How To Shrink A Hoodie

Hoodies are pretty baggy, and you may be inclined to buy a size bigger than your size. But it’s not always easy to shrink the hoodie down to fit properly. 

A hoodie is a comfortable garment that many people love wearing. We’ll show you how to make your own hoodie by shrinking it down to the perfect size and style.

You can choose from different types of fabrics and styles. A hoodie made of polyester or nylon shrinks faster than any other fabric. Cotton shirts need to be washed and dried before being shrunk.

How To Shrink A Hoodie

Shrinking a hoodie takes less than an hour, but some people spend more time on this process. You can shrink any kind of clothes, including cotton, silk, and wool.

Rayon doesn’t shrink as much as cotton does, but it shrinks nonetheless. There are several ways to shrink fabric. You can use a dryer or a steamer, but there are other ways too.

Let’s find out more!

Method One – Dryer 

Hoodies should be washed by hand because putting them in the washing machine causes them to shrink.

Shrinking happens when the moisture in the fabric evaporates. To prevent this from happening, wash your hoodie by hand. 

Don’t let it get too moist before washing it. Also, don’t put it in the dryers. Dry it out naturally instead. Damp clothes should be put into the dryer.

Dry them until they’re completely dry. Don’t turn off the dryer while the clothes are still wet, or they’ll get moldy. Let the clothes dry fully before hanging up.

Method Two – Iron

Ironing a small part of the hoodie offers an easy way to minimize the size of the hoodie. You can try this method to shrink just the hood, just the waistband, etc.

Test the iron before using it on the entire garment. Place a pressing cloth over the clothing to avoid any scorching. Ironing is an important skill to learn.

You should always be careful when using the iron. Always make sure that there is enough space between the fabric and the iron before you start pressing. 

Don’t let the iron touch any other surface. Make sure that you are wearing clothes that won’t get damaged if you accidentally press too hard. When the iron is hot, hold it away from your body.

You shouldn’t put your face near the iron while it is still hot. After you finish ironing, take care of the fabric carefully. Fold it neatly and hang it up to dry. Try on the hoodie to check your size!

Method Three – Water

The absolute most dramatic way to make your hoodie shrink is by placing it in boiling water. You should only try if you really, really, really want your Hoodie to shrink as much as possible.

Fill a large part two thirds full of water and place on your stove. You must use a pot big enough to hold several gallons of water and a lot of your hoodie.

Your hoodie shrinks when you put it into boiling water. 

After five minutes, it should be shrunken enough that you can easily pull off the sleeves. After 10 minutes, it should be completely shrunken.

Sweatshirts should be washed separately from other clothes. When washing them, use cold water and a mild detergent. 

Don’t wring out the shirt, but spread it out over a clean towel. Press on the towel to get the majority of the water out. Hoodies should be washed before wearing them.

You must wash your clothes inside out to prevent shrinking. Don’t let your clothes dry too long or else they may shrink more than you want.

Method Four – Hairdryer

This method shrinks clothes without any mess or hassle. However, it takes a while and the heat isn’t very high. Also, it doesn’t work well on thick garments.

Your hoodie should be soaked in water. Plug your hair drier into the wall and turn it on.

Put the hoodie on top of the drier and move the nozzle around to make sure there isn’t any contact between the hoodie and the drier.

Keep moving the nozzle around until the hoodie feels warm and dry. 

Flip the hoodie over and continue drying the other side. Sweatshirts dry quickly because they’re made of cotton. A hair dryer works well to heat up the fabric, causing the strands to get smaller. 

Method Five – Tailoring

Tailoring is not a shrinking process per se, but you might want to think about this step if you have an oversized hoodie.

You could shrink your pants or shirt to fit over your hoodie. Shrinking usually reduces garments by up to 2 sizes. 

If you have an oversized hoodie, you can ask a seamstress to alter the sweatshirt to be more fitting.

That said, unless you feel an attachment to this hoodie it probably costs about as many dollars to buy a new hoodie as it would to pay a tailor!

