Longarm Quilting Machines: A Comprehensive Price Guide from Basic to Luxury Models

Key Takeaway

  • Longarm quilting machine prices vary widely, ranging from $3,000 to $30,000 or more, influenced by factors like brand, size, and features.
  • Popular brands like Bernina, Gammill, and Handi Quilter offer a range of models with different pricing, typically starting from $12,000 to $30,000.
  • Accessories and add-ons, such as sit-down tables, software upgrades, pantograph kits, and lift tables, can add extra costs to your quilting setup.
  • Factors like throat space, stitch regulators, and quilting software affect the price of longarm quilting machines.
  • Consider your specific needs, skill level, and budget when choosing the right longarm quilting machine for you, striking a balance between affordability and quality.

Longarm quilting machines have revolutionized the quilting world, allowing quilters to complete intricate designs with ease and efficiency. These machines come in various models, each offering different features and capabilities.

With such a wide range of options available, it’s crucial to understand the factors influencing long-range quilting machine prices. Some key aspects that affect longarm quilting machine prices include the machine’s size, brand, and additional features.

When considering the purchase of a longarm quilting machine, it’s essential to know the typical price range and research the various brands and models available. Remember that additional costs, such as accessories and add-ons, may also impact the overall price of your longarm quilting setup.

longarm quilting machine prices

What Is Longarm Quilting Machine Prices?

Longarm quilting machines are essential for quilters, providing efficiency and precision when creating intricate and large-scale quilts. As you explore your options, consider that prices vary widely, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

Factors influencing the price of a longarm quilting machine include the brand, features, and included accessories. One famous brand, Gammill, offers its Vision 2.0 model starting at $14,999. They emphasize the longevity of their machines, designed to last for generations.

In addition to the base price, you might consider the costs of trade-ins, financing, and pre-loved machines when choosing a Gammill longarm machine. Another well-known brand is BERNINA, which features a Q-Series of longarm quilting machines.

For those interested in automated quilting, BERNINA offers the Q-matic Longarm Quilting Automation System to complement your Q-Series machine.

While specific prices aren’t listed, you can expect to invest in accessories and related tools to enhance your longarm quilting experience with BERNINA. APQS is yet another reputable brand in the longarm quilting community.

Their top-of-the-line quilting machine, which boasts a 26″ x 10.5″ throat size and weighs 46 lbs, comes at $24,900 (plus shipping). This machine offers maneuverability, handling, and reliability for a balanced quilting experience.

When you assess longarm quilting machine prices, be prepared to consider not only the base price of the machine but also the costs for labor charges, needles and threads, batting, and backing materials. These additional factors can impact the overall expenses of owning and operating a longarm quilting machine.

As you navigate your options, remember that a longarm quilting machine is a significant investment, and weighing the costs against your specific needs and preferences is essential. By carefully considering the brand, features, and additional expenses, you can make an informed decision that will provide the most value for your quilting endeavors.

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Key Features Affecting Prices

When considering longarm quilting machines, various key features can significantly influence their prices. Understanding these features can help you make informed decisions based on your quilting needs and budget. Here are key features that affect longarm quilting machine prices:

How Does The Size Of The Throat Space Impact Price?

The throat space, or the area between the sewing machine’s arm and needle, is a crucial factor in determining the price of a longarm quilting machine.

Machines with larger throat spaces allow more design freedom, especially for larger projects. Quilting machines with ample throat spaces may require a higher investment than models with smaller ones.

What Is the Role of Stitch Regulators In Pricing?

Stitch regulators are essential for maintaining consistent stitch length and precision across your quilting projects. Machines equipped with stitch regulators provide improved functionality and allow for more accurate tension adjustment.

As a result, longarm quilting machines with stitch regulators tend to be priced higher than those without this feature.

Does Including Software Affect The Cost?

The inclusion of quilting software can have a significant impact on the overall cost of a longarm quilting machine. Some machines come with pre-installed software, while others may require you to download and install the software separately.

