How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Clothes And Fabrics

Stains left by permanent markers are notoriously difficult to remove, maybe because they are “intended” to be permanent.

However, just because you, your child, or someone else has got a permanent marker color on your cloth doesn’t imply it’s completely damaged.

Don’t panic, a few common home items will suffice to remove permanent marker ink from your fabric and clothing. Despite this, time is of the utmost importance.

Just as the ink from a permanent marker is spilled on your fabric or clothing, take immediate action.

How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Clothes And Fabrics

Many elements influence if you can remove the stain from your clothing, including the permanent ink material, ink color, and, most crucially, the amount of time from when the marker stain has fallen on your fabric.

13 Ways To Remove Permanent Marker From Fabric And Clothes

Method 1: Use Alcohol To Remove Permanent Markers From Fabric And Clothing

Locate some booze. Better to use bourbon with a proof of 101. You can use any alcohol with a proof higher than 80.

Rubbing alcohol will work better when used on permanent marker.

Pour some alcohol into a clean towel and rub the stain on the fabric and clothes with the wet spot of the towel.

Take a look at the outcomes of removing the permanent marker stain from your fabric.

When it comes to alcohol, be cautious. Ensure the alcohol doesn’t splatter all over the place or get into your eyes.

Method 2: Use Toothpaste And Baking Soda To Remove Permanent Markers From Fabric And Clothes Mixture

In a small cup, mix toothpaste with baking soda in a 1:1 ratio. Set aside for 5-10 minutes after applying the mixture directly on the marker stain.

With a clean, slightly moist cotton cloth, massage the stain with a circular movement. Don’t be afraid to put some effort into it. After that, you’ll see that the stain is fading.

Method 3: Make Use Of An Eraser

A magic eraser is a type of cleaning pad that is used to discard stains from a variety of surfaces, including fabric, cloth, wood, skin, and whiteboards.

It’s quite simple to use. Rub the permanent marker stain into the fabric with a wet magic eraser.

Method 4:  WD-40

“Water Displacement, 40th Formula” is shortened as WD-40. It’s a cleaning solution for businesses.

It has a variety of applications in a home-like setting, including protecting metal from rust and corrosion, removing thick marks, penetrating stuck parts, and so on.

Furthermore, it’s simple to use. Spray the WD-40 straight on the permanent marker stain on your clothing and lightly clean it with a cotton cloth. That is all there is to it.

Method 5: Dry-Erase Marker 

A dry-erase marker is a non-polar diluent. Trace over the permanent marker stain area on the fabric with the dry-erase marker. Allow 5 minutes for it to dry before wiping it away.

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Method 6: Milk

How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Clothes And Fabrics

Milk isn’t just for cereal or shakes. You can use milk to remove permanent marker stains from your clothes. Just put the stain into a bowl full of milk and let it sit overnight.

Then wash the stain-free item as usual. Milk works well on most things, including shirts, pants, sheets, towels, blankets, rugs, carpets, curtains, and even some shoes!

You need to remove permanent markers from couches, walls and carpets occasionally.

Materials commonly found around most homes include adhesive tape, scotch tape, paper towels, cotton swabs, Q-tips, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol.

Method 7: Hairspray

Hairspray is a very versatile product. It can be used to clean stains from clothing, metal, and even walls.

You should try using hairspray to remove permanent marker ink from fabrics first before trying it on your walls.

And if it doesn’t work, then try another brand of hairspray. You should avoid using hairspray to remove ink stains because it might damage your clothing

Method 8: Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is a great tool for cleaning up permanent marker stains. Acetone is a strong solvent, and it dissolves most types of ink.

You can also use rubbing alcohol instead of nail polish remover if you want. Rubbing alcohol is cheaper than nail polish remover, but it won’t work as well.

You should try to remove the permanent marker stains by washing your clothes. Wash them thoroughly with laundry detergent.

Repeat this process until there is no more trace left behind.

Method 9: Citrus Juice

Permanent marker stains are removed from the fabric with lemon or lime juice.

Squeezed fresh grapefruit juice immediately into the ink stain and dabbed it away with a clean cloth until the stain was gone.