You can shrink most hoods quite a bit without placing them in the dryer. Cotton especially will shrink just through exposure to hot water.

You could use the washing machine method, or even the boiling water method and then let the sweatshirt air dry rather than place it in a dryer.

Tailoring your hoodie to your body, it will be more comfortable and suited to you. 

Method Six – Cotton/Polyester

Synthetic fabrics are man-made materials. They come from petroleum byproducts and are used to make clothes. Polyester, for instance, comes from petroleum byproducts and is processed into threads.

Some people think that synthetic fabrics are bad because they are made out of petroleum. But there are other types of synthetic fabrics too.

For example, the nylon comes from oil as well. Polyester doesn’t cost as much as cotton, but you still need to be careful when using a hoodie made out of this material.

A polyester hoodie needs to be heated before shrinking. Dryers work well on polyester hoodies, but make sure to turn the dryer off before the tumble cycle completes.

You can use the boiling water method, but you’ll need to let the hoodie soak in hot water for about 15-20 minutes instead of 5-10 minutes.

You can shrink cotton by placing it inside a hairdryer, but you’ll probably want to avoid putting the clothes right next to the dryer vent as the heat could damage them.

Method Seven – Washer

If you don’t mind spending some money, then you can also use a washer to shrink your clothing.

The best way to do this is to put your clothing inside the washer with cold water. Then add detergent and wash the items.

Afterward, rinse the items thoroughly with cold water. Let the clothes sit in the washer for at least 20 minutes.

Once you’ve done all of these steps, take the clothes out of the washer and hang them outside to dry. This method can be effective, but it’s important to remember that the clothes will shrink significantly after being washed.

Method Eight – Steam Ironing

Steam ironing is another option to consider. It involves steaming the garment and then pressing it. When you steam the item, the fabric absorbs moisture and becomes soft.

Method Eight – Steam Ironing

After you press the item, the moisture evaporates and the garment shrinks.

There are two different ways to steam your clothes: one uses a special type of iron called a “steam iron” and the other uses a regular iron with a steam setting.

Steam irons are designed specifically to help you get rid of wrinkles and creases. These irons are available in both manual and automatic versions.

Some models allow you to adjust the temperature while others have preset temperatures. If you’re looking for an affordable model, you might want to check out the Babyliss Professional Series.

The second option is to use a regular iron with a built-in steam function. This is more expensive than a steam iron, but it has many advantages.

First, it saves time. Instead of having to find a separate steam iron, you can simply set up your regular iron to its steam setting.

Second, it allows you to control the amount of steam. Third, it helps prevent scorching. Fourth, it provides even heating. Finally, it’s safer. 

What If The Hoodie Is One Size? 

Hoodies are very useful garments. They protect us from cold weather. We wear them when we go out. But there is no perfect way to make them smaller.

If a hoodie is one size, then it may be easier to shrink it because it was never a specific size in the first place.

When you shrink a one size hoodie,  you will be able to see that it will still fit, due to the fact it was probably larger, anyway. 

There is no perfect way to make a hoodie smaller. You can’t exactly control how much it shrinks. So, you should try to use less heat than what you normally use.

And, if you don’t want to shrink it too much, then you can use the washing machine method instead of the dryer. 

Also, you can try using cooler temperatures when you’re ironing or drying it. You should try the boiling water method first, because it may be easier than other methods.

However, if you need to shrink the waistband of your hoodie, then you can choose the hairdryer method or iron method.

What Material Are Hoodies Made From?

A hoodie is usually made out of some type of fabric. It’s typically either cotton or polyester.

There are also some synthetic fabrics like spandex which have elasticity. Spandex is often used in making pantyhose.

Hoodies are often thicker than regular shirts. They have more layers. They are often made with two pieces of material sewn together.

One piece is the front part and the back part. Another piece is the sleeves. Sometimes, there are three pieces. The third piece is the hood.

The best thing about a hoodie is that it protects us from the wind and rain. It keeps us warm. In addition, it helps keep our heads warm.

