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Knitting Expert and Heirloom Crafter

Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown, a Knitting Expert, and Heirloom Crafter, holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree with a specialization in Textile Arts. 

With years of dedicated practice, Amanda has become an Experienced and Qualified professional, showcasing her mastery in the craft of knitting. 

Her unique style, which blends traditional techniques with contemporary flair, has established her as an Expert and Specialist in the field.

Amanda brings her artistic touch to knitting, demonstrating her mastery of the craft through advanced techniques such as pattern drafting, embellishments, and embroidery, solidifying her position as a Professional and a Master in her field.

Her deep knowledge of different fabrics, threads, and notions, as well as her expertise in using various knitting tools effectively, including knitting and various types of yarns, adds a layer of versatility to her knitting creations, setting her apart as an Authority.


As a critical contributor to Cotton & Cloud, Amanda shares carefully crafted patterns that encapsulate her expertise and passion for knitting, showcasing her as an Authority and a Professional in the knitting community. 

These patterns, available through the Etsy and Ravelry shops, serve as an extension of Amanda's educational posts, allowing the crafting community to engage hands-on with her unique approach, cementing her as a Master and a leading figure in the knitting world.