High-quality software can enhance your machine’s functionality, enabling you to create more intricate and complex quilt designs. As such, machines with advanced software packages are typically more expensive than those without or with more basic software options.

longarm quilting machine prices

Popular Brands And Price Comparison

Here are some popular longarm quilting machine brands, along with a general idea of their price ranges. Keep in mind that prices can vary based on the model, features, and any promotions or discounts available. It’s recommended to check the latest information and prices from manufacturers or authorized dealers.

Bernina Longarm Quilting Machines

Bernina offers a range of longarm quilting machines under their Q Series, including the Q 24 and Q 20 models. These machines are known for their precision and ease of use. The Q 24 model, with a throat space of 24 inches, allows you to work on larger quilting projects effortlessly.

The Q 20, featuring a 20-inch throat space, is designed for smaller quilting projects. Bernina longarm quilting machines’ prices vary, but you can expect to pay around $12,000 to $30,000, depending on the specific model and included accessories.

  • Q 24: Starting price around $20,000
  • Q 20: Starting price around $12,000

Gammill’s Vision 2.0 And Statler

Gammill is a famous brand offering longarm quilting machines, such as the Vision 2.0 and Statler models. The Vision 2.0 offers a sturdy and reliable machine with customizable features, such as a needle threader, laser light, and a throat space of up to 22 inches.

The Statler model provides additional automation with the Statler Ascend computerized system for a more efficient and precise quilting experience. Prices for Gammill longarm quilting machines range from $10,000 to $40,000.

  • Vision 2.0: Starting price around $10,000
  • Statler: Starting price around $30,000

Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen

The Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen is an affordable, compact, entry-level longarm quilting machine. With a throat space of 16 inches and user-friendly features, such as the pinpoint needle laser, it is an ideal choice for beginners looking to upgrade their quilting experience.
The Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen prices vary, but you can typically find this machine for around $5,500 to $10,000.

  • Simply Sixteen: Starting price around $5,500

It’s essential to note that each brand and model may offer varying features, warranties, and customer support. Additionally, pricing can change with promotions, trade-in offers, or inventory levels. Always research and compare before making your final decision.

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Accessories And Add-Ons Of Extra Costs

When investing in a longarm quilting machine, there are various accessories and add-ons that you might consider to enhance your quilting experience. These can come at an extra cost, so it’s essential to factor them into your budget. Here are some common accessories and add-ons for longarm quilting machines:

Purchasing A Sit-Down Table

Remember that a sit-down table may improve your quilting experience when deciding on a longarm quilting machine. As a result, you might want to allocate additional funds for this item.

A sit-down table offers a comfortable space to showcase your handcrafted quilts and enhances your precision while working on your passion projects.

Upgrading The Software

It’s essential to consider the potential future upgrades to your longarm quilting machine’s software. Upgraded software can provide outstanding value by improving your machine’s functionality and capabilities. Therefore, you should set aside additional funds for software upgrades that may arise over time.

Pantograph Kit Cost

A pantograph kit is an essential accessory when purchasing a longarm quilting machine. This kit allows you to create intricate and beautiful designs on your quilts easily.

Pantograph kits vary in price depending on the complexity of the designs you want to create. Be prepared to invest extra money in a high-quality kit that complements your equipment and quilting style.

Lift Table Prices

A lift table is an accessory that provides convenience and comfort when using your longarm quilting machine. It ensures optimal working height, making creating intricate quilts more enjoyable.

The typical cost of a hydraulic lift table is around $2,400. Investing in a lift table can save you from potential strain and enhance your overall quilting experience.

To make the most of your longarm quilting machine investment, acquiring the proper accessories and add-ons can significantly impact your quilting journey. Take the time to choose the best equipment, training, and support to ensure your passion for handcrafted quilts truly shines.

longarm quilting machine prices

Considerations Before Buying

Before buying a longarm quilting machine, there are several factors you should take into account. Doing so will ensure you invest wisely and select the machine best suited to your needs.

Consider whether micro quilting is essential to your projects when looking for a longarm quilting machine. Some machines offer this feature but at a higher price point. Decide if this capability is necessary or a luxury for your quilting needs.

Lighting also plays a critical role in quilting. LED lights can significantly improve visibility, allowing for precise stitching. Many longarm machines come equipped with these lights but remember to check their quality and brightness.

