What Is Dri-FIT Material?

Having the correct workout clothing is imperative in ensuring that you are comfortable during your workout, especially if you want to remain cool, and free to move, Dri-FIT has become very popular for those who regularly exercise. 

Dri-FIT material is moisture-wicking, so it can keep you cool and sweat-free during your workouts. It also helps with odor control.

This fabric is typically used on shirts, jackets, pants, and other types of apparel. It can also help to prevent odors, so it has become a very popular material for athletes. 

This article will help you to understand what Dri-FIT material is and some helpful tips on the different types of Dri-FIT fabric and where to buy it.

What Is Dri-FIT Material?

You will understand more about the fabric and if it is any better than other fabrics that are often used to make sports clothing. 

Decide if Dri-FIT fabric is for you and see a huge difference in your workouts. 

What Does Dri-FIT Material Mean?

Dri-FIT is a material that has been created by Nike and it is known for its enhanced moisture-wicking properties and cooling abilities.

The Dri-FIT material can help you to stay cool during workouts and it is especially popular with those who sweat a lot and are looking for a way to stay cooler when working out. 

One of the main features that makes Dri-FIT so popular is that it is body-mapping, which means that it contains mesh panels.

The mesh panels in the garment are carefully positioned to promote airflow in the key places on your body that would usually become overheated. 

The microfiber combined with the mesh panels ensures that your body can breathe during your workouts whilst keeping you comfortable and dry.

The material is also able to block UV rays, making it very popular with runners as they don’t have to worry about becoming sunburnt. 

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How Is Dri-FIT Material Made?

Dri-FIT material is made from polyester microfiber, but what exactly is it?

Polyester is not made from natural ingredients, it is made from plastic, and the diameters of the strands of microfiber are smaller than silk, which means that silk weighs more than microfiber.

Therefore, these two materials are what create Dri-FIT fabric. 

It may seem unlikely that such a soft and breathable fabric is made from plastic, but Dri-FIT fabric is extremely moisture-wicking and keeps you comfortable and dry during your workout.

The reason that it is so breathable is due to the material not absorbing the sweat.

Instead, sweat escapes through small thread gaps, slides outside the clothing, and then evaporates, leaving you cool and dry. 

This makes Dri-FIT a lot more popular than natural fabric. Natural fabrics absorb sweat instead of dispersing it, making you feel uncomfortable if you have been sweating and exercising for a long time. 

Different Types Of Dri-FIT Fabric

There are lots of other brands that have their versions of Dri-FIT fabric that you can buy through their websites or in-store.

Adidas has a material called Climacool and Puma has DryCell.

These materials are similar to Nike Dri-FIT as they are moisture-wicking and aim to keep you comfortable and dry during your workouts. 

It is all down to your personal preference of which brand you choose to get the moisture-wicking from.

If you enjoy wearing clothing from one brand and they offer moisture-wicking material, you may choose to wear that rather than try a new brand.

However, you may decide to shop around and see what material you think suits you best. 

The fabrics all go through the same manufacturing process that is slightly different from the other, but they are all not that much different.

Although the style of the fabric may be different depending on which brand you choose, the material itself is usually similar across brands. 

What’s The Difference Between Dri-FIT And Polyester?

Dri-FIT is partially made from polyester, but it does differ in lots of different ways from polyester fabric on its own.

The main difference between the two fabrics is the construction, as the way that the fabric is weaved means that the fabrics are different from each other, despite being made from the same materials. 

The way that Dri-FIT is weaved shows how the fabric is made to keep you cool and allow your sweat to escape so you don’t become uncomfortable during your workout.

Other manufacturers can weave polyester in a waffle weave, making the fabric very warm to keep your body insulated and prevent heat from escaping. 

What’s The Difference Between Dri-FIT And Cotton?

Dri-FIT can contain cotton, but not all the items do.

Cotton isn’t usually used for workout clothing as it isn’t moisture-wicking at all as it absorbs sweat instead of releasing it.

This can cause people to feel very uncomfortable during their workouts, so cotton isn’t a good choice for athletic clothing. 

The other downside of wearing cotton for workouts is that the cotton remains wet for a long time once you sweat.

The cotton takes a long time to dry, which means that you can begin to feel comfortable during your workout. That is why people prefer to wear Dri-FIT fabric as it doesn’t absorb sweat. 

Is Dri-FIT Fabric Waterproof?

Is Dri-FIT Fabric Waterproof?

