Crew Neck Vs V-Neck: What Is The Difference?

Crew necks are great for casual wear, but they don’t look good with suits or dress shirts. V-necks, however, are versatile and go well with almost anything. Which style should you choose?

Crew necks are usually worn with button-down collars, and come in various styles.

They are typically cut straight across the chest and feature a collar that extends from the top of the shirt to the bottom of the shirt.

V-Neck Tops, on the other hand, are generally longer and slimmer and tend to be worn without a tie.

Crew Neck Vs V-Neck: What Is The Difference

Crew necks are typically worn over a turtleneck and come in various colors. The color of the crew neck depends on the fabric of the shirt.

For example, white cotton crew necks are often seen in casual settings, whereas dark-colored crew necks are often found in formal settings.

V-neck tops can be worn with either a button-up or a placket (a type of shirt closure). A v-neck top is also known as a “v” shaped shirt.

It has two distinct sections; one at the front which is called the neckline, and another section at the back which is called the shoulder line.

This gives it a more fitted appearance than a traditional crew neck.

Main Features And Points Of Crew Neck Vs V Neck

V-necks are sweaters that fit closer to the chest area. Crew necks are sweaters that are longer.

A V-neck is typically used for casual wear, while a crew neck is typically used for business attire. Let’s take a look at their main features.

Crew Neck

  • Has a collarless and round neckline, and a relaxed fit overall.
  • Came from the late 18th century.
  • The t-shirts are best worn in spring and summer, and the sweaters are best worn in winter.
  • T-shirts can be worn under a shirt or on their own. Sweaters can be worn over a shirt.


  • Collarless neckline in the shape of a V, with a relaxed or tighter fit.
  • Popular in the 60s as a more modern version of the Crew.
  • T-shirts can be worn as they are or under a shirt. And the sweaters can be worn over shirts.
  • T-shirts are best worn in summer, and sweaters best worn in winter months.

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V Neck: What Is It?

V-Neck shirts are stylish and elegant. They are usually worn by those who want to look put together and classy.

V-Neck shirts help to emphasize your face. They also add length to your neck. V-Neck T-shirts are great because they cover up any flaws that may be present on your neck.

Men should wear V-necks because they show off the chest area while also being comfortable. There are different styles of V-necks that are perfect for every man.

V-necks are great for those who go to the gym and want to show off their muscles. You can get V-necks with varying cuts to suit your style.

If you are unsure of what a V-neck looks like, you can take a look at pictures of famous men that wear them.


  • A V-neck sweater can usually be worn when wanting to achieve an elegant look for more formal occasions, like weddings.
  • The more interesting neckline in comparison to Crew neck.


Crew Neck: What Is It?

Round neck shirts are frequently worn by men who want to make themselves appear taller.

Wearing a round collar puts emphasis on the upper part of the body. This gives people with sloping shoulders an advantage over others. 

A round neck makes people focus on your upper body. Round neck shirts are popular among women as well as men. People who prefer round-necks aren’t just men. Women also like round-necks better than square ones. 

Crew necks are knitted sweaters that are easy to wear. They are comfortable and warm. You can choose any type of material for your crew neck sweater.

For instance, you could get a cashmere crew neck sweater if you want something really soft. Or, you could get a wool crew neck sweater for warmth.  


  • Looks tidier than the V-Neck overall. And is more aesthetically pleasing.
  • A softer neckline may work better for most outfits.


  • Necklines should be longer than the necklace being worn with them. This allows the necklace to sit lower on your chest without covering up your cleavage.

What Exactly Are The Main Differences Between Crew Neck And V-Neck?

What Exactly Are The Main Differences Between Crew Neck And V-Neck

Crew neck and V-Neck T-Shirts are both classic style staples. V-Neck T-Shirts are more fitted around the chest than a crew neck. A crew Neck T-Shirt is less fitted around the chest than a V-Neck. 

A crew neck is a simple V-shaped collar that goes around your neck without going over your shoulders. Crew necks tend to be more casual than other types of shirts.

They’re usually made out of cotton, polyester, or blended fabrics and are often seen on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and Polo’s.

V-Necks are similar to crew necks except that they go over your shoulder instead of around your neck.

V-necks typically come in knit fabrics and are more formal than crew necks. They’re frequently found on button-down shirts and blazers.