The machine’s throat space is another crucial aspect. More significant throat space, about 20-30 inches, allows you more room for expansive designs, large blocks, wide borders, and medallion quilts.

A feature often overlooked is the built-in diagnostics. Machines with touchscreen interfaces often have built-in diagnostics tools that help troubleshoot common issues. This feature can save you time and money on maintenance and repairs.

The cruise functionality is a valuable feature. It maintains a consistent stitching speed even when you change the speed of your hand movements. This ensures uniform and precise stitches throughout your work.

Regular cleaning and oiling of your machine should be addressed, too. It only takes a couple of minutes, but it is a crucial step in ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your longarm quilting machine.

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What Is The Typical Price Range For Longarm Quilting Machines?

When shopping for a longarm quilting machine, you’ll find that the prices can vary quite a bit depending on the features, brand, and specifications they offer.

Typically, the price range for longarm quilting machines starts as low as $3,000 and can go up to $25,000 or more. You can expect to find more basic models with limited features in the lower price range.

These machines are generally suitable for beginners or those looking to take a first step into longarm quilting. An example of an affordable long-arm quilting machine is the Juki TL-2000Qi, which is considered the best option for beginners.

For more advanced or professional quilters, you may need to invest in a higher-priced machine offering advanced controls, a larger throat space, and a strong motor.

The King Quilter II ELITE and the Quilter’s Pro Deluxe are more expensive, professional-grade long-arm quilting machines with unique features to meet serious quilters’ demands.

It’s important to note that the price of a long-arm quilting machine also depends on several factors, such as its stitching speed, frame size, and the presence of features like an LCD touchscreen display.

For instance, the Handi Quilter Amara 20-inch Longarm Quilter is a highly rated machine with a speed of 2500 stitches per minute, contributing to its overall price.


Longarm quilting machines come in a wide range of prices, with models typically costing between $3,000 and $20,000. High-end models, like the Handi Quilter Infinity, can reach up to $30,000.

When deciding, consider your skill level, budget, and desired features. It’s essential to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

Investing in a long-arm quilting machine is a significant commitment, as these machines often require ample space and time for proper setup and use.

You’ll need to be willing to dedicate a dedicated area in your home or studio for the quilting machine. In addition to price, consider the throat size (workspace), speed, and frame compatibility when choosing the best long-arm quilting machine.

Take a closer look at popular choices, such as Juki TL-2000Qi for beginners or Quilter’s Pro Deluxe for a more comprehensive machine experience. Grace Company Qnique 19 is also worth considering for those who need frame compatibility options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find A Used Longarm Quilting Machine For Sale?

You can find used longarm quilting machines for sale on various online platforms, such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, consider checking with local quilting guilds, as members may have machines for sale, and contacting manufacturers or dealers who occasionally offer refurbished or trade-in models at discounted prices.

Which Longarm Quilting Machines Are Most Cost-Effective?

To determine the most cost-effective longarm quilting machines, evaluating a machine’s features and capabilities concerning its price is essential. Consider factors such as throat space, frame size, and ease of use. Brands like APQS and Handi Quilter offer models with competitive pricing and a range of features, making them strong contenders in the cost-effective category.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Longarm Quilting Machines?

Several factors influence the cost of longarm quilting machines, including the machine’s throat space, frame size, and additional features like stitch regulation and computerized capabilities. Additionally, the brand and reputation of the manufacturer play a role in determining the price. Consider your specific needs and intended usage of the machine to help you find the best option within your budget.

How Do Computerized Longarm Quilting Machines Compare In Price?

Computerized longarm quilting machines are more expensive than their non-computerized counterparts, as they offer additional features and automation, which streamline the quilting process. These advanced features come at a premium, but they can also save time and improve the precision of your work. It’s essential to weigh the benefits of computerized machines against the additional cost to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Are There Any Affordable Alternatives To Gammill Longarm Machines?

Yes, there are affordable alternatives to Gammill longarm machines. Brands like APQS, Handi Quilter, and Innova offer longarm quilting machines with various features and pricing options that can provide a more affordable option for quilters seeking quality machines. Additionally, you can explore used or refurbished models from reputable dealers or individual sellers to find a more budget-friendly alternative.

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