Although Dri-FIT fabric doesn’t absorb sweat and keeps you dry, that doesn’t make it waterproof. Dri-FIT fabric isn’t necessarily waterproof, but certain sports clothing can have a coating or sealed seams that then make the clothing waterproof. 

If you are hiking and it is warm with light rain, the waterproof sports clothing can help protect you, but not from heavy downpours. 

Dri-FIT fabric isn’t waterproof, but polyester doesn’t absorb water very easily, meaning the fabric can keep you dry from light rain, but not waterproof.

If the Dri-FIT fabric doesn’t have a coating on top, the rain will easily be able to get through the material. 

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Washing Dri-FIT Material 

As Dri-FIT fabric is lighter than silk, that means it can be damaged if it is incorrectly taken care of.

You need to make sure that you look after Dri-FIT fabric correctly to keep it in the best possible condition. 

Firstly, try washing your Dri-FIT items together to prevent any lint from forming on your Dri-FIT clothing.

Cotton or other fabrics could affect the quality of your Dri-FIT clothing if they are washed together, so try to wash them on your own. 

You can also turn your Dri-FIT clothing inside out before you wash them to make sure that the material is protected.

It also helps to reduce the risk of zippers breaking or snapping when in the washing machine as they won’t be on the front of the clothing so they will be protected. 

Washing your Dri-FIT clothing on high heat can sometimes cause them to shrink, so make sure that you wash them on a cool wash to make sure the fabric is kept in good condition.

It is also advised to leave your Dri-FIT clothing to air dry instead of exposing them to heat. 

Can Dri-FIT Shrink?

If you do not properly care for your Dri-FIT items then they will end up shrinking in the wash.

As Dri-FIT sometimes contains blended fibers like cotton, this can mean that they are prone to shrinking if they are not cared for correctly. 

You will need to make sure that your Dri-FIT doesn’t contain cotton, but you still need to take proper care of it even if it isn’t made of cotton. 

When cotton is directly exposed to high heat, it is prone to shrinking.

Sportswear can shrink two sizes if it is washed on high heat and then dried exposed to heat, so you need to make sure that you wash it properly to look after it. 

The material is very breathable so it dries very quickly.

This means that there is no reason why you should be exposing your Dri-FIT clothing to high heat as there is no reason to try and quickly dry it as it dries quickly on its own. 

To look after the material, wash it on a cold wash to make sure that it isn’t exposed to any high heat, and then leave it to air dry.

This will make sure that the Dri-FIT is kept in good condition and isn’t at risk of any damage or shrinking. 

Is Printing Possible On A Dri-FIT Shirt?

Sports teams have printing on their shirts, but is this possible on a Dri-FIT shirt? As the fabric is so delicate, you need to be careful when you are exposing the fabric to heat as you don’t want it to become damaged. 

Stores that offer to print on shirts should be able to print on your Dri-FIT shirt, but you need to make sure that the material is treated carefully as polyester can melt if it is too hot.

Printers have special equipment to make sure that the material is kept in good condition, so there should be no issues when you take your shirt to have a print put on the front or back. 

If you decide to try and print yourself, there is a very high chance that you could melt the fabric or stretch it with high heat.

This is why it is always advised to consult a professional as they have the right equipment to be able to make sure that the fabric remains in a good condition.

Where Should You Buy Dri-FIT Material?

Lots of other brands offer their versions of Dri-FIT clothing, so it is down to your personal preferences where you would like to buy your Dri-FIT clothing from. 

You can also shop around to see if there are any added benefits to the Dri-FIT materials that are sold by other stores, but the material is usually pretty much the same, so it is down to you which you would rather buy from. 

Although the Dri-FIT materials across brands are pretty similar except for some added benefits, it is always recommended that you purchase items from a brand that you are familiar with.

This will ensure that the quality is high and you will not be disappointed with the item.

You can also find reviews on websites to check the quality and the benefits from previous buyers. 

If you are looking to buy Dri-FIT fabric to sew with, you will need to look for fabric that contains elastane, spandex, or lycra.

It is also advised that you check if the material is moisture-wicking before you buy it as this will help you to make sure that the material you are buying is similar to Dri -FIT.

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Buying Dri-FIT Clothing

Buying Dri-FIT Clothing

If you want to purchase Dri-FIT clothing but you are unsure where to start, there are lots of brands that sell their versions so they are very easy to find.

Some of the Dri-FIT clothing from large brands can be expensive, so you can always find cheaper alternatives in grocery stores or on Amazon.