It’s not only good for winter. It’s great during summer too. It’s just another layer of clothing.

The Best Way To Make Your Own Hoodie

You can make your own hoodie. All you need is a sewing machine and some thread. First, you need to cut out the pattern.

Cut out all the pieces. Then sew them together. Sew buttons on the sleeves. Put the hood over the head. Now, you’re ready to wear it!

You can buy an already made hoodie online. This is a quick way to get a new hoodie. But if you want to save money, then you can make your own hoodies.

You can even make your own hoodie for someone else. Just ask them if you can make their hoodie for free.

Cotton Vs Polyester: Which Should I Use?

If you want to know whether to use cotton or polyester, then you should know that both of these materials are durable. Both of these materials are strong.

They are easy to wash. Cotton is lighter weight than polyester. It’s breathable. It dries quickly. The Polyester is slightly heavier than cotton.

It’s warmer. It’s more resistant to stains. It’s more expensive than cotton. It takes longer to dry.

If you want to make sure that your clothes last long, then you should use polyester. If you want to make sure your clothes look nice, then you should use cotton.

How To Dry My Hoodie After Washing It?

After you’ve washed your hoodie, you should hang it up to dry. Do this immediately after you finish washing it.

Don’t let it sit around for days. That would ruin its shape. Hang it up somewhere where it won’t get wet. Try hanging it near a window. Or, you could put it in the sun.

How Long Does It Take To Dry My Hoodie?

It depends on how hot it is outside. If it’s really hot, then it will take a lot longer to dry. If it’s cold outside, then it might take a little less time.

How Many Times Can I Wash My Hoodie?

It depends on how dirty it is. If it’s very dirty, then you should wash it at least once every week. If it’s clean, then you should wash your hoodie once every month.

How Often Should I Iron My Hoodie?

You should always iron your hoodie before wearing it. Otherwise, it will wrinkle when you wear it.

Is Cotton Easy To Shrink?

Yes, cotton is easy to shrink. So, if you don’t like your hoodie shrinking, then you should avoid using cotton.

However, if you do want to use cotton, then you should try to find a brand that doesn’t shrink as much.

What Is The Best Hoodie Material For Me?

There isn’t one single perfect type of fabric for everyone. Some people prefer thick fabrics while others prefer thin ones.

There are many types of fabrics. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Cotton is usually the best kind of fabric for hoodies, because it is better quality. 

What Are The Different Types Of Fabric?

Fabric comes in many types. Here are some of the most common types of fabric.


This is the cheapest type of fabric. It’s also the softest. It’s great for summer because it keeps you cool. It’s not too heavy either.


This is another popular type of fabric. It feels warm and cozy. It’s also good for winter. It’s not too light though.


This is a synthetic material. It’s usually used for shirts. It’s lightweight but sturdy. It’s comfortable to wear. It’s also water-resistant.


This is a man-made fiber. It’s often used for clothing. It’s durable. It’s also stain resistant. It’s not as warm as wool.


This is an artificial fiber. It’s commonly used for swimwear. It’s durable. You can machine wash it. It’s also hypoallergenic.


This is a man made fiber. It’s sometimes used for baby products. It’s soft and stretchy. It’s also waterproof.

What Kind Of Fabrics Are Used In Hoodies?

Hoodies are typically made from 100% cotton or a blend of cotton with other fibers. But, there are other kinds of fabrics that you can use instead. 

Does Cold Water Shrink Hoodies? 

Sweaters should be held back until after the drying cycle. Heat will cause the fibers to shrink, making the sweater fit better. Hold off on wearing sweaters until after the drying cycle completes.

Preshrinking is a great feature for people who want to protect their clothes from getting ruined. But if you’re trying to shrink your clothes, preshrinking won’t help you out.

Older garments are more likely to already have shrunk, and preshrinking won’t make them any smaller.

So, if you’ve tried these methods and your garment hasn’t shrunk yet, there’s not too much you can do about it.

