7 Best Quilt Wall Hangers To Show Off Your Quilts

Having an amazing quilt is all well and good, but how are you going to show off that amazing piece of craftsmanship to your friends and your family?

The best way to keep your quilts looking clean and fresh is with a wall hanger.

7 Best Quilt Wall Hangers To Show Off Your Quilts

These are perfect for hanging up, but they can also be used as a shelf or table decoration!

Here are our top 7 best-quilt-wall hangers from around the web.

1. Classy Clamps Wooden Quilt Wall Hangers

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To start this list strong, we have Precision Quilting Tool’s Classy wood clamps, a dependable permanent quilt wall hanger that you can rely on to exhibit your finest creations for years to come.

Made from wood and stainless steel, these sturdy wooden hangers are created to look great on your walls.

This is the original and still the best way to display your artwork.

Made with quality materials crafted by skilled craftsmen, Classy Clamps are designed with ease of use and versatility in mind.

Simply insert your hanging into a convenient clamp, then attach it with a screw.

These clamps are made to fit a wide variety of hang-ups including quilts, tapestries, rugs, paintings, and much more.

Classy Clamps are the ultimate solution for displaying your pieces of art.

Each package includes four clamps that are the perfect size to accommodate your favorite hang-up.

With our unique design, these clamps can be easily adjusted to suit various sizes of hang-ups.

You can open the clamps wide enough to support hang-ups up to 1/2″ thick, or as thin as paper.

If you’re looking to showcase your art, this set of Classy Clamps is the perfect option. Order yours today!


  • A beautiful finish makes these hangers the perfect fit for any home.
  • Made from 100% genuine wood


  • If the surface you are placing these on is too smooth, you may find the grip lacking

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2. TDP’s Hanging Wall Shelf-Rack & Quilt Hanger For Bedroom

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If you are looking for a convenient way to organize your bedroom, then look no further!

This hanging wall rack features a decorative scroll design on its backside, making it a great addition to any room.

The rack is made from durable MDF wood and comes preassembled with all of the necessary parts needed to hang your favorite quilts.

It is easy to assemble and requires no tools. Hang your favorite quilt or throw it on top of the rod and add additional items to the shelf.

The rack has two shelves, one for hanging clothes and another for small accessories.

The rack is ideal for placing on the door leading to your bathroom or closet. It has a sleek look thanks to its pretty scroll sides.

Place your favorite quilts on it and display some decorative objects too. The rack features a handy shelf for extra storage.

It comes ready to hang with pre-attached hangers. Simply remove the hangers from the wall and hang the rack.

No tools are needed to assemble the rack.


  • This quilt rack can hold up to 25 pounds of weight. No quilt is too heavy for this hanger!
  • Built-in Shelves also allow you to use this rack as storage for other items, such as books and other decorations!
  • Scroll design for quilts is an elegant solution to fitting and displaying your beautiful quilts!


  • The holes for the rack that come pre-drilled into the hanger don’t seem to be very secure.

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3. RRD Quilt Hanger For Wall For Display

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With all the attention being paid to home decor these days, why not add some rusticity to your bedroom?

These quilt racks are designed to hang your favorite quilts and blankets.

They are constructed out of solid hardwood and feature sturdy hardware for hanging.

Each quilt rack comes with two wooden dowels for securing your quilt.

This rustic red door quilt rack is hand-crafted from solid oak wood and designed by top-notch craftspeople.

This quilt holder comes in three different colors: natural, dark brown, and light brown.

It features a simple design that looks elegant and stylish.

It is perfect for displaying your quilts, blankets, duvets, sheets, pillows, and much more.

You can easily hang it anywhere in your home, office, bedroom, and living room too.

Made of solid hardwood, this quilt rack for wall display is built to last. Its simple design makes it ideal for organizing your bedroom.

Not only does the quilt rack look great, but it provides extra storage space too.

It’s time to show off that special piece of art. Showcase your favorite quilt, blanket, or throw with this gorgeous quilt rack for the wall.


The oak wood used in this quilt hanger is the real deal. No imitation or chipboard material in sight!
This quilt hanger comes in multiple sizes.


This is a pretty pricey option that may not be for everyone. There are cheaper non-Amish alternatives out there.

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4. Hang-Ups Walnut Wood Quilt Clamps

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If you’re looking for a way to easily hang your quilt, tapestry, or banner without damaging walls or ruining valuable antique quilts, then look no further.

Hang-Ups walnut wood quilt clamps are the best solution.