Nike Dri-FIT T-Shirts

Nike offers basic Dri-FIT t-shirts that are perfect for anyone for any workout.

They are made from 100% polyester and include all of the Dri-FIT technology necessary for you to remain dry and comfortable when you are exercising.

Most of the Nike Dri-FIT tops include anti-odor properties to help you feel confident when you are exercising so you aren’t distracted worrying about post-exercise smells.

As the tops are usually made from 100% polyester, meaning that you need to make sure that you wash the clothing on colder washes to prevent the material from melting.

Nike Dri-FIT Shorts

You may be thinking that Dri-FIT only applies to the t-shirts as it is moisture-wicking, but you also need breathability everywhere else to help you stay cool.

The moisture-wicking Dri-FIT shorts from Nike will keep you cool and comfortable during your workouts, especially in the summer months. 

Nike is known for offering their shorts in different funky patterns and colors, so you can choose a pair that makes you feel happy and that you love wearing, which might encourage you to work out more! The Dri-FIT shorts have an elastic waist and comfortably shaped hems to avoid you feeling tight and restrained when wearing the shorts. 

Can Dri-FIT Material Be Used For Swimwear?

Dri-FIT isn’t recommended for swimwear as the material can become damaged when it makes contact with chlorine, which is found in swimming pools.

Even the Dri-FIT clothing that is waterproof won’t be of any use for swimwear, so you are better off avoiding using it to swim.

As Dri-FIT clothing is made from synthetic fibers, chlorine can damage these fibers as they are very delicate.

If you are worried about the sun and want to wear Dri-FIT as it has UV protection, you will need to wear sunscreen or 100% cotton clothing to protect you from the rays, not wear Dri-FIT clothing. 

Nike does sell swimwear cover-ups so it is advised that you purchase those to make sure that you are not damaging your Dri-FIT clothing.

You can buy swimwear that is made from a blend of lycra and polyester but does not use your Dri-FIT clothing. 

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 Final Thoughts

To conclude, Dri-FIT material is very beneficial for athletes as it helps you to stay dry and comfortable during your workout.

Dri-FIT fabric is very good for being flexible, easy to move in, and unrestrictive in your workouts so you don’t have to worry about compromising on comfort. 

As Dri-FIT fabric is so delicate, this means that it needs to be properly taken care of to avoid any damage to the material.

You need to make sure that you don’t wash the material on high heat or expose it to direct heat to dry as this can damage it.

You will also need to avoid wearing the material in chlorine as this can cause the fibers to become damaged and ruin the clothing. 

Overall, Dri-FIT is a very good material to wear for sports but you need to make sure you look after it.

You can purchase Dri-FIT clothing from any sports brand or other well-known brands that you feel comfortable buying from. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dri-FIT Prevent Sweat?

Dri-FIT is unable to prevent sweat as it is unable to control how your body reacts to exercise.

You will inevitably sweat during your workout, but you can wear Dri-FIT clothing to help you manage your sweat.

The material doesn’t absorb the sweat so there is no danger of sweat lingering on your clothing. 

As Dri-FIT clothing is very breathable, it will help you to feel dry and comfortable during your workout so you can focus entirely on your exercises, not worrying about your sweat.

This is what makes Dri-FIT very popular for people who are regularly exercising. 

How Do You Wash Dri-FIT Clothing?

You need to make sure that you wash Dri-FIT material on a cold wash to ensure that the fabric stays in good condition.

If you wash it on high heat, this can risk the material melting or losing shape. It can also damage the fibers and make them less effective. 

You will also need to air dry the material to make sure that it isn’t exposed to direct high heat.

If you use a tumble dryer, you risk ruining the fabric and causing it to become less functional.

Making sure that you care for your Dri-FIT clothing correctly will make sure that it is kept in good condition and improves your workouts. 

Can You Only Buy Dri-FIT Clothing From Nike?

Lots of other brands sell Dri-FIT material clothing, not just Nike.

If you have a sports brand that you prefer to use, they will sell their version of Dri-FIT clothing that you can try.

However, you can also shop around to see if any other brands offer more with their Dri-FIT clothing. 

Making sure that you are happy with your Dri-FIT clothing is important for making sure that you are comfortable during your workout.

The Dri-FIT clothing might not be for everyone, but it is very popular with athletes for keeping them dry and comfortable during their workouts. 

It is always worth looking into reviews to see how previous buyers found the Dri-FIT items so you can determine whether or not it would be a good fit for you.

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