About Us

Crocheting and knitting are two fantastic skills to have. They allow you to be creative and create your own pieces of clothing and wearable accessories. Gone are the days when it was seen as “uncool” to have these skills, and more people than ever are choosing to learn. 

It is a great way to keep your mind busy during your free time, and there is nothing more rewarding than wearing an item of clothing you have created, or gifting someone a blanket you have knitted. 

This hobby is so versatile and nowadays, there are millions of different patterns to choose from. For example, you can go from knitting a simple scarf, to crocheting a toy for a newborn baby. There are so many patterns and stitches to learn, and the basics of both crocheting and knitting are easy to pick up. 

Hi, my name is Amanda Brown, and I have been able to knit since I was a child. It was something my grandma taught me, and I have always loved to relax in the evening on the sofa, watching my favorite TV shows while knitting. As a teenager, I decided to branch out and try crocheting, which was equally fun, and my skills became progressively better from here.

I decided to set up Cotton And Cloud to encourage others to try these skills, and to showcase how versatile both knitting and crocheting can be. There really is so much you can create, and my articles talk you through some of the best designs that are available to purchase.