13 Sites With FREE SVG Cut Files For Cricut – Cut N Make Crafts

If you’re on the lookout for websites offering access to free SVG cut files, you’ve come to the right place.

SVG files are files that can be used on Cricut Design Space to make an easy project in no time at all and with little effort.

While these files are super useful, finding the best ones can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to look.

Some files can be outdated, containing broken links. Others simply won’t let you download any JPEGs. 

Things can quickly get frustrating which is why we’re here to help. We have compiled a list of our favorite websites that give free access to thousands of SVG files.

By the end of this post, you should have thousands of options at your disposal.

Let’s get straight into the list!

1. Cut N Make Crafts

Cut N Make Crafts couldn’t make it any easier to receive fantastically and more importantly free SVG files.

All you have to do to receive your free SVG files is sign up to their VIP mailing list. Once you’ve entered your name and email, you’ll receive free SVG cut files to your inbox on a weekly basis.

2. Free SVG Designs

Free SVG Designs is an excellent choice because they have cut files perfectly calibrated to work with cutting machines, including the Cricut.

Though most designs are primarily for personal use, there are some files you can pay for to have a commercial license.

We love how easy it is to filter through the downloads on the website to find the specific design you’re after. There are six primary categories, each containing hundreds of designs.

3. Craftables

The last time we checked, Craftables had over 120 free SVG cut files on their site. Every single one of their designs is adorable and thanks to the lovely people who run the site you can also use their

designs on your own site as long as you give them some credit. Seems a fair trade-off for access to so many awesome designs.

4. Poofy Cheeks

Poofy Cheeks have a large collection of fun and entertaining Cricut images that we can download for personal use.

What we love about Poofy Cheeks, aside from their vibrant designs, is the neat tutorials that come with each design. This includes a complete guide and advice regarding which materials to use. 

5. LoveSVG

The next website on our list gives everyone access to tens of thousands of free SVG cut files. To download these files simply make an account with LoveSVG and get clicking.

One huge advantage of LoveSVG is that you can also download files in other formats.

These formats include DXF, EPS, and PNG. While the designs are for personal use, you can also pay for a commercial license. 

6. Craft House SVG

Craft House SVG is on this list not only because of the wide range of amazing free SVG files they offer but also because of the deals they run.

After using a range of Craft House’s free SVG files, you can make the most of their 10 SVG file bundle

which lets you have commercial access to 10 SVG’s of your choosing, giving you a more tailored experience.

7. My Paper Crafting

My Paper Crafting is a blog run by Melinda Beltran. On her website, she shares craft tutorials, inspiration, ideas, and of course SVG’s.

Not only does Melinda share hundreds of brilliant free SVG designs, but she also provides great detail about how each one is made and where it can be sourced.

8. Dreaming Tree

If you’re a beginner, Dreaming Tree is the perfect place to visit for free SVG Cricut files. The reason for this isn’t just because of the wide range of files available,

but instead due to the wonderful demonstration videos included with each download. If you want to learn as you make, make sure you check Dreaming Tree out!

9. Jennifer Maker

You may know Jennifer Maker already. If not, you should really get to. Jennifer Maker is a crafter and blogger.

On her website, she creates an enormous range of SVG cut files that are completely free. On top of that, she also makes video tutorials.

She also shares other creative Cricut crafts. Join her library to receive all the free SVG files.

10. SVG And Me

SVG and Me is another great website for beginners who want to learn more. SVG and Me produce blog posts and tutorials, giving advice about Cricut Design Space as well as other SVG how-tos.

In terms of free SVG files, all you need to do to access an astonishing range of beautiful designs is sign up to their mailing list with your email. They will then send you your SVG’s directly to your inbox.

11. Miss Kate Cuttables

Personally, we love the attention to detail Miss Kate (Kate Garfield) puts into each and every one of her designs.

Occasionally you’ll come across sites offering free SVG files that have layers that don’t fit perfectly or cut lines that aren’t quite complete.

You have none of these worries with Miss Kate. Miss Kate offers new SVG files on her website every day and also has some paid files too.

12. Get Silvered

Get Silvered is run by a lady called Pam. Pam uses Get Silvered to share her craft projects with the world.

Luckily for us, she also shares a wide range of neat SVG files that are completely free to download. Every SVG file shared on Get Silvered is compatible with Cricut machines.

13. Creative Fabrica

The final website on our list is Creative Fabrica. Creative Fabrica provides visitors with a variety of free options.

We are treated to free SVG files, fonts, embroidery, graphics, and so much more.

Files usually come in bundles and thanks to Creative Fabrica’s generosity, some premium files are occasionally made free for limited periods of time.

Final Thoughts 

There you have it, this has been our list of 13 sites that give you access to free SVG cut files for Cricut.

With these websites at your disposal, you should have more than enough ideas to keep you going. 

If you’re a beginner, some websites on our list will even help you learn the tricks of the trade.

Be sure to bookmark this post so that the next time you need inspiration you know exactly where to come.

Amanda Brown
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