A V-Neck sweater is a type of sweater that has a V-shaped neckline. Crew-necks are sweaters that are typically worn around the shoulders. These are popular among men because they are easy to put on.


Crews are more common than v-necks. Crews are frequently worn by men, while v-necks are typically worn by women.

Crews are more casual than v-necks, and both types of shirts can be worn as undershirts.

T-shirts come in both crew and v-neck styles, although crew necks are much more popular for undershirts.

Sweaters come in both crew and V-Neck styles, although crew necks tend to be more casual.

V-Neck shirts are very popular among women because they help display and emphasize the neckline. Women who want to show off their necks should wear a v-neck shirt.

Men should wear v-necks because it shows off the chest area and highlights the fit of the body. V-necks are great for men who go to the gym regularly.

V-necks also allow men to show off their chests without having to shave or trim their chest hair. However, if you want to wear v-necks, be careful about how deep the cut is.

You don’t want it to be too deep because it could expose too much skin. Also, make sure that the cut isn’t too wide because it might reveal too much of your chest area.

Crew-neck Tops are usually worn with Cardigans, Jackets, Jumpers, etc. Layered shirts are off-limits, as it does not look good when both crew necks are layered.

Round necks tend to show when unbuttoning the first button. 

Crew necks are very beneficial to people with sloping shoulders. It makes them focus more on your upper body and makes your shoulder straighter.

Crew necks are typically worn when going out on weekends or going to pubs. Round-neck shirts are popular among women as well as men.

People who prefer round-necks aren’t just men. Women also like round-necks better than square ones. You should know how to use this trend appropriately.

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The Overall Fit

Fit differences between a crew neck and v-neck shirts are minimal, but there are slight differences. Both men’s and women’s shirts can be fitted or relaxed.

Traditional crew neck shirts were always loose-fitting. Now, it is recommended that crew neck shirts fit tighter. This is because they are being used as undershirts.

V-Neck shirts can be loose or tight depending on what kind of shirt it is. A tight-fitting shirt is comfortable to wear, but if it is too tight, it can make you feel uncomfortable.

Loose-fitting shirts may be less comfortable than tight-fitting ones, but they won’t make you feel uncomfortable.


Crew neck shirts were first worn by sailors because they needed something to protect their heads if they fell overboard. Nowadays, crew neck shirts are popular among men and women alike. 

When Is Best To Wear Them

There’s no such thing as a right or wrong time for wearing a crew or v-neck. You should consider what kind of shirt you’re wearing when deciding whether to wear them alone or under a sweater. 

Crew and v-neck shirts are more appropriate in warmer weather. In colder months, they can be worn over sweaters.

How Exactly To Wear Them

Crew neck and v-neck tees are frequently worn by men alone. Men wear them under collars and sweaters. Women wear them by themselves, but they may also be worn under a sweater.

T-shirts can either be worn as a dress or a tee. They can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what you’re wearing underneath.

A crew neck sweater is more casual than a v-neck sweater. You can wear a crew neck sweater without a collar, but you should always wear a collar when wearing a v-neck sweater over a collared shirt.

Men’s crew neck sweaters are considered to feel casual. This is also a con because if you’re going to wear a sweater, you should wear something else underneath.

A woman’s crew neck sweater is considered formal. This is a pro because it feels more professional than wearing a shirt alone.

Crew neck shirts are great for layering under jackets, sweatshirts, and other outerwear. They’re also comfortable and easy to wear.

But they’re not always suitable for formal occasions. They’re casual enough to wear around the house and office, but not formal enough to wear to a wedding or business meeting.

V-neck shirts are considered casual wear for both men and women, but it depends on how you want a certain garment. V-neck sweaters are suitable for both work and play.

Women should avoid wearing v-neck sweaters because they may not be appropriate for the office.

Men’s v-neck sweaters look good when paired with a collar and tie. Women’s sweaters are more casual than men’s’.

Which Is Better? V-Neck Or Crew Neck?

V-necks are sweaters that fit close to the body. Crew necks are sweaters that are longer. A v-neck is generally used as casual wear. A crew neck is more formal.

Both styles have advantages and disadvantages. Crew neck sweaters are casual clothing items for men. V-Neck sweaters are more formal than crew neck sweaters.

A V-neck offers a bit more breathability than a crew neck. Both styles offer some level of comfort when hot, but a V-neck might be better suited for warmer weather.

