Copyright Policy


At Cotton And Cloud, we are dedicated to upholding the principles of originality and authenticity in our platform’s content and information. We deeply respect the rights of content creators and are committed to ensuring that copyrights are not violated on our website. This policy outlines our approach to maintaining the authenticity, accuracy, and originality of the content on our platform.

Prohibitions And Actions

We strictly prohibit users and authors from uploading content that is not their own. Our commitment to copyright protection is unwavering, and we take this matter seriously. If we become aware of copyright infringement on our website, we will take immediate and decisive action. Such actions may include, but are not limited to:

Removal of the alleged infringing content: If we receive any report about any content and it is confirmed as copyright infringement, we will promptly remove the content in question from our platform.

Termination of access: If we find any user responsible for copyright infringement, they may face the termination of their access to our platform. This measure is taken to prevent further infringement and uphold our community’s integrity.

Reporting Copyright Infringement

If you believe your copyrighted work is being displayed on our website without your permission, you can report it under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). To facilitate this process and ensure an efficient resolution, please follow these steps:

Describe What’s Yours: Provide specific details about the content or creative work you believe is being used without your consent. Specifying the exact URL of the page where the content is located is crucial. If there are multiple instances of infringement, list each for clarity.

Show Us Where: Clearly explain where you have found your work on our platform, providing references to the specific content or material.

Sign It Off: Sign your report either manually or electronically. If you are acting on behalf of the copyright owner, clarify this in your communication. However, you still have to sign the report.

Say You Disagree: State clearly in your email that you have not granted permission to use your work on any platform. Once we receive your email, we will take prompt action.

Tell the Truth: Maintain honesty and accuracy in your report. Ensure that all information provided is truthful and understand the legal implications of making a false statement.

Give Us Your Details: While writing, send us your complete contact details, including your full name, address, phone number, and email address. This information allows us to contact you for further clarification or to resolve the issue.

Please send your reports of copyright infringement to It is essential to be aware that making false reports is unethical and illegal and may result in legal charges. It will result in legal charges against you.

Response To Copyright Infringement Reports

When we receive a report indicating that content on our platform may have been used without the proper authorization or infringes on someone’s copyright, we take the matter seriously and follow these steps:

Immediate Content Removal: Our priority is to prevent any further infringement. We promptly remove the specific content in question from our platform to achieve this. It helps ensure that the rights of content creators are respected and that no additional unauthorized use occurs.

Notification to the User: We notify the user who originally posted the content about the reported copyright infringement. This notification is an initial communication to make them aware of the situation and the need to address the copyright concerns. Our transparent approach encourages a swift resolution and maintains fairness within our community.

Counter-Notification Process

If you believe that your content has been mistakenly removed from our platform and wish to file a counter-notification, please follow these steps:

What Was Taken Down: Identify the removed content and specify where it was previously located on our website. Providing this information helps us understand the situation accurately.

Where You Agree to Be: You must mention in your mail that you are ready to address legal matters related to your counter-notification. Understand that this process may involve legal proceedings; you are comfortable with that.

Agreeing to Get Legal Messages: Confirm your willingness to receive legal messages from the person who claimed your work as their own. It is a crucial step in resolving copyright disputes.

Your Contact Details: While writing to us, provide your complete contact details, including your full name, address, phone number, and email address. This information allows us to contact you for further communication and find a resolution.

Tell the Truth: State unequivocally that the work in question is yours and that there may have been a misunderstanding leading to its removal.

Your Signature: Sign the message electronically or manually to certify its authenticity.

Resolution Of Counter-Notification

We will immediately review the case once we receive the necessary details for a counter-notification. If it is determined that removing your content was a mistake, we will promptly restore it to our platform. We are deeply committed to ensuring fairness and respect for intellectual property.

In some cases, we may temporarily restore the content pending the outcome of legal proceedings or until we receive further information or a notice from a third party claiming copyright infringement.

Legal Consequences

It is essential to understand that if it is determined that you have used someone else’s content and breached copyright rights, you will be held liable for all legal expenses related to the proceedings. Copyright infringement is a serious matter, and we expect all users to respect the intellectual property of others.

Contact Information For Reporting

For reporting copyright-related issues or submitting counter-notifications, please get in touch with us at We are here to assist you in resolving copyright concerns and ensuring intellectual property protection.