Put the washing machine on cold water, then put the wet clothes into the washer. Turn the machine on and wait until the machine finishes.

Then turn off the machine and remove the clothes. Let them dry on high heat. Always check the garments throughout the cycles to make sure you don’t over-shrink them.

The good news is your dream sweater may finally be in reach even if it’s just a bit too big. Happy shrinking!

How Do I Avoid Shrinking? 

You can avoid shrinking by following these tips.

Wash Your Sweater Before Wearing

It’s important to wash your sweater before putting it on. If you wash it right away, it’ll shrink less.

Dry Your Sweater Properly

Dryers work best at low temperatures. When you hang your sweater outside, it dries faster than when you hang it inside.

Machine Wash Your Sweater

Machine washing makes your sweater shrink less. Just remember to follow the instructions on the tag.

Don’t Over Dry Your Sweater

Drying your sweater too fast will cause it to shrink.

Hang Your Sweater Outside

Hanging your sweater outside helps it dry naturally.

How Do I Shrink A Hoodie Fast? 

First, fill a sink or bowl with hot water. Make the water as hot as you can handle. Submerge your hoodie in hot water for 5 minutes.

Take your hoodie out of hot water. Wrap it in a towel and use the towel to squeeze out any remaining water. 

Let the hoodie air dry until it is almost dry. Put your hoodie back on and wear it until completely dry.

The heat of your body will help to shrink the hoodie even more.You’ve successfully shrunk your hoodies without using a dryer. Enjoy your perfectly fitted hoodies!

How Long Does It Take To Get My Hoodie Shrunk? 

How Long Does It Take To Get My Hoodie Shrunk? 

The time needed to get your hoodie shrunk depends on how many times you wash it. Some hoodies take longer to shrink than others. How long does it take to shrink your hoodie? Follow this guide to find out:

If you haven’t washed your hoodie in a few months, it might take up to 3 weeks to shrink it.

If you wash your hoodie every week, it could take 1 month to shrink it.

If you wash your hoodie once a month, it could take 2 months to shrink it.

Why Would I Want To Shrink My Hoodie? 

Shrinking your hoodie is an easy way to give yourself a new look. You can also shrink your hoodie because it feels so comfortable that you want to keep wearing it all the time.

If you’re looking for something different, try shrinking your hoodie.

Can I Shrink Wool? 

Woolen sweaters should be washed in cold water with a mild soap. After washing, you should dry them by hanging them over a clothesline.

Don’t twist or bunch the sweater when drying. Blotting the sweater with a towel after washing helps remove excess moisture.

You should use your hand to press the part you want to shrink. When you finish pressing, place the sweater on the table. Don’t move it until it dries completely.

How To Care For Your Hoodie

1. Store Your Hoodie In Cold Water. Keep your hoodie in a cool area where there are no drafts. This will prevent your hoodie from getting moldy.

2. Use Mild Soap And A Soft Sponge. Clean your hoodie gently with a sponge. Avoid rubbing your hoodie with rough surfaces like sandpaper.

3. Let Your Hoodie Air-Dry. Leave your hoodie to air-dry. This prevents wrinkles from forming.

4. Never Iron Your Hoodie. Always iron your hoodie before putting it away. This will make your hoodie last longer.

5. Don’t Wring Or Squeeze Your Hoodie. Wringing or squeezing your hoodie may damage it.

6. Shake Out Your Hoodie Before Putting It Away. Shake out your hoodie before storing it. This will reduce static electricity build up.

7. Dry Your Hoodie On A Line. Hang your hoodie over a line to dry. This will ensure that your hoodie doesn’t wrinkle.

8. Wash Your Hoodie With Cold Water. Wash your hoodie in cold water with a gentle detergent. Rinse your hoodie thoroughly to remove dirt and stains.

Final Thoughts

Hoodies are great for keeping warm during winter. They provide warmth while giving you a stylish appearance.

However, they don’t always fit well. That’s why you need to know how to shrink your hoodie. By following these tips, you’ll have a perfect fitting hoodie.
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