Our Editorial Policy

In the world of Cotton And Cloud, you will get a chance to dive into the unique and artsy world of knitting, crocheting, sewing, and embroidery. We provide our readers with the evolving designs, patterns, and unique artistry of handcrafted textile products.

At Cotton and Cloud, we believe that if you are passionate about something, you can take it to the height of success. That’s one of the reasons that we feel proud to share the heritage of knitting and sewing with our readers with artistic and unique patterns to add some value to their life.

At Cotton and Cloud, we strive to provide our readers with high-quality content that is informative, helpful, and engaging. It also helps them choose something trendy and innovative from the heritage of our handcrafted textile designs that remain evergreen, inspirational, and fresh.

Since the textile industry is vast and we know that the latest designs and crafts are coming into existence every day, we adhere to some policies and ethics which help us keep up the pace and not be left behind.

Our Ethics


We believe in providing our readers with some authentic pieces of art. We feel if we create a craft, then there must be some story of inspiration that makes us think and create a unique craft. We always try to include the original pictures and a step-by-step guide to make it easy to learn for our readers and keep it as authentic as possible. We also give some tips and tricks so our readers won’t end up with messy works of art. However, in any case, if we cannot provide the original images, we ensure to credit the respective owner of the images.


The internet is filled with plenty of sources with craft design and articles, but what makes us unique is the originality of our designs and patterns. We strive to come up with something unique, original, and catchy designs that not only our reader would like to try but also fits with the changing trends every day. For that, we follow the fashion industry closely and always try to think out of the box to provide our readers with innovative crafts to add value to their life and style.


Integrity is one of the things we believe in, cotton and cloud. Since we knew that one person couldn’t do all the work, at some point, we needed help and assistance from the experts and other team members. We ensure to give credit to each team member for their contribution to the final product so that our readers know how dedicatedly and constantly our team is working to provide them with insightful and informative content to make a mindful decision.


At Cotton And Cloud, consistency is the key to success. So we ensure the consistency of our article, the tone and voice, design, and templates remain intact until it becomes necessary to enhance it. We keep a schedule on which our latest articles will be available so readers know when to look for them. We don’t and never leave our editorial standard for any work. We strictly follow our ethics to keep what and how we are serving our readers and how we can improve it.

Impartiality & Fair Reviews

We don’t want you to feel disappointed or regretful at Cotton and Cloud. Since we know trust keeps a relationship going, we ensure to build it for life. For our readers, we ensure to provide our readers with impartial and fair reviews of different products and designs, and patterns. We know plenty of things one should consider, so we always strive to provide our readers with a clear interpretation of what to expect from the final product. After all, our readers are what helps us to grow in the industry.

Content Curation & Fact Check

Our editorial team is committed to producing high-quality content for our readers, which comes with many requirements, such as readability, grammar, accuracy, and relevance. We do not like to leave any of these factors behind.

The content and articles available on Cotton and Cloud are authentic and original; to ensure it, we make sure to fact-check everything firsthand. Although we ensure that the patterns and designs we provide are original, if our authors took inspiration from a different source, we always credit and mention it in our content.

Apart from this, we also understand that the industry is evolving, and we see new designs trending every day. To keep up with the textile industry and the latest fashion trends, we update our blogs from time to time.

Also, we encourage our readers to provide valuable feedback if they find we lack something or want us to focus on anything specific. It not only motivates us but also helps us to be a reliable source for our readers.

Product Reviews & Recommendations

As mentioned above, our readers are our priority, and we do not forget it at any step. While reviewing or recommending any product, we ensure to provide our readers with what works best for them.

We do not believe in a blind trust, so we adhere to the strict rule of using it before you recommend it. We ensure thorough research and testing of the products before telling our readers to try them. If we find any product authentic and useful, then only we ask our readers to try it.

We are not related to any brand directly, so be assured that our reviews and recommendations will be impartial.

Here, we would like to mention that you will find some affiliated links at Cotton and Cloud. If you purchase anything from any of these links, we will get a commission for that; however, we do not get anything for recommending it in our blogs.