That said, a nicely fitting crew-neck in a breathable fabric such as cotton will do an excellent job too. Just make sure the neckline isn’t too tight.

Crew necks are more classic and timeless. They’re more formal than v-necks and will always look great. In the summer, a crew neck is definitely more appropriate.

A V-neck can be worn casually or in more formal settings. A deep V-neck is less flattering, but still okay. Don’t wear a V-neck with your shirt tucked into it.

A crew neck sweater is more flattering than a v-neck. Both styles can work well together. You should choose whichever one you like best.

There are many kinds of T-shirts to pick from, but we’d love to narrow it down to two styles: crew necks and v-necks.

Both are versatile, lightweight, breathable, durable, and easy to layer. They’re perfect for gifting, whether to yourself or a friend who needs a new wardrobe staple. 

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Most Purchased Items

Most Purchased Items

Men’s V-Neck

Men’s V-Neck Sweater comes in 43 different colors and patterns. It comes in 6 sizes. It also features a ribbed hem and cuffed sleeves so that it fits snug around your neck.

It’s made from 100% cotton, so it’s very easy to care for, and it’s comfortable to wear. It can be layered over other shirts, jackets, or sweaters.

Men’s Crew Neck

Men’s Crew Neck T-Shirt is available in 44 different colors, both with and without pockets. It’s perfect to pair with other shirts or sweaters.

It comes in 12 sizes, including tall sizes, and it’s made from 100% cotton. It’s comfortable to wear, and it’s affordable. You can wash your men’s crew neck tee in the washing machine.

Women’s V-Neck

Women Short Sleeve V Neck T-Shirts is a casual top that is great for running errands or just hanging out around the house. It is comfortable and breathable.

It comes in a variety of colors, including pink, green, yellow, blue, orange, red, white, gray, black, and brown.

The shirt is made of a blend of rayon, spandex, and polyester. It is machine washable, so washing it up is simple.

Women’s Crew-neck

Women’s Crew-neck Sweater T-Shirt is a casual top that is great for running errands or just hanging out around the house. It is comfortable and breathable.

It comes in a variety of colors, including pink, green, yellow, blue, orange, red, white, gray, black, and brown.

The shirt is made of a blend of rayon, spandex, and polyester. It is machine washable, so washing it up is simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear Under A Crew Neck Sweater?

A crew neck t-shirt is a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. It is a comfortable, casual, easy-to-wear top that looks great with everything in your closet.

It is also very versatile as it can be worn under a jacket or over a coat.

A V-neck sweater should be worn with a button-down shirt. This is because the V-neck sweater is made with very thin material.

When worn with a button-down, the V-neck sweater doesn’t show any signs of wrinkles or creases.

You can wear this sweater with a polo shirt and other collared shirts. However, the V-neck sweater is best worn with a button-down.

What Is A V-Neck Undershirt?

V-Neck T-Shirt designs are trendy and popular among many people. A V-neck is a common type of undershirt worn by many men. It is usually a simple shirt design with a low neckline. 

However, some styles are more stylish than others. Deep V-necks are considered to be more fashionable than regular ones. Wearing shirts with deep necklines all the time isn’t a necessity. 

What Is A Crew Neck Undershirt?

Crew necks are very popular among men. They are made of cotton or polyester and sit close to the neck. They are perfect for undershirts because they protect your skin from sweating.

They are also great for layering under other clothing items such as jackets and coats. Crew neck shirts do have a higher neckline than most other shirts.

You should wear your shirt tucked in when wearing a crew neck shirt.

How Can I Know The Right Undershirt Fit?

Undershirts should be chosen carefully because they can make or break your entire wardrobe. You need to decide the right size and length for your body type.

Your undershirts should fit well and not cause you to look bulky. You should buy undershirts that fit perfectly.

Make sure that you tuck your shirt in your pants to avoid any bunched-up areas. Also, be careful about selecting the right amount of weight when you decide what type of undershirt to wear.

Go for thick cotton undershirts if you plan to wear them as a layer of warmth during colder weather. You should always wear fresh undies because your old ones may be stained or stretched out. 

Final Thoughts

Crew necks are more common among men than women. V-necks are also more common among women than men. Women tend to wear v-necks more often than men do. 

Both styles are versatile. If you don’t know which style you prefer, try them on before buying.

Either way, we hope that you’ve found all the answers to your questions in this article, all on Crew Necks and V-Neck clothing items! 

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