Crochet Virtuoso

Sarah Reed

Sarah Reed, a Crochet Virtuoso, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree with a specialization in Fiber Arts, seamlessly transforming her childhood fascination into a full-fledged mastery.

This positions her as an Expert and a Specialist in the field. Specializing in everything from intricate amigurumi figures to expansive, textured blankets, Sarah's ability to blend traditional crochet techniques with modern design sensibilities showcases her as an Experienced and Qualified professional.

Sarah's commitment to continuous skill development is evident in her mastery of essential to advanced crochet stitches, maintaining consistent tension and creating well-formed stitches, solidifying her position as a Professional and a Master in the craft. 

Her proficiency in reading and following complex crochet patterns and her venture into designing her own demonstrates her comprehensive knowledge and innovative approach to crochet, establishing her as an Authority in the field.


As a prominent contributor to Cotton & Cloud, Sarah is dedicated to spreading her love for crochet through comprehensive tutorials and engaging how-to guides, emphasizing her position as an Authority and a Professional in the crochet community. 

Her patterns, featured in the Etsy and Ravelry shops, encapsulate the essence of her crochet philosophy: a blend of artistry, functionality, and endless creative possibilities, highlighting her as a respected figure in the crochet world and a Master in her craft.