These simple yet elegant clamps allow you to hang your quilt, banner, or tapestry on the wall without damaging it.

They are made from durable, high-quality, real wood. This makes them eco-friendly and extremely sturdy.

Hang-Ups quilt clamps are designed to fit all sizes of quilts, banners, and tapestries.

They come with two sets of hooks and four lengths of mounting tape.

You can also order an extra set of hooks if you wish. Each set comes with 2 hooks and 4 lengths of mounting tape.

To use Hang-Ups walnuts wood quilt clamps, simply place the hook on the wall where you would like to hang your quilt.

Then, attach the mounting tape to the back of the quilt. Next, screw the hook onto the wall.

Finally, put the other end of the mounting tape onto the other side of the quilt.

Now, you are ready to hang your quilt!


  • The beautiful walnut wood will make them an excellent standout feature for any home!
  • The brass screw on this rack means that it can hold a lot of weight, thanks to the pressure it puts on any given wall.


  • If you’re looking to secure all corners of your quilt with one set, you may be disappointed with only 2 coming in this packet.

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5. RRD Mounted Quilt Rack With Shelf

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The rustic red door quilt rack is the perfect solution for displaying and storing quilts and bedding.

It is made from solid oak wood and features a beautiful rustic finish. With its sturdy construction, it is built to withstand years of use.

A convenient shelf makes it ideal for displaying plants, vases, framed pictures, and other decor items while providing ample space for storage.

This quilt rack is large and spacious enough to accommodate blankets, comforters, and other larger-sized quilts.

This quilt rack for your wall is simple to hang and install.

Simply attach the included hardware to the backside of the quilt rack and then screw the brackets to the wall.

No tools are required!


  • This is a 100% US-made quilt rack!
  • With over 7 choices of color and finish, your wall quilt rack will be tailored to your tastes!


  • The hanging bar is not fastened down to the rack. Great for removing it and replacing quilts, but some people may not like that it isn’t secured.

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6. Precision Quilting Tools Quilt Wall Hangers

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If you love to create beautiful needlework pieces, then these are the tools you need.

Designed specifically for quilters, these hangers are made from sturdy wood and feature a unique design to ensure they stay firmly attached to your walls.

Just insert your hanging into a sturdy clamp, then place it on a screw.

Finally, tighten the knob gently to keep your piece secure. It’s that simple.

With our quick hanging system, you can hang anything from quilts to rugs to tapestries.

Just insert your hanging into a small clamp, then place it on the screw.

Then, simply tighten the knob gently. It’s that simple – all you need to do is hang!

With these hangers, you’re sure to find the right spot for your favorite project.

They come in four sizes so you can choose the best size for your particular needs.

The hangers are available in two finishes – natural and black.


  • This design is simple to use, yet incredibly effective.
  • The small size makes them easy to clamp onto your quilt.
  • Comes in three different styles for you to choose from.


  • Small size does, unfortunately, mean that their weight capacity is a little limited.

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7. J&J Wire Quilt/Flag Holder

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If you prefer a little more metal in your home decorations, then look no further than J&J’s Wire holder for both quilts and flags!

It is made from durable wrought iron and holds one small quilt or flag.

The highest quality black powder coat finish makes it weather resistant.

This is the best way to decorate your home or office. It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The wire quilt holder measures 29 inches by 10 inches. These wire quilt holders are made in the USA.


  • The wrought iron design makes this an incredibly sturdy quilt hanger.
  • No assembly is required for this sturdy wall mount!


This quilt hanger isn’t appropriate for larger quilts that you may want to display.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Quilt Hanger Work?

A quilt hanger works by providing support for your quilt.

When you move your quilt down, you create tension in the ropes which allows them to tighten and hold the quilt in place.

Many people like to hang their quilts on rods or hooks so that they can easily take care of them.

But hanging a quilt on a rod or hook is less secure than using a quilt hanger because nothing is supporting your quilt.

How High Do You Hang Your Quilt Rack?

As high as you want! With a quilt hanger, you just attach it to the wall in such a way that you can slide a quilt onto it.

There are two common ways to install a quilt hanger.

You can either screw them into the wall directly, or you can use a bracket to support the hanger.

Just make sure that your quilt isn’t drooping on the floor wherever you hang it!


To sum up, quilt hangers come in all shapes and sizes.

They’re made out of a variety of materials including metal, plastic, wood, or even bamboo.

Regardless of your preferences, there should be a quilt hanger that works perfectly for you.

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