Free Baby Quilt Patterns: 20+ Of My Favorites

There is something extremely special about a handmade baby quilt but often the price of a pattern can be more expensive than simply buying a quilt in a department store.

Baby quilts are often something that are treasured for a lifetime and passed down through generations.

To give you a chance to make a baby quilt, without having to pay for a pattern that might not be suited to you, we have gathered 23 free patterns suitable for quiltmakers of any standard.

This way you can browse patterns and find one that suits your skill level and a design that you like without having to pay for multiple patterns.

23 Free Baby Quilt Patterns

Below we list 23 different free baby quilt patterns that range in difficulty but all share the same end goal, of helping you to make a beautiful baby quilt that can be loved and valued for years and passed down from generation to generation.

1. Chandelier Diamond Baby Quilt Pattern

The best thing about this pattern is that you can choose from three different variations that make different sizes and are suited from beginner to more advanced skill levels.

The gorgeous diamond pattern gives you the opportunity to introduce as much color as you want to your final piece. 

2. Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt Pattern

This pattern is another winner as not only is it free, it also comes with not one but ten different variations meaning you can craft ten different pieces just from one free pattern.

These patterns allow you to play with colors and shapes to create a piece that represents the meaning of this baby to you.

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3. Pinwheel Daydreams Baby Quilt Pattern

The perfect quilt to wrap a baby up in while it dreams and grows. This pattern can be pieced together very quickly if you already have the material that you will be using.

4. Giant Star Baby Quilt Pattern

The perfect pattern for any beginners out there. This easy-to-follow pattern is a great way of creating a beautiful baby quilt without stressing yourself out with an overly complicated pattern. 

5. Giant Bear Paw Baby Quilt Pattern

All you need to get started with this pattern are pre-cut 10” squares of fabric. This pattern is great if you want to make multiple quilts at once as you can mix and match different fabrics together, putting each one together differently.

6. Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

This pattern is a great way to use up leftover material in a fun way. The pattern also gives some cool ideas on how to personalize your quilt creations.

7. Fat Quarter Whirlwind Quilt Pattern

Another beginner-friendly, this pattern allows you to piece together a beautiful baby quilt with little to no skill necessary. This quilt can be pieced together in an evening if you already have your tools and materials ready to rock.

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8. Bold Star Baby Quilt Pattern

This pattern gives you two patterns within one, allowing you to create even more! This bold print is easy to create and can be made using only scrap pieces of material that you have at home already.

9. Striped Pinwheel Baby Quilt Pattern

This bright and cheerful design is the perfect quilt to wrap any happy baby up in or spread it on the floor for tummy time. Watch as your baby begins to see color and starts to notice the colors in this happy quilt.

10. Easy Charm Baby Quilt Pattern

This beautiful design looks intricate but can be made by quilters of all levels. Once you have your material cut to size it’s a very straightforward design to follow. 

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11. Nordic Ribbons Baby Quilt Pattern

This design has been influenced by an old traditional Scandinavian custom, where young girls have ribbons put in their hair. The ribbon shapes throughout this design are in homage to this tradition.

12. Nana’s Favorite One-Day Quilt Pattern

This pattern follows the strip method which is when you create individual strips and then piece these strips together to create a quilt. This method is a quick and easy way to make a quilt in a day, just like the name suggests!

13. Simple Triangle Quilt Pattern

This design may look more difficult than it looks. The triangular pieces of fabric do not need to be cut to precision and the border holds each triangle together beautifully while also framing your handcrafted design.

14. Rainbow Baby Quilt Pattern

This bright and beautiful gift holds a particularly special message and is a thoughtful gift for any rainbow baby out there. The cheery print looks great and will be a constant reminder of how special the baby is.

15. Easy Squares Baby Quilt Pattern

This pattern gives you full creative license over your creation simple offering guidelines to follow. Unleash your inner designer and have fun playing around with shapes, colors, and designs when making this baby quilt. 

16. Jolly Bar Jump Baby Quilt Pattern

A great choice for an energetic baby, this quilt is a lot of fun to look at and even more fun to make. Enjoy creating something that can highlight a baby’s energy and happiness using this design.

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17. Stairway Baby Quilt Pattern

A baby quilt often follows a child as they grow up and this stairway pattern is a symbol of how this quilt will be a constant in a child’s life as they grow up, always having the quilt for comfort when times are tough.

18. Simple Patchwork Blocked Baby Quilt Pattern

Get the family involved in making this quilt, letting a family member sew each square on. This is a gorgeous way of giving a special gift made with lots of love.

19. Simple Hearts Baby Quilt Pattern

This intricate and delicate design may be for the more experienced quilt makers as it requires time and patience, but if you are willing to give it a try, then the easy-to-follow instructions are sure to enable quilters of any level to craft this quilt.

20. Easy Layer Cake Baby Quilt Pattern 

Make this quilt as a reminder of a baby shower when cake was eaten and good memories were made. A perfect pattern for beginners or quilters of any standard.

21. Lattice Baby Quilt Pattern 

This lattice-style pattern is perfect for anyone who needs a pattern that they can put down and come back to over a stretch of time. Take this pattern piece by piece to create a stunning final look.

22. Modern Baby Quilt Pattern 

If you are looking for a minimalist pattern then this may be the perfect pattern for you. Play with colors or stick to the gorgeous monochrome print that is included in this pattern.

23. Charming Lucy Quilt Pattern

Last but not least we have this pattern that features gorgeous shapes.

These shapes could be a symbol of the world around a baby or they could just be playful shapes with bright vibrant colors and patterned fabrics. Make this quilt to be whatever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should A Baby Quilt Be?

While sizes can vary between different patterns, usually baby quilts range from 36 inches by 36 inches up to 52 inches x 52 inches.

They are often made larger than you would expect as they are used as throws or on the floor for tummy time.

Is Making A Baby Quilt Difficult?

Quilting can be very easy to learn. It’s important to start out with good sewing basics and then you are in a great place to become an expert quilter in no time.

Patterns range in difficulty and once you have the hang of the usual method used you can mix and match patterns to create your own unique designs. 

Do You Need A Sewing Machine To Make A Baby Quilt?

Sewing machines are incredibly useful as they allow you to sew more accurately as well as much faster.

If you do not have access to one you are still able to make a baby quilt, it can be more difficult to sew perfect seams and lines and also takes longer but so long as you have patience you will be fine.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have found a pattern that you love in our list. With some patterns offering variations and additional patterns, there is a huge range to choose from!

Whether you are new to quilting or you have been quilting forever these patterns are sure to bring fresh ideas that you will bring with you on your crafting journey.

Don’t forget that you can easily personalize a quilt by stitching a name into a corner using a needle and thread.

If you are adding anything extra just make sure that it is not a choking hazard or something that could be potentially dangerous for a baby. 

We wish you luck with your quilting! Baby quilts will forever be a very special gift that will be treasured for many years to come.

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