This approach does not include rubbing the discolored area. In this technique, rubbing the stained area with a cloth may spread the stain and eventually harm your fabric.

Prepare a 1:1 mixture of citrus juice and water for delicate fabrics. Then, like before, repeat the procedure.

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Method 10: Using Vinegar Mixture

The following materials are required:

  • a spoonful of dishwashing liquid
  • white vinegar (one tablespoon)
  • 2 c. chilled water

Put one tablespoon of dish soap, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and two warm-water cups in a medium-size mixing basin. Then give it a good stir. Make sure the entire mixture is properly blended.

After that, soak a clean cotton sponge in the mixture. Dab it gently over the ink stain. Repeat for a total of 5 minutes.

Let it be blotted now. After blotting, rinse the affected area with cold water to remove the solution.

Finally, use a clean paper towel to dry the spot. This method works nicely, especially with synthetic textiles. This procedure, however, can be used on a variety of textiles.

Method 11: Using Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are useful for eliminating permanent marker stains from fabrics and clothing. In this instance, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are ideal.

They instantly revive the ink. Squeeze a dime-sized dot of hand sanitizer onto the permanent marker ink stain, depending on its size.

Spread the dime-size hand sanitizer over the stain in a circular motion with the help of a delicate cotton swab.

Allow for 15-20 minutes of resting time. If the stain remains on the cloth, repeat the procedure until the ink stain is gone.

Because hand sanitizer is meant for your skin, it’s important to spread it out smoothly. As a result, it must be smoother than any other alcohol-based product.

Method 12: Using Bleach

To begin, dilute a small amount of bleach in water and dip the permanent marker ink stain section of the fabric into the liquid.

The ink stain will disappear almost instantly. If that doesn’t work, soak the fabric for 5-10 minutes.

If you feel compelled to soak your cloth in the liquid, keep an eye on it to ensure that the bleaching liquid does not begin to dissolve it.

After the ink stain has faded , wash the fabric as usual with tap water.

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Method 13: Peanut Butter

How To Get Permanent Marker Out Of Clothes And Fabrics

Peanut butter works well as an alternative to cleaning markers or ink off clothing. Just rub the stain with peanut butter, then wash it out with water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Remove Dried Markers From Clothes?

You’ll need rubbing alcohol and a handful of paper towels to remove dried permanent marker ink off clothes, such as a Sharpie stain.

Before you can say “Abracadabra!” These two items will transform your clothing item. All you have to do now is follow these simple instructions:

  • Place your stained side on top of the paper towels first.
  • Dip a cloth or a sponge in rubbing alcohol, depending on your preference.
  • Slowly dab the cloth or sponge around the stain, then apply the alcohol-soaked cloth or sponge directly to the stain. (You may need to change your paper towels if the stain is extremely large, as the permanent marker ink will absorb it.) When your stain has been removed, you’ll know you’re done.

How Can You Remove Permanent Marker From Clothes After They Have Been Washed?

Have you ever had your clothes washed without you detecting a permanent marker stain?

Despite how inconvenient it may be, there is a technique to save your clothes item from a Sharpie’s touch.

First and foremost, you’ll need rubbing alcohol with a concentration of 91 percent (or more) to remove the ink off your garments.

Fill a container or pail halfway with rubbing alcohol. You’ll need to soak the discolored item in rubbing alcohol for a while.

Then, remove enough of your stained garment from the pot or bucket to cover the stain completely with a mountain of salt.

Pour some milk into the rubbing alcohol, then lightly pour part of the milk-and-alcohol mixture onto the stain.

Rub your fingertips across the surface, apply the solution to the stain and scrub vigorously. Continue adding solution and scrubbing until the discoloration is no longer visible.

Repeat the process if necessary in between cleaning – remember, the more salt you use, the faster the stain will come out.

Is Sharpie Permanent On Clothing?

Sharpies are supposed to be permanent markers, but the reality is that the marks disappear with repeated washing.

Sharpie marks don’t stand a chance when spot-treated with the procedures we’ve detailed.

Final Thoughts

That compiles a list of 13 of the best methods to remove permanent markers.

Pick the best one that you feel most comfortable doing and remember to follow the steps carefully and correctly to ensure you are successful in removing the permanent marker. 

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