficulty means that you’ll be creating a top-quality crochet project in no time flat!

The Aesthetic Hooded Scarf is designed to fit most heads, meaning that it’s ideal for all types of people. The design itself isn’t too complex, making it ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about the craft.

Just take your time with each step, and you’ll soon be creating a stylish accessory that will become a favorite among family members, friends, and co-workers alike.

Slouch & Fringe Infinity Scarf

This gorgeous infinity scarf is made by using the same technique as the classic infinity scarf. But instead of simply repeating the same pattern,

again and again, this version uses different techniques to create a unique effect.

In particular, the shape of this scarf is achieved through the combination of two different patterns: the “slouch” and the “fringe”.

The “slouch” part creates a slightly oversized look, while the “fringe” adds a decorative element to the whole piece.

This pattern is perfect for intermediate crocheters, so nothing is stopping you from trying this beautiful design out.

Hooded Dragon Cowl

Who doesn’t love dragons!? With this cowl on them to keep them warm, your child is going to be the coolest kid on the block!

You might think this is a complicated pattern, but it’s fairly straightforward to follow. Plus, the instructions are very detailed, which makes learning even easier.

This means that with just a little practice, you’ll have a finished product in no time at all!

Blustery Day Hooded Scarf For Kids

This is the perfect hooded scarf to wrap your kids in on those windy days that you know will catch them off guard! Made from lightweight cotton, this scarf will last for years to come.

And thanks to the fact that it’s machine washable, it also won’t cost you a fortune to clean up after your children.

One of the best things about this pattern is that it’s suitable for beginners as well as experienced crocheters.

It’s one of these projects that everyone can enjoy without feeling like they need any sort of special skills.

And the result? An adorable sweater that’s bound to become one of their favorites.

Just add a pom-pom trim and you’ve got yourself a cozy and fashionable addition to any outfit! Whether your child likes to dress up or down, this hooded scarf will work equally well for both occasions.


How Much Yarn Do I Need To Crochet A Hooded Scarf?

The exact amount that you need will vary depending on the design.

Broadly speaking, you need a few feet of yarn at least to make a full hooded scarf, at least 18 inches, or just under 46 cm. However, the more intricate the designs, the less yarn you’ll need.

But remember, the more yarn you use, the longer it will take to complete the project. So choose something appropriate for your skill level, and you should be able to achieve success right away.

Can You Double Up Your Yarn When You Are Crocheting?

Yes, absolutely!

When double knitting, you’re essentially working with 2 strands at once, making it much quicker than single crochet.

All you need to do is separate your yarn into 2 parts before starting – then just join them back together when you’ve completed each round.

How Do You Read A Crochet Pattern?

It depends on what kind of stitch you’re using. If you’re working on basic stitches such as chain, slip stitch, and single crochet, then you simply read along with the written instructions.

If you’re doing more complex techniques, such as creating cables or shaping your piece, then you’ll want to refer to the videos or the pdf breakdowns first.

They offer step-by-step instructions that show exactly how to execute every technique.

What Is The Best Way To Learn How To Crochet?

There’s no better way than to watch an expert demonstrate the steps required to complete a particular project. That way, you’ll get to see exactly how each stitch works.


The above patterns will give you everything you need to create an eye-catching accessory that’s guaranteed to impress.

And whether you’re looking for a cozy blanket for your baby, a stylish hat for the office, or a warm scarf for yourself, there’s sure to be a style here that suits you perfectly.

All of these projects are easy enough for even the most novice crocheter to master, so you shouldn’t find too many problems getting started.

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