Sew a Straight Line Acquisition – Introducing Cotton and Cloud

We, the team behind Cotton and Cloud, are thrilled to announce that we have acquired Sew a Straight Line. We loved the work being produced by the wonderful team behind Sew a Straight line, and we are very excited to continue their work. 

Sew a Straight Line aimed to bring the wonderful world of sewing into more people’s lives. Thanks to a number of teams with goals similar to that of Sew a Straight Line, gone are the days when sewing and crocheting are viewed as uncool or boring hobbies. 

Here at Cotton and Cloud, we are firm believers that these hobbies can enrich everyone’s free time. Well, what could be more rewarding than repairing your favorite dress, crocheting a blanket for a new little addition to your family, or making something super trendy for the teenager in your life? 

To learn more about this acquisition and our work as a whole, take a look below. 

What is Cotton and Cloud? 

Cotton and Cloud is a site dedicated to crocheting, knitting, and other textile skills. We aim to encourage as many people as possible to take up these hands-on hobbies. They are a great way to keep your mind busy – and they’re super rewarding. 

Not only is the making process fun and mindful, but you can also choose to make something that you need or want! We want to show the world just how versatile, exciting, and personally rewarding these hobbies are. 

However, we also want to provide everyone, from beginners to experts, with the tools and practical tips necessary to make your crocheting and sewing dreams a reality! We know that these hobbies can feel quite tricky when you start, however, with our help, you’ll be an expert in no time. 


So, let’s begin with one of our favorite hobbies – crocheting! Crocheting is one of the most versatile hobbies out there. You can make pretty much anything using crocheting techniques! From unique decorative roses to classic cable blankets, you can do it all!

For instance, if you’re hoping to make a funky new item of clothing, you can opt to make a dress or a sweater – you just need the right patterns! We have a range of 100+ crochet patterns for clothing, so you won’t be short on inspiration! 

Even though you might associate baby blankets with knitting, you can use crochet patterns to make some wonderfully unique presents for little additions to your family. There are hundreds of crochet patterns for baby blankets, baby shoes, baby hats, and even baby toys.

Although, some of our favorite items to crochet are those that keep us feeling warm and cozy in winter.  Crochet scarfs and gloves tend to be looser in style, so may not provide as much warmth as knitted items. However, they’re a great way to show off your style!

Crocheting has become a particularly popular method for creating household decor. If you’re hoping to add detail to your space, crocheting is perfect! You can use doily patterns, make decorative flowers, create gorgeous mandalas, or even delve into the world of macrame


We aim to get rid of the age-old assumption that knitting is for old grannies. Knitting is a hobby that can enrich the lives of anyone – at any age and of any gender! In fact, people are often surprised by the versatility of knitting. 

Yes, you can use knitting patterns to make scarves, cardigans, baby blankets, and bobble hats. However, there are a huge number of different things you can make by knitting. In fact, knitting is a great hobby to pick up if you’re trying to let your creative flair fly!

In addition to being able to knit cool clothing items and adorable cuddly toys, you can also get creative and play with a number of different stitch patterns, such as rib stitch patterns or knit and purl stitch patterns to see what you can make!

Fabric and Yarn 

Obviously, one of the most important elements of textile hobbies is the material that you work with. If you’re a beginner, it is necessary that you educate yourself on different types of fabrics and yarns to ensure that you’re using the appropriate materials. 

We, at Cotton and Cloud, aim to provide you with a solid understanding of what fabrics and yarns you should be using, and how you can use them. For instance, we’ve discussed how to use paracord to create lanyards that will keep your belongings safe when you’re on the go.

Sewing and Quilting 

Whilst we have focused primarily on knitting and crocheting so far, we are excited to delve into the wonderful sewing and quilting communities. Both of these skills are not just enjoyable to exercise, but they are also really great sustainable skills to have. 

For instance, learning the basics of sewing can help you feel more confident when repairing your old or broken clothing. Similarly, as you become more comfortable following sewing patterns, you can even make your own clothing!

Quilting is also an excellent skill to have – and believe it or not, it doesn’t just limit you to making blankets! Quilted clothing has become far more fashionable in recent years. In fact, many quilters and textile artists have become focused on reworking old and unloved vintage quilts into wonderful, quirky, and fun pieces of clothing!

We hope to significantly expand our sections on sewing and quilting so that you too can spend your free time making something gorgeous! These skills are very fun and becoming increasingly important to have in your tool kit! 

Beginner Friendly Patterns 

Finally, we know how intimidating starting a new hobby can feel – and hobbies such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, and quilting, can be particularly intimidating. This is because they require specific skills, equipment, and a lot of time to get to grips with. 

In order to encourage as many people as possible to take up these great activities, we at Cotton and Cloud want to ensure that we are constantly providing newbies with the information they need to feel comfortable and enthusiastic about getting started. 

As such, we ensure that we are consistently content that is geared towards helping beginners overcome their fears and get started. Whether you need a super simple pattern for a hat, or you want to start slow with some easy-to-follow patterns, Cotton and Cloud have got you covered. 

Advanced Patterns 

Even though our primary goal at Cotton and Cloud is to get as many people interested in textiles as possible, we also want to provide some inspiration for more advanced textile artists. 

If you’ve been crocheting or knitting for some time, it is easy to lose interest. However, with interesting knit patterns and crazy crochet patterns, your interest will be renewed! In fact, challenging yourself with tricky, complicated, or even wild patterns is a great way to really expand your knowledge and find a new love for your hobbies. 


Now that Cotton and Cloud has acquired Sew a Straight Line, we hope to expand our repertoire and continue to welcome all of you into the wonderful world of textiles. From knitting and crocheting to sewing and quilting, and everything in between, we hope that our work encourages you to learn a new skill or renew your love for a pre